Chapter 895 The Chanting Guo Ran

When Long Chen left the Stone tribe, he told them to be careful. Their position had already been exposed.

He and Guo Ran moved north, straight for Meng Qi’s position. Guo Ran told Long Chen that the others had set themselves up around Meng Qi, so going to her position was the most convenient.

As they rushed on their way, they didn’t see a single person. Everyone had only just advanced to Sea Expansion and needed to use this time to continue expanding their sea. Otherwise, once their spiritual yuan stabilized, they wouldn’t be able to expand them so easily.

But Long Chen wasn’t worried. He had Sea Merging Pills, and he had also sent Guo Ran to distribute those pills to everyone. Although he hadn’t been able to give them many at that time, it was enough to keep their qi seas active for a while.

The two of them were extremely fast. Long Chen was using the Lightning Body Blink. Although he couldn’t summon Lei Long’s power right now, just the natural thunderforce he had was enough to use it. He was like a bolt of lightning.

Guo Ran wasn’t slower than him. His arms transformed into wings, and wind roared out from behind his butt. He sped along shoulder to shoulder with Long Chen. But Long Chen was still vertical, while Guo Ran was horizontal.

“Next time you design something, try to pay more attention to aesthetics. Does this really feel like flying freely to you?” Looking at the energy shooting out of Guo Ran’s butt, Long Chen was speechless. It was all too easy for a person to link that sight to a waste-like expulsion.

“There’s no way around it. Putting the propulsion at the feet or hands requires the energy to be balanced at all times. At least this way, my hands are free to move as I please,” said Guo Ran. He also knew this position wasn’t very tasteful, but there was no way around it.

“Oh? There are fluctuations ahead. Strange, people came out to fight before stabilizing their realm? Let’s go take a look.” Long Chen changed direction, going toward the faint fluctuations he sensed. Having advanced to Sea Expansion, his spiritual perception had greatly improved, and the perfection of the fourth star made his Nine Star Hegemon Body Art even easier to use.

The two of them were extremely fast. After passing by two mountains, they saw a group of people chasing two women. Those women were wearing the Righteous path’s robes, and the seven men chasing them had their faces covered in scales. Their pupils were like crocodile eyes, thin, long, and vertical. They had to be members of an ancient race.

“It’s the Scarlet Blood Salamander race. They’re the most perverted ancient race,” said Guo Ran. They were a powerful ancient race, naturally predisposed to be excessively lewd. Whether male or female, they were required to be powerful. These experts had only just advanced to Sea Expansion, and that hadn’t just increased their strength. It had also provoked their most primal desires, and they needed to release them.

One of their extremely perverted divine abilities was their exceptionally sensitive noses. Even from a hundred miles away, they could sense people. So these two women were rather unlucky to be the ones they found.

Half of the women’s robes had been torn off already. Although they had advanced to Sea Expansion, neither of them could compare to the perverts.

Both of them were covered in injuries and had clearly gone through a fierce fight. Now they were fleeing miserably but were unable to escape the perverts’ grasp. It was like they were playing with their prey. The Scarlet Blood Salamander experts were like beasts in heat.

“No way. It’s this coincidental?” Long Chen was stunned when he saw those two women.

Those two were particularly familiar. He suddenly recalled that Guo Ran had acted as the hero to save those two. Last time, they had been chased down by the Corrupt path’s experts, and it seemed that the Corrupt experts had had some immoral goals. Now, these two were being chased by the Scarlet Blood Salamander experts, and their goals were also immoral. These two really had to be excessively unlucky.

“Guo Ran, I’ll give you another chance to be the hero saving beauties,” laughed Long Chen.

“These two women are too fickle and definitely not good people. Last time I helped them, they immediately fled. If I hadn’t been able to handle my opponents, wouldn’t I have been killed? They don’t even have the slightest empathy. Completely immoral!” Guo Ran grumbled, clearly dissatisfied with their conduct.

Long Chen laughed and patted him on the shoulder. “Men should be magnanimous. Act straightforward and upright, with a clear conscience. Being chivalrous isn’t to get something in return. It’s not a case of getting back what you put in. Although most chivalrous people don’t have good ends and they’ll occasionally be mocked by others for being stupid, they have their own considerations in their hearts. So let me ask you, if we don’t do anything and just watch as these two women were used and killed by these perverts, will you have peace of mind? Not everything you do is to get a return, nor do you need to care about what others think. If you want to do it, then do it. That’s called being a man!”

“Alright, boss is always right. Then I’ll show off for them once more. Boss, keep watch and tell me if junior brother’s posing abilities have improved.”

Guo Ran shot forward, turning into a golden ray of light that appeared in front of that group of Scarlet Blood Salamander experts. With a wave of his hand, a golden crossbow appeared and shot out a golden arrow.

Those experts immediately sensed him and gave up on those two women. They hastily retreated.

A huge arrow exploded on the ground. That was Guo Ran’s exploding arrow. Once the arrow exploded, it transformed into countless pieces of shrapnel with immense killing power.

However, when the shrapnel struck the Scarlet Blood Salamander experts’ bodies, it simply caused some dinging sounds. It was unable to pierce their skin.

These experts had inherited the Fire-Bellied Salamander’s tough hide, making their defensive ability shocking. Now that they had entered Sea Expansion, even ordinary Treasure items wouldn’t be able to pierce their hides if they didn’t release their full power.

“Who are you?!” shouted one of them, not having expected anyone to dare ruin their fun.

“I swept through the four seas, crossed a thousand mountains, caused huge billows in heaven and earth, slaughtered demons, eliminated devils, plucked the stars and moon. If you want a chivalrous hero, you can come find me! Guo Ran!”

The dust gradually settled. A figure appeared in front of the Scarlet Blood Salamander experts. There was a huge golden crossbow resting on his shoulder, slanted at a forty-five degree angle. He was looking at the sky, one of his legs lunged forward. His legs were constantly quivering from the effort. That ridiculous pose made people have an urge to throttle him.

Then there were the verses he had recited just now. His words had just flowed off his tongue exceptionally smoothly. And the last words were said with extra emphasis, making them sound intimidating.

The combination of his heaven-shaking arrow and flashy chant truly were imposing. But regretfully, Guo Ran didn’t have his helmet on. That wretched smile of his and his quivering legs made him seem more like a brat in need of a spanking.

Long Chen rolled his eyes and patted himself on the forehead. There was no saving Guo Ran. He had definitely learned this from Mo Nian. The new poser method didn’t look anything like himself. But that chanting got full points for wretchedness.

The two women had been in despair, so it delighted them to see someone come to save them. But seeing Guo Ran’s face, they felt a burst of shame. They both recognized him.

“Bastard, are you looking to die? Just who are you?!”

An expert walked to the front of the group. He was a large guy with huge shoulders that made his neck practically disappear. He was covered completely in scales, and his Blood Qi seemed like it was about to erupt, showing just how strong his physical body was.

This person was a terrifying innate rank three Celestial. His voice was like thunder, shaking their ears. Guo Ran jumped, not expecting such a powerful character to come out as soon as he started posing. How was he supposed to continue posing now? Wouldn’t he be beaten into a dead poser soon?

But then thinking about it, his boss was right there, so what was there to be afraid of? He icily replied, “Are you an idiot, or are you deaf? I’ve already said that if you want someone chivalrous, you can come find me, Guo Ran! You can’t even tell my name from that? Have you ever read a book?”

“Courting death! Do you know who we are, Me Guoran?! A garbage name-” shouted one of them.

Guo Ran’s expression sank and he raised his hand. As he pointed his finger, they thought he was about to curse him, but a golden light suddenly shot out and pierced that guy’s head. His entire head exploded, and he fell to the ground, dead.

If a Celestial’s Spiritual Strength wasn’t strong enough, the most fatal part of them would be their head. Once the head exploded, those without powerful Spiritual Strength wouldn’t be able to condense a soul that could escape the body. They would immediately die.

The other Scarlet Blood Salamander experts were shocked. Guo Ran had only raised a finger, and there had been no spiritual yuan fluctuations or soul energy fluctuations. This attack had come without any warning. All of them were infuriated and took out their weapons.

The two women were also shocked. It was unexpected that after this long of a parting, Guo Ran had become so powerful. That dead guy had been a rank two Celestial that had just reached Sea Expansion.

“Did you see it clearly? This is the result of offending this lord. This lord’s Jade Tree Wind Misty Unrivaled Max Instant Flash Kill Golden Yang Finger has never missed. It is known to be the finger that kills gods, slaughters ghosts, the finger that takes all life! You ignorant fools, did you think this lord was just trying to scare you? Furthermore, let me correct one other thing. I am Guo Ran, not Me Guoran!” Guo Ran’s gaze icily swept over them, his gaze full of disdain as if he didn’t even place them in his eyes.

Long Chen couldn’t help but nod as he watched from not so far away. Guo Ran had truly grown a great deal. His imposingness could intimidate his enemies. It had to stem from his confidence, so he trusted that this fellow hadn’t lazed around during this time. His combat power had greatly improved once again.

“You two, why aren’t you leaving yet?” Guo Ran asked the two women.

“We’ve already been immoral once. We’re already full of regret from that time, so now we swear not to do anything immoral for the rest of our lives! Even if we had to die a hundred times, we would die without regret!” said one of them. They had already changed robes and were slowly recovering their energy, preparing to fight to the death with Guo Ran.

“Hahaha, you two girls don’t need to be afraid. With this lord present, I guarantee no one will dare touch a single hair on your heads.” Hearing their words made Guo Ran incredibly refreshed. He also had to admire Long Chen’s magnanimity. That was the magnanimity a man should possess.

He was also grateful to Long Chen. If he had just watched without saving them and only learned that the two had repented for their previous actions later, he would have been ashamed.

“Since you all want to die, then come! We’ll tear you to pieces!” shouted the innate rank three Celestial.

“Wait, wait! Don’t be in such a rush. Let me first introduce you to a god-like figure. Boss, it’s time for you to come out! Everyone, warmly welcome my boss to the stage!” shouted Guo Ran, looking toward Long Chen.

“This bitch!”

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