Chapter 893 Qiankun Lightning Chains

That person managed to kill an Ancient Heroic Spirit, but he paid an immense price. He was counterattacked and vomited blood.

“This is the last wave of the tribulation. Don’t hold back any longer!” said one of the men. He noticed that after killing one of the Ancient Heroic Spirits, the tribulation clouds above him lessened.

Following his shout, the others also began going all-out. A huge saber-image exploded and another Ancient Heroic Spirit was killed.

As expected, as that one was killed, the tribulation clouds in the sky shrank. This represented that once the Ancient Heroic Spirits were all killed, the heavenly tribulation would come to an end.

“Kill!” Those mysterious experts erupted with immense power and were clearly using their ultimate moves. It was impossible to tell what their moves were while they were wrapped in flames. But one thing that could be confirmed was that their strength was horrifying. Even from such a distance, it gave the people watching endless pressure.

“It seems it really is the last wave. I guess there’s no need to hold back any longer. Blooddrinker, let’s go all-out!” Long Chen smiled. His vast spiritual yuan all poured into Blooddrinker.

Buzz… Blooddrinker seemed to come to life, and a blood-colored light soared into the sky.


Long Chen’s full-strength attack forced back all the Ancient Heroic Spirits, and he used the rebound force to soar into the sky, raising Blooddrinker while he was at it.

Blooddrinker rapidly grew into a huge heavenly blade. This was a Treasure item’s true form, a sign it was about to release its full power.

Long Chen’s spiritual yuan was sucked dry. Blood Qi erupted from Blooddrinker’s blade, forming a huge illusory image. That image was three thousand meters long, ten times longer than its true form.

“Split the Heavens 2!” The huge saber slashed down, instantly devouring those Ancient Heroic Spirits.

Explosive sounds reverberated. The only thing remaining after that huge saber slashed down was a sky-full of lightning runes. All those Ancient Heroic Spirits had been killed by Long Chen’s attack.

“Lei Long, time to eat!” Long Chen summoned Lei Long and simply lay on its head. He felt like he was hollow now. He didn’t have the slightest bit of energy left. But fortunately, the tribulation had ended.

Lei Long devoured those runes. Although they weren’t large, consuming them caused Lei Long’s body to swell up explosively. Its body grew stiff, and it couldn’t even swim through the air anymore. It slowly fell to the ground.

“You’ve eaten too much and need to digest it. Go into seclusion.” Long Chen put Lei Long away again, and it fell into a slumber. Its power had increased too much and it needed to digest it.

Seeing that Long Chen’s final attack was able to destroy all those Ancient Heroic Spirits, the aboriginals let out a cheer. Long Chen had actually succeeded. Yue Xiaoqian even began to cry.

Long Chen stood up on the Immortal Condensing Platform, looking at those four figures above. He just managed to see them using their trump cards to kill their Ancient Heroic Spirits. That caused Long Chen’s heart to sink. Those four were truly powerful.

As the final Ancient Heroic Spirit was killed, the tribulation clouds in the sky shrank. Just as they were about to disappear, the tribulation clouds shattered.

In that instant, lightning chains descended from the sky, piercing straight toward the five of them.

“These… these are Qiankun Lightning Chains?!?! This bastard… Run!” shouted one of the men, seeming to have realized something. The divine flames on his body suddenly fluctuated, and runes wrapped around the four of them. They flew back toward the spatial whirlpool in the air.

Before Long Chen could even figure out what was happening, he was bound by the lightning chains and dragged into the air. He was startled to find that he couldn’t even move with the lightning chains around him.

Those four rapidly fled, but just as they were about to enter the spatial whirlpool, the lightning chains formed a huge net that trapped them. The four of them were horrified, but no matter how they struggled, it was to no avail. These were Heavenly Dao chains and were impossible for them to break.

Suddenly, space exploded. A large hand stretched out from the whirlpool and caught the four of them. It pulled, and the lightning chains were broken apart. The hand brought the four of them into the spatial whirlpool and disappeared. Everything returned to normal.

That scene was too shocking. That large hand had been hundreds of miles long, like a celestial hand. Just what kind of power was that? The aboriginals were all motionless, unable to say a word. This kind of power had exceeded their understanding.

“Long Chen!” Yue Xiaoqian cried out and didn’t bother with that huge hand. She was focused completely on Long Chen. He was bound by the chains and being pulled into the air.

The tribulation clouds had disappeared, but chains were coming from heaven and earth, binding Long Chen. The lightning chains suddenly stretched taut, wanting to pull him apart.

Yue Xiaoqian panicked. She actually rushed over but was stopped by lord Heaveneye. At this moment, no one could help Long Chen.

“Fuck, I just knew my luck couldn’t be this good. But good thing I still have a backup.”

Long Chen cursed inside. A seal within his body suddenly opened. This was where Long Chen had sealed all the medicinal energy and essence of the Enlightenment Palace Pills he had consumed during this time.

The medicinal energy erupted, pouring into the Enlightenment Palace Star. The star had originally been almost full and now it suddenly shook.

The Enlightenment Palace Star absorbed all the medicinal energy that poured out of the seal. This was like the straw that broke the camel’s back, and the originally still star began to slowly revolve.

As it revolved, it went from an ordinary ball of light to become a planet. Images appeared, mountains, rivers, valleys…

Once the Enlightenment Palace Star had revolved nine times, a faint mist began to appear over it. It then came to a sudden stop. The FengFu, Alioth, and Life Fate Stars all revolved, sending energy to the Enlightenment Palace Star.

After receiving a trace of the three other stars’ core energy, the Enlightenment Palace Star suddenly began to rapidly revolve.

Long Chen’s divine ring suddenly reappeared behind him. But this time, it was no longer three hundred meters wide, but three thousand meters.

Red, orange, yellow, and green rings were present within it. It rapidly spun, resonating with heaven and earth. All the spiritual qi within ten thousand miles was instantly sucked dry.

Long Chen’s exhausted spiritual yuan was fully restored in an instant. His mind shook, and that tearing force from the chains no longer felt so strong. At least for now, he didn’t need to worry about being torn apart.

“Hm? Something’s different… Is the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art’s Sea Expansion supposed to be done like this?”

Long Chen suddenly noticed that once the Enlightenment Palace Star had reached perfection, the four stars suddenly had small whirlpools appear underneath them. The whirlpools were rapidly growing as energy was poured into them.

“Could it be these are my initial seas? I have four of them?”

Long Chen sensed the energy within the whirlpools rapidly growing. But he was unable to tell how large they were.

At this moment, he was still wrapped by countless lightning chains. He suddenly thought of something, and his divine sense entered the four whirlpools. He connected them to the chains binding him.


The four whirlpools instantly grew explosively. Four huge illusory initial seas appeared behind Long Chen. Each of those four seas was three hundred miles wide, and they blocked practically half the sky.


Lord Heaveneye couldn’t help being shocked. Long Chen had originally been in danger, but now he suddenly summoned four huge initial seas? Everyone looked at Long Chen with shock, not knowing what was going on.

Long Chen was still bound by the lightning chains. They stretched far into the sky, too far to even see their end. It was an extremely shocking scene.

Long Chen snorted. He hadn’t expected to accidentally realize the mystery of the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art’s Sea Expansion. So the requirement was that the four stars had to reach perfection before undergoing sea expansion. He had almost committed a grave error.

Now the four seas were connected to the lightning chains, and heaven and earth’s energy were pouring into them. His initial seas rapidly grew, reaching three thousand miles in just a few breaths.

Once they reached that size, they continued to surge, but something unknown was restricting them. He tried several times without succeeding.

He tried many times but gave up in the end. Although there was more energy to be absorbed, this world’s laws didn’t allow initial seas to grow beyond three thousand miles. It was impossible to break this law.

But having four initial seas still delighted Long Chen. Now he had the equivalent of four Dantians, which would give him enough spiritual yuan to play around with.


The four initial seas disappeared. A qi sea appeared below each of the FengFu, Alioth, Life Fate, and Enlightenment Palace Stars. The four stars floated above them, each star and sea being one unit.

The four seas’ energy suddenly poured throughout Long Chen’s body, and his divine ring rapidly spun. Heaven and earth shook as a terrifying pressure descended upon the world. A will desiring to tear apart heaven and earth’s restrictions exploded.

“I want to see whether you really can restrict me! Four Star Battle Armor!”

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