Chapter 890 Lightning Dragon Devours All Beasts

Seeing those lightning beasts, Yue Xiaoqian’s heart clenched. The lightning beasts she had fought during her own tribulation gave her a profound understanding of how terrifying they were.

The last one had been especially powerful, and even though there had only been one, if Long Chen hadn’t told her its weaknesses, she wouldn’t have been able to handle it.

But these lightning beasts were packed together and endless. Because it was impossible to grasp their numbers, even knowing their weaknesses was useless. Just how were you supposed to take advantage of those weaknesses when they were packed together in such numbers?

In front of this sea of beasts, any strategy, any technique would be useless and impossible to use. There was only one option: to use power to beat power.

Long Chen’s tribulation clouds had now joined with the other four experts’ tribulation clouds to form a mass of supreme tribulation clouds. They were absolutely endless. As for the lightning beasts, they were like water spurting out of a broken dam. They poured down from the sky.

Seeing Long Chen enveloped by the sea of lightning beasts, everyone’s hearts rose into their throats. Yue Xiaoqian’s palms were already covered in sweat.

“Come out and gorge yourself!”

Long Chen laughed. A dragon roar suddenly rang out and a three-mile-long lightning dragon appeared. Its huge body released a majestic aura.

Lei Long’s body had originally just been one mile long, but after absorbing the lightning tribulation, it had tripled in size. Its lightning runes were circulating with an even fiercer power.

Long Chen jumped onto Lei Long’s head. Lei Long once more roared, opening its mouth and beginning to devour the lightning beasts.

There were too many lightning beasts. But to the huge Lei Long, they were nothing more than rabbits. With each mouthful, it devoured five or six of them.

The most interesting thing was that the lightning beasts only had eyes for Long Chen. They didn’t attack Lei Long, allowing it to devour them. They only knew how to struggle, but not to counterattack.

Laws were laws. They weren’t flexible. Lei Long came from heavenly tribulation, so these heavenly tribulation beasts didn’t recognize it as an enemy.

When the lightning beasts came charging at Long Chen, Lei Long would simply swing its tail, and they would be sent flying. In terms of power, these beasts were a far cry from Lei Long.

Lei Long was like a dragon swimming through a sea, easily devouring the closest beasts. The lightning beasts were unable to approach Long Chen. Long Chen could just stand atop Lei Long’s head and watch as the lightning beasts were devoured. He felt Lei Long’s own power slowly increasing.

The aboriginals’ jaws all dropped; their eyes almost popped out. If they weren’t personally seeing this, they wouldn’t believe it.

Many people wanted to say something, but they found that no words were able to express their current thoughts. In the end, nothing came out of their mouths.

Yue Xiaoqian looked up at the grand and majestic Long Chen with adoration. In this world where only strength was respected, the stronger the man, the greater their charm. That was especially true when this man had risked his life and was now settling a debt with mysterious experts for her.

Long Chen was surrounded by countless lightning beasts, but the mysterious experts were also being attacked by countless lightning beasts. They could no longer remain as indifferent as before.

People were unable to see their movements clearly because the divine flames around them blocked their sight. But in any case, those lightning beasts were all destroyed as soon as they got close to them. It seemed that they still had it extremely easy.

“Heavens!” One of the aboriginals suddenly shouted, causing everyone else who was watching with rapt attention to jump.

“What are you shouting for?!” raged someone.

“No, do you not notice something strange?” said that person.

“Something strange?! Fuck, how could I not notice this lightning tribulation is strange?!”

“No, think about it! Long Chen’s already in his lightning tribulation. He… he didn’t expand his initial sea yet!”

Hearing him say this, everyone fell silent, looking at each other. It seemed they had truly missed that detail. Could it be… Long Chen really hadn’t condensed his initial sea before undergoing tribulation?

“Did he forget?” They were speechless, but they really couldn’t figure it out. Just who would possibly forget such an important step? Furthermore, if he hadn’t condensed his initial sea, how did he draw on the heavenly tribulation? What was going on? No one could explain it, not even lord Heaveneye or someone as learned as Yue Xiaoqian.

Let alone them, even Long Chen couldn’t understand. In any case, he knew one rule about the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art: as long as he passed his tribulation, he would definitely advance. Who cared about expanding the sea?

One hour.

Two hours.

Three hours.

Time passed bit by bit as Lei Long’s body was growing larger and stronger. After a whole day had passed, it had grown to seven miles.

Seven miles. That was a huge monster. As Lei Long grew larger, its power increased and its devouring speed also multiplied.

After this whole day, the lightning beasts finally stopped coming down from the sky, allowing people to relax. At this moment, Lei Long was still swimming through the air, devouring the few remaining lightning beasts.

From the start until now, Long Chen hadn’t done anything to resist the lightning tribulation. That easy manner of his made it look like he was just playing a game, not undergoing tribulation.

“Fool, using a devil item to absorb the heavenly tribulation is just an inferior cheating method. Ants really are ants, only capable of using the most contemptible tricks.”

Suddenly, a sneer came from one of the four experts. They had already killed all the lightning beasts around them, and it seemed that it hadn’t taken any effort.

“Devil item?” Long Chen sneered. He saw through some of their secrets. These four were wrapped in divine flames, and the flames should be their method to break through the spatial walls. While they were wrapped in them, others couldn’t see their figures clearly, but the same issue could also be applied to their sight. They could only vaguely sense things, and so they thought Lei Long was a special tool used to trick the Heavenly Daos.

“Where did you four bumpkins come from? Now that you’ve come here, you want to act grand? If you had any guts at all, you wouldn’t hide in your tortoise shells. Come out and fight!” sneered Long Chen. Right now, the first wave of the tribulation had just ended, and there was a bit of time to say a few words before the next wave came. Long Chen was very curious about their origins.

“Brazen ant! You don’t have the qualifications to know our origins. You should bless your fortune that we’re wrapped in these divine flames, otherwise, a single finger from this lord would crush you!” shouted one of them.

“Don’t bother bragging. If it weren’t for your tortoise shell, you would have had your crap crushed out of you when you broke into this world. Who do you think you’re trying to trick?”

Although Long Chen didn’t quite understand everything about them, he wasn’t so easily tricked. These four had clearly used some kind of divine energy to break through the walls of this world. But even though the world’s barrier had been broken, not just anyone could get through. At the very least, it wasn’t something that mere Xiantian experts could survive. Although these people’s auras were powerful, they were still undergoing their Sea Expansion tribulations. If it weren’t for the protection of the divine flames, they would have been crushed by the power of spatial pressure upon breaking into this world. So Long Chen didn’t fear them.

“Ant, you’re courting death!” raged one of them.

“Cowards. Wait until you grow up and come out of your shells before saying such vicious words,” laughed Long Chen.


Just at this moment, the tribulation clouds once more shook. Huge lightning beasts descended from the sky, each of them being a mile long. This time, there weren’t that many, but there were still over a thousand of them. They charged at Long Chen. These lightning beasts were on the same level as the final lightning beast that had appeared in Yue Xiaoqian’s tribulation.

But Yue Xiaoqian had only had to deal with one, while Long Chen had over a thousand of them. Yue Xiaoqian was pale, and everyone else was also nervous. These lightning beasts were too terrifying.

BOOM! One of those lightning beasts had only just gotten close when Lei Long bit into it. It was too huge for Lei Long to devour in one bite. Furthermore, it was also struggling, making it so Lei Long couldn’t smoothly swallow it.

Just at this moment, another lightning beast charged at Long Chen. Its huge claw was the size of a small mountain as it smashed toward Long Chen.

A blood-colored saber appeared in Long Chen’s hands. A huge saber-image whistled through the air.

The huge lightning beast was cleanly cut in two by Long Chen’s saber.

This attack caused everyone to be dumbfounded. Long Chen hadn’t used any Battle Skill. With just brute force, he had killed it.

“Lei Long, spit it out. Eat the one I killed,” shouted Long Chen. Lei Long was trying to devour a lightning beast, but it was stuck in its throat and struggling. Lei Long wasn’t able to swallow it.

Hearing this, Lei Long spat it out and directly went to devour the lightning beast Long Chen had killed. But it was one step too late, and the lightning beast transformed into lightning runes that dissipated. Lei Long’s fierce bite only managed to get a very small portion of those runes.

“Don’t worry. Work with me.”

Long Chen shouted and Blooddrinker began to rumble, its runes lighting. He charged at those lightning beasts.

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