Chapter 894 Tearing Apart the Dome of the Sky

As Long Chen struggled, heaven and earth quivered. Each of the chains soared into the nine heavens and deep into the ground. His struggling made it seem like heaven and earth would collapse.

The aboriginals were pale. They had never seen anything like this and had never imagined that someone could rely on his own power to fight against the Heavenly Daos.

“Let’s go help big brother Long Chen,” said Xiao Fei.

“Don’t mess around. These are the heavenly tribulation’s chains. Although the tribulations clouds have scattered, the tribulation still isn’t over. We would also be bound by the chains, or perhaps even killed,” shouted lord Heaveneye, stopping a group of impetuous fellows.

They were too young and didn’t understand. But lord Heaveneye knew just how terrifying these chains were. They weren’t things that could be resisted just through great power. Those chains represented the Heavenly Daos’ destructive aura.

“You’ve come against me time after time, each time wanting to take my life. You blind heavens, just wait. Sooner or later, I’ll tear you down!” roared Long Chen as he struggled. He wanted to break these Heavenly Dao chains, but he didn’t know what these chains were made of. No matter how he struggled, they wouldn’t break.

As Long Chen’s fury erupted, space constantly trembled. Long Chen pushed his four stars to their peak, and he clenched his teeth so hard that blood poured out.

“Break for me!”


“Heavens, the void is being torn!”

With Long Chen’s full power erupting, cracks appeared in the space around one of the chains. As Long Chen struggled, those cracks grew larger.

From the pitch-black cracks, primal chaos aura poured into the Immemorial Path like a dam had been cracked.

BOOM! The cracks continued to grow, and as Long Chen pulled the chain, a hole appeared in the sky.

“He… he really knows how to pull…”

Following the creation of that hole, the Heavenly Dao chains gradually faded. The tribulation had finally scattered, and Long Chen broke out of his chains, regaining his freedom.

Long Chen looked up at the sky and saw the huge hole. It was in the midst of closing. In less than the time it took for an incense stick to burn, the ten-thousand-mile-wide hole was fully recovered. The sky returned to normal.

“Long Chen!” Yue Xiaoqian suddenly crashed into Long Chen’s embrace.

Long Chen smiled. “Sorry I worried you. I was too impetuous.”

Yue Xiaoqian gently sobbed into his embrace, shaking her head. She knew he had done this because of her. But that wasn’t important anymore. What was important was that Long Chen was still alive.

The heavenly tribulation had come to an end, and everything had returned to normal. Many of the experts collapsed on the ground, feeling like their hearts had been in overdrive. This tribulation had been too frightening.

Lord Heaveneye had his eyes closed, seeming to be sensing something. After a long time, he finally opened his eyes, a faint smile on his face.

“Lightning breaks the sky, the Immemorial revives. Hehe, so that’s what it is, that’s what it is! Do you all sense it?” asked lord Heaveneye to the tribe leaders.

“Sense what?”

“You don’t sense the change in the world?”

With lord Heaveneye’s reminder, the tribe leaders spread their senses. An expression of disbelief and delight appeared on their faces.


“Shh. It’s good as long as you know. Don’t let the children know.” Lord Heaveneye smiled.

Now that the tribulation had ended, Long Chen bid lord Heaveneye and the others goodbye. He returned to the Stone tribe. He had finally advanced to Sea Expansion.

Not only that, the Enlightenment Palace Star had reached perfection, and he had created four qi seas. Even he didn’t know how much his power had increased.

Once he returned to the Stone tribe, Long Chen got to work, refining pills for Yue Xiaoqian. Although he couldn’t recover her core energy, he could at least make her feel better.

“Long Chen… I want to return to the Skyscraping World.” Three days later, Yue Xiaoqian’s condition had finally improved somewhat. She held Long Chen’s hand, unwilling to part.

Long Chen nodded. Yue Xiaoqian had a method to leave the Immemorial Path ahead of time. She had already advanced to Sea Expansion, and her qi sea was connected to her core energy. She had to return to the Skyscraping World to replenish her lost core energy and blood essence. But she also didn’t want to part with Long Chen.

“Just stay for a few more days.” Long Chen gently brushed Yue Xiaoqian’s cheek. He also didn’t want to part with her, but he also knew she had to go back to her race, and the sooner the better. Otherwise, if her blood essence was exhausted for too long, it would affect her foundation.

“Okay.” Yue Xiaoqian nodded.

“I’ll refine a large batch of Sea Merging Pills for you. When you get back, don’t be in a hurry to stabilize your cultivation base. Use the medicinal pills to continue expanding your sea until it reaches its absolute limit,” said Long Chen.

The Sea Expansion realm was important. It decided how much a person could grow in the future. So the sea had to be expanded to its peak.

The initial sea was just the first step of Sea Expansion. Once the initial sea was formed, it returned to the Dantian. Through medicinal energy, it was possible to continue expanding the sea.

Once a cultivator reached the first Heavenstage, their realm would completely stabilize, and future expansions would be in proportion to the size of the initial sea. So the greater the foundation, the greater the future prospects.

Long Chen spent the next few days refining Sea Merging Pills. Although he didn’t have the Earth Flame’s power, his Spiritual Strength had increased after advancing to Sea Expansion, so the difficult Sea Merging Pills were refined much easier this time.

Yue Xiaoqian finally left a week later. She slipped away without telling him, but Long Chen was aware. He just acted like he didn’t.

He knew she had her own sorrows. Her tear-stained face when she left was enough to prove how badly she didn’t want to leave. Long Chen also didn’t want her to leave, but he had his own things to do. They had to part, and this silent departure of hers was just to avoid feeling more pain.

Before she had left, Long Chen had given her a pile of Heavenly Dao Fruits and Sea Merging Pills. The only way for him to comfort himself was to believe that they were parting so that they could stay together in the future.

Two days after Yue Xiaoqian left, Guo Ran came. Guo Ran was also a Sea Expansion expert now. In his high spirits, he acted completely insufferable.

“Boss, did you hear about it? People are saying that there were experts that descended from beyond the heavens, shattering heaven and earth! It’s just sad no one knows if it’s true or not,” said Guo Ran.

“It was probably just a bunch of bragging and nonsense. Just let them spread the rumors. How big is your qi sea now?” asked Long Chen.

“Three hundred fifty…”

“How much?” Long Chen thought he had misheard.

“Three hundred and fifty miles…” said Guo Ran.

“How? How could you possibly have done that? Isn’t it said that rank three Celestials can at least expand their initial seas to a thousand miles?” Long Chen was speechless.

“Cough, there are multiple variables in all things. Boss, don’t look at me like that!” cried Guo Ran. This wasn’t something he could exaggerate to make it sound better. If it was anyone else but Long Chen, he wouldn’t tell the truth even if he was beaten to death.

“You really are a marvel. You’re lucky you don’t rely on that to live.”

“Boss, I’ve investigated many things during the past few days. I heard many bad pieces of news,” said Guo Ran.

“What bad news?”

“I didn’t expect so many people to have hidden themselves for this opening of the Immemorial Path. Now that everyone has advanced to Sea Expansion, they’ve finally revealed themselves. Xue You, Huang Junmo, Yu Changhao, and Ji Changkong have all become rank four Celestials, and it’s not just them. Other sects hid their monsters just for this moment. There are several rank four Celestials on the Righteous side. Who would have thought they would actually restrain themselves for this long?” Guo Ran clenched his teeth.

“Anything else?” Long Chen surprisingly didn’t care about that.

“Yes. There are even more experts from the ancient races, and many of them are preparing to challenge Yu Changhao for the position of the number one expert of the Eastern Wastelands’ ancient races. And there’s also someone from the Corrupt path, something… I forget his name because it was garbage. He calls himself the Ghost King, and he says that he will cut down the Corrupt King Xue You and subdue the Devil Empress Leng Yueyan.”

“Leng Yueyan…” Long Chen’s heart suddenly shook. Where had she gone? He hadn’t sensed her undergoing her tribulation this entire time. According to reason, an expert like her would have caused a tribulation at least on the level of Yue Xiaoqian’s. But he hadn’t sensed her at all. Then he suddenly laughed involuntarily. 

Those four fellows that had appeared had summoned even more terrifying tribulations. In the beginning, people had been vaguely able to see them over the central area, but once their tribulations had descended, no one had been able to probe them. It was reasonable that he hadn’t sensed Leng Yueyan’s tribulation while it was covered by theirs.

“Boss, let me show you my treasure.” Guo Ran smiled with pride. That wretched smile made Long Chen’s hair stand on end.

Guo Ran took on an extremely flashy posture, and a huge figure appeared in front of Long Chen. It was a three-hundred-meter Earth Dragon.

“Damn, how did it grow so fast?” Long Chen jumped in shock. It had only been such a short time. How could an egg turn into this giant?

“Hehe, sister-in-law Meng Qi gave me some special beast taming methods. I don’t eat, I don’t drink, I don’t sleep, all day I just find food for it. At night, I nourish it with my soul, communicating with it and helping it absorb spiritual qi. I really have spent my blood, sweat, and tears on it,” said Guo Ran. He was grumbling, but the wretched pride on his face showed the truth.

As soon as the Earth Dragon appeared, it growled at Long Chen. But once Long Chen glanced at it, it went silent and obediently hid behind Guo Ran. Its powerful spiritual perception allowed it to sense Long Chen’s terrifying aura.

“Not bad. A Magical Beast that’s raised properly will be even stronger and more intelligent than a Magical Beast in the wild. Congratulations on this dragon steed of yours!” laughed Long Chen.

“It’s all thanks to boss.” Guo Ran solemnly sucked up.

“I’ll go say goodbye to the tribe leader. Let’s regather with Meng Qi,” said Long Chen, bringing Guo Ran to the tribe leader’s tent.

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