Chapter 895 The Chanting Guo Ran (Teaser)

When Long Chen left the Stone tribe, he told them to be careful. Their position had already been exposed.

He and Guo Ran moved north, straight for Meng Qi’s position. Guo Ran told Long Chen that the others had set themselves up around Meng Qi, so going to her position was the most convenient.

As they rushed on their way, they didn’t see a single person. Everyone had only just advanced to Sea Expansion and needed to use this time to continue expanding their sea. Otherwise, once their spiritual yuan stabilized, they wouldn’t be able to expand them so easily.

But Long Chen wasn’t worried. He had Sea Merging Pills, and he had also sent Guo Ran to distribute those pills to everyone. Although he hadn’t been able to give them many at that time, it was enough to keep their qi seas active for a while.

The two of them were extremely fast. Long Chen was using the Lightning Body Blink. Although he couldn’t summon Lei Long’s power right now, just the natural thunderforce he had was enough to use it. He was like a bolt of lightning.

Guo Ran wasn’t slower than him. His arms transformed into wings, and wind roared out from behind his butt. He sped along shoulder to shoulder with...

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