Chapter 891 Berserk Lightning Battle Warriors

The huge lightning beasts were slashed apart by Long Chen one by one. Each one of them was killed in just one blow.

“Blooddrinker, you really are amazing!” Long Chen was delighted by Blooddrinker. As long as he gave it the slightest bit of his spiritual yuan, Blooddrinker would release its specific sharp aura. The terrifying lightning beasts were easily cut down.

Now Blooddrinker had truly awoken. Long Chen hadn’t even known that it was so powerful before. Each bit of his spiritual yuan was being transformed into killing power. This weapon that had come from the Barbarian race’s expert was definitely extraordinary.

As Long Chen killed the lightning beasts, Lei Long was behind him taking advantage. When they were cut down, before their runes could scatter, it would devour them in one gulp.

These huge lightning beasts contained incomparably pure thunderforce. If those previous lightning beasts were likened to rice, then these huge beasts were like meat to Lei Long.

Long Chen swept through the air, blood-colored saber-images flashing in the sky. Each attack killed a lightning beast.

Sometimes there would be too many lightning beasts for Long Chen to handle, and Lei Long would swing its tail, knocking them back and giving Long Chen space. In this manner, Long Chen’s dominance could not be stopped. It had been a long time since Long Chen had felt this satisfying feeling of using all his power to attack with a heavy weapon. 

“Big brother Long Chen is amazing!” cried Xiao Fei. He had always treated Long Chen as his idol. He hoped to become a domineering expert like him one day.

Who cared about heavenly tribulation? Who cared about the Heavenly Daos? Even in front of heavenly tribulation, Long Chen wasn’t afraid. He was fighting against the very heavens, forcing them to submit to him.

The other experts were affected by his imposingness and clenched their fists, their own hot blood surging.

They had been suppressed here by the Heavenly Daos for countless years. Moreover, they had to face the scheming, robbing, and killing of the invaders. They had long since grown dissatisfied with this world.

But they didn’t have the bravery to fight against the heavens. They were dissatisfied, but they didn’t dare fight. However, Long Chen’s display showed them what a true domineeringness was.

His domineeringness even caused those old seniors to feel a passion they hadn’t felt in many, many years. Each lightning beast he killed was like another shackle he broke through. He advanced dauntlessly.

“I want to fight the heavens too! I’ll exterminate these merciless and unfair Heavenly Daos. Whatever tries to stop me, I’ll cut them down...!” Suddenly, a young Sea Expansion expert began to shout. He came from the Stone tribe, and he had drunk with Long Chen quite a few times. His eyes were red, and he charged out, startling everyone.

That person had only just flown out when the Stone tribe’s leader slapped the back of his head, making him collapse on the ground.

“Just watch! Don’t get drawn in too deeply. Being domineering and being suicidal are two different concepts. Long Chen is domineering now, but if you went, you’d be suicidal!” he shouted. He felt a bit helpless. The Stone tribe’s warriors all possessed one-track minds. Having drunk and laughed with Long Chen before, they found him to be their kind of people, and they were now like brothers. Hence, they were receiving the greatest influence from Long Chen. It was unknown whether that foolish fellow hadn’t sobered up from his drinking for him to actually want to charge into Long Chen’s tribulation to fight against the heavens.

“The Heavenly Daos can’t be opposed? The Heavenly Daos can’t be disobeyed? Perhaps that’s not true for all people…”Lord Heaveneye looked at Long Chen. He extended his hands and touched his middle finger to his thumb several times. It seemed he was calculating something, but in the end, he sighed and pulled back his hands.

“Heavens, are those people also monsters?! They’re also killing the lightning beasts in one attack.”

While their attention was drawn to Long Chen, they forgot about the four mysterious experts. They were slaughtering the lightning beasts as well. And just like Long Chen, each time they attacked, a lightning beast would definitely fall.

“Just who are they?”

“These people have been sent here specifically to undergo their tribulations. They want to absorb as much thunderforce as possible. My guess is that they finished condensing their initial seas from wherever they came from, and then were sent here by supreme experts to absorb more thunderforce to temper their bodies to the greatest level. Then they’ll return to their world. Their goal should be the laws present within the Immemorial Path’s tribulation lightning. Perhaps the most valuable thing in the Immemorial Path is the tribulation lightning during the spiritual qi eruption!” said lord Heaveneye. He looked at those four mysterious figures with a complicated expression.

Here, the aboriginals were like trapped birds, while the Immemorial Path was their cage. They were treated like criminals. Others could come and go, taking their resources, while they could only endure in silence.

These four people hadn’t just come to steal the resources; even their tone toward everyone here was full of disdain as well. It made the aboriginals furious, but they were also powerless.

“Idiots, can you be a bit faster? I’ve been waiting for you all day.” Long Chen’s voice suddenly rang out, causing everyone to look over and see him standing atop a lightning dragon’s head, a blood-colored saber resting on his shoulder. The lightning dragon was now eight miles long.

“Foolish ant, you are provoking us-!”

“Shut up. Hurry up and kill them. The next wave of the tribulation won’t come until you do,” shouted Long Chen.

“You!” That voice seemed to be coming through clenched teeth.

But before he could say any more words, the sky trembled. Countless human-shaped lightnings fell from the sky.

“Berserk Lightning Battle Warriors? How is this possible?!” Lord Heaveneye was shocked.

“What are they?”

“The Berserk Lightning Battle Warriors are rumored to only appear in an extremely terrifying lightning tribulation. Each of those human-shaped lightnings possesses their own intelligence. They are created when experts fail their tribulations, and their soul essence is drawn away by them. In truth, each of these warriors is an expert, with an expert’s battle experience. They’re completely different from those mindless beasts,” said lord Heaveneye gravely.

This was something none of the others had heard of. These lightning warriors actually possessed their own combat experience?

Just as they were filled with shock, Long Chen had already exchanged blows with one of those lightning warriors. He had already met these human-shaped lightnings last time. They were formed entirely of lightning runes, but they were like real people. Even the lines on their armor were clear.

When his saber met the lightning warrior’s spear, sparks flew. He didn’t manage to cut through its weapon. At the same time, the other lightning warriors attacked. Lei Long opened its mouth and devoured dozens of them. But as a result, as soon as it swallowed them, their weapons pierced out of its body, and they charged out.

Lei Long’s body was huge, but in terms of how solid its body was, it was a far cry from these lightning warriors. It couldn’t devour them. Even if it could block them, it would be attacked. Lei Long was infuriated but unable to cause any effective damage to them.

“Divine ring! Four Star Battle Armor!”

At this time, Long Chen couldn’t keep holding back. His divine ring appeared behind him, and four stars circulated in his eyes. His spiritual yuan poured into Blooddrinker, and Blood-colored light erupted. 

“Whirlwind Slash!” Long Chen spun, and Saber Qi blossomed like a flower. It devoured everything around him. The lightning warriors closest to him were all killed, while the others were knocked back.

He killed over a hundred of them in one blow. But that didn’t make him the slightest bit happy. He saw that these lightning warriors all knew how to dodge and defend. They weren’t much different from real people. In fact, when they had tried dodging just now, there had been hints of Battle Skills being used by them.

Long Chen told Lei Long not to fight. It was just in charge of devouring the remnant lightning runes from when the lightning warriors were killed. Those were most important.

“Split the Heavens!”

Long Chen repeatedly attacked. He used Split the Heavens three times, killing waves of those lightning warriors. Their lightning runes were crazily devoured by Lei Long.

Long Chen was getting more and more shocked. Even when he was releasing all his power, he still felt a great deal of pressure. These lightning warriors were truly powerful, even stronger than ordinary rank three Celestials.

While he fought them, up in the void, the four mysterious men panicked. The level of their lightning tribulations had exceeded their expectations.

They had come here to absorb the remnant immortal aura that lay within this world’s lightning tribulation. This remnant immortal aura was hidden deep within the Immemorial Path, and the outside world didn’t have it. Each time the spiritual qi eruption occurred, the immortal aura would merge into the lightning tribulation. Hence, their goal had been to absorb that trace of immortal aura as preparations for their breakthrough.

But they hadn’t expected that incurring the wrath of what they had thought to be an ant-like existence would lead to a change in their heavenly tribulations. They were actually forced into the same tempo and intensity of tribulation as Long Chen.

“Hmph, ignorant ant, I’ll show you what it means for there to always be heaven beyond the heavens, a height you couldn’t attain even if you cultivated for millennia!”

The four people in the divine flames suddenly released multicolored runes, forming a vague barrier around them. At the same time, a terrifying pressure caused the sky to quake.

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