Chapter 892 Ancient Heroic Spirits

The four people wrapped in divine flames suddenly began to release energy fluctuations. It was impossible to tell what kind of secret art they were using, but the terrifying pressure even came through the barrier of divine flames.

The only things possible to see were those four figures flashing into motion and the Berserk Lightning Battle Warriors beginning to explode. That scene caused people to be dumbfounded. Just who were these four?

“As expected, they have to be heavenly geniuses at that level, or no one would have paid the price to break through the walls between worlds and send them here.” Countless runes began to appear in lord Heaveneye’s white eyes. He stared into the spatial cyclone in the air.

That was where the barrier between worlds had been broken. There had to be experts on the other side maintaining it, making sure it didn’t close before the lightning tribulation ended.

Long Chen also sensed the change happening over there, but he didn’t care. Everything was going according to his expectations. He sensed how terrifying those four were. They were experts on a level he had never seen before.

They had a kind of aura that made it so even he found it hard to breathe. As soon as they appeared, they had displayed their tyranny, even causing Yue Xiaoqian to be injured.

Long Chen clearly knew that they were powerful beyond his imagination, but once he got angry, he never cared about such things. He would make these arrogant idiots pay a price.

They wanted to undergo tribulation? Then they could go ahead and undergo tribulation. Each time Long Chen had to go through tribulation, he had to fight against terrible odds. Bringing a few powerful companions with him would make it much more fun. He wanted to see if these four peerless geniuses could block his heavenly tribulation.

In fact, Long Chen even thought of a certain thing. At the beginning of the tribulation, he noticed that their heavenly tribulations had been nourishing them, as if doting on them with care.

This proved beyond a doubt that these four were definitely the favorites of the heavens. They had to be even stronger Celestials and received the heavens’ pampering. But he, Long Chen, was the target the heavens wanted dead.

Now that he was undergoing tribulation with them, he wanted to see what the heavenly tribulation would choose.

Would it still mercilessly slaughter the four of them to kill him? Or would it let him off because of the four of them?

However, up to now, it seemed that the heavenly tribulation had chosen to kill him. It hadn’t hesitated just because of those four favorites. It seemed that it wanted to kill them all together. Since that was the case, he was at ease.

An intense battle shook the void. There were five battlefields with intense slaughter where thunder and lightning shook the land. Those four experts had clearly released their full power against the Berserk Lightning Battle Warriors.

There were tens of thousands of lightning warriors, and each time one was killed, another would take its place. Long Chen was doing his best to kill them, but his arms were now numb, and he was constantly being injured.

There were just too many of them, and they possessed all kinds of attack methods. Some were fierce and head-on, while some were sly and crafty. Each one had their own techniques, and being surrounded by this many of them, strategy was useless. The only thing to do was to go all-out.

The fortunate thing was that the huge forest in his primal chaos space provided him with enough life energy. Thus, all his injuries were instantly healed.

Yue Xiaoqian clenched her fists as she watched Long Chen. She was filled with worry, because she saw that what Long Chen had released was just a Xiantian cultivation base. He hadn’t condensed his initial sea.

Without condensing his initial sea, his spiritual yuan hadn’t changed much. How was he supposed to keep up with such a terrifying consumption of energy?

The other experts also saw through the clues, but they didn’t dare say anything. Furthermore, saying anything now didn’t have any meaning. They could only pray for Long Chen, hoping he could create a miracle.

The only thing that comforted Long Chen was that Lei Long was continuously growing as he slaughtered the lightning warriors. Their runes were all devoured by it, and as long as it didn’t take the initiative to attack or block those lightning warriors, they wouldn’t attack it.

As Lei Long devoured more runes, its body grew more condensed, gradually appearing like solid matter. It was now capable of blocking the lightning warriors’ attacks.

That helped Long Chen out greatly as he was in a crisis now. Lei Long could attack some of the lightning warriors and then rapidly retreat. They would instinctively attack Lei Long, but once it fled, they wouldn’t chase it. That distraction saved Long Chen a great deal of trouble.

This was a shocking battle. The reason Long Chen could last for so long was mainly because he had been cultivating lightning in his body since Blood Condensation, so his body had a powerful resistance to lightning.

If it was anyone else, then just a few dozen of these lightning warriors would take their lives. But when Long Chen was injured, they were just superficial injuries. The thunderforce that entered his body was absorbed and wouldn’t cause any damage.

So Long Chen was shocked to see that those four mysterious men were also able to fight against the Berserk Lightning Battle Warriors. However, now they had shut their mouths and no longer continued sneering. It was unknown whether they just didn’t have the time or energy to do so.

This shocking battle continued for a long time before the lightning warriors gradually lessened. Suddenly, nine huge figures condensed within the tribulation clouds. Each one of them wore strange clothes that were extremely ancient. As soon as they appeared, all sound disappeared from heaven and earth. It was deathly silent.

These figures caused everyone to jump in shock. They seemed alive. Even their eyes had light and expressions. They were no different from real people.

“Ancient Heroic Spirits…” Lord Heaveneye’s expression completely changed.

Of everyone present, only he knew that these Ancient Heroic Spirits were the peerless heavenly geniuses that had fallen during their tribulations. They were on a completely different level than the Berserk Lightning Warriors, and the tribulation had copied their states before they had fallen.

Those nine huge figures charged at Long Chen. At the same time, illusory qi seas appeared behind them.

“Three-thousand-mile qi seas!” Startled cries rang out. Those Ancient Heroic Spirits all possessed three-thousand-mile qi seas. They were nine Sea Expansion heavenly geniuses. But right now… Long Chen was only at the Xiantian realm.

Everyone’s heart clenched. This was too unfair. This wasn’t tribulation, but extermination.

“Bastard, just what kind of heavenly tribulation is this?!” raged one of the mysterious men. At the same time as Long Chen was attacked, they were also attacked.

The first one to face Long Chen was a young handsome man with a spear. When his spear pierced toward him, space trembled intensely and he immediately locked down Long Chen.

BOOM! Long Chen didn’t dare to be careless, and he slashed down with his saber. Cracks appeared in the air, as the void almost shattered.

Long Chen’s blood flipped within him, and he flew back. This man was too strong. But through this exchange, he confirmed that this man was truly formed of lightning runes.

As long as they weren’t real people, there was hope. Just as Long Chen was about to attack, his heart suddenly shook, and he activated the Lightning Body Blink. A saber just missed his shoulder, almost cutting off his arm.

Lei Long let out a furious roar and attacked them. Suddenly, two of them slashed their weapons onto its body, and Lei Long immediately exploded.

Lei Long could block the Berserk Lightning Battle Warriors’ attacks, but it couldn’t block these attacks. The two were not on the same level.

“Lei Long, come back for now. You aren’t their match.” Long Chen waved his hand. Lei Long’s runes returned to his arm.

Lei Long’s power had grown explosively, but it wasn’t a healthy growth. Although it had expanded like a balloon to a shocking point, it wasn’t able to endure powerful attacks.

Lei Long needed some time to refine the energy it had absorbed, and only then could it release its full power. Right now, it was still too weak.

After putting away Lei Long, Long Chen was immediately surrounded by those nine figures, and the pressure instantly increased. These nine figures were too terrifying. Even going all-out, he was being constantly injured, and the most dangerous moment was when he was almost cut in two.

Long Chen clenched his teeth and bitterly endured. Right now, he was in a crisis, but those four experts were also surrounded in the same situation. None of them were better off than him, and he even saw one of them cough up blood.

“Hehe, how is the taste of an ant’s tribulation?” sneered Long Chen.

“Bastard, you are provoking us! Just wait-” One of them ended up being slashed on the shoulder because he had divided his attention. It was unknown what treasure was protecting him, but instead of being cut, he coughed up a mouthful of blood.

“Now you should know what it feels like to be implicated by another person’s tribulation.”

Fighting all-out, Long Chen gradually switched to a defensive battle. He found that although these Ancient Heroic Spirits were powerful, their moves were inflexible. Laws were laws. Their moves didn’t adapt as easily as real people.

If the nine of them were really alive, Long Chen would definitely die. Even though they were made of lightning runes, Long Chen still couldn’t defeat them. He could only stall and continue watching them.

Using the Lightning Body Blink, Long Chen retreated, doing his best to avoid facing them head-on and preserve his energy. Through the divine ring, he began to restore the spiritual yuan he had used up. In any case, the four of them were undergoing tribulation with him. He wasn’t impatient. He wanted to see just who would die first.

As time passed, Long Chen was constantly injured, but that wasn’t a problem with the primal chaos space. Long Chen was using his life energy to stall while his spiritual yuan recovered.

Suddenly, an explosive sound rang out. One of the flame-wrapped men used some unknown technique to kill an Ancient Heroic Spirit.

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