Chapter 893 Qiankun Lightning Chains (Teaser)

That person managed to kill an Ancient Heroic Spirit, but he paid an immense price. He was counterattacked and vomited blood.

“This is the last wave of the tribulation. Don’t hold back any longer!” said one of the men. He noticed that after killing one of the Ancient Heroic Spirits, the tribulation clouds above him lessened.

Following his shout, the others also began going all-out. A huge saber-image exploded and another Ancient Heroic Spirit was killed.

As expected, as that one was killed, the tribulation clouds in the sky shrank. This represented that once the Ancient Heroic Spirits were all killed, the heavenly tribulation would come to an end.

“Kill!” Those mysterious experts erupted with immense power and were clearly using their ultimate moves. It was impossible to tell what their moves were while they were wrapped in flames. But one thing that could be confirmed was that their strength was horrifying. Even from such a distance, it gave the people...

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