Chapter 889 Lightning Sea Devours the Heavens

Heaven and earth rumbled and lightning filled the sky. From a distance, it looked like the spot Long Chen was at had been submerged in a sea of lightning. The Immemorial Path quivered.

Lord Heaveneye and the others stood far off in the distance, unable to speak in the face of that terrifying lightning sea.

Xiao Fei began to sweat and no longer grumbled about not being able to see. Anyone who wasn’t blind would be able to clearly see this terrifying lightning sea.

Even from such a distance, they could feel the berserk energy within the lightning sea. Even Foundation Forging experts sensed the threat of death from that lightning. If they entered this tribulation, they would definitely die.

“There’s not the slightest bit of life energy in this lightning. On a fundamental scale, it refuses to give anyone a path to life. With its aura being entirely destructive, this is no longer heavenly tribulation, but heavenly punishment!” cried a shocked elder.

Heavenly tribulation was just a law to wash out the weak. No matter how dazzling and intense the lightning tribulation, it always left behind a trace of life energy. But Long Chen’s heavenly tribulation was filled entirely with a berserk destructive will. It was clearly intent on obliterating him.

“Is this the result of Long Chen provoking the heavenly tribulation?”

Lord Heaveneye shook his head. “Heavenly tribulation is a part of the Heavenly Daos. It has no life, nor does it have any emotions to speak of. How could it have become angry? Long Chen has simply intentionally broken the heavenly tribulation’s process, forcing it to advance to the next level while not having released its previous power. That’s making its power superimpose. But even so, laws are just laws, and this kind of situation should never occur. This heavenly tribulation is fundamentally not allowing Long Chen to pass.”

Lord Heaveneye’s eyes were locked onto that sea of lightning. There was a figure bathed in that lightning, full of an undefeatable will that was clashing against the will of the Heavenly Daos.

Yue Xiaoqian had consumed medicinal pills and recovered a bit of her energy. Although she was still pale, she could now stand. She nervously looked at that figure.

She knew that Long Chen was doing this because of her. He was getting revenge on those four figures, making them pay a price for their actions. The feeling of being protected was a warm one, but she was also incredibly worried. Long Chen’s temper was too explosive. This was far too dangerous.

“The first wave of the tribulation is already so powerful. How strong will it grow later?”

The thunderforce was like a sea, its lightning runes surging like the tide, rumbling with heaven and earth. This kind of scene was something that they hadn’t dared to imagine ever in their lives.

As Long Chen’s heavenly tribulation erupted, those four people wrapped in the flames were also affected. They were startled to find that their own tribulations were growing stronger because of Long Chen’s influence.

“An ant’s fury is laughable. Did you think that by infuriating the heavenly tribulation, you could bring us down with you? Foolish to the pinnacle,” laughed one of them. It was unknown just which of the four had spoken these words.

These four were extremely strange. Ever since they had broken through the void to appear here, each one of them had a whirlpool above their heads. Those were like four portals that had allowed them to break into this world.

Breaking through the barrier between worlds and sending four experts here to undergo tribulation was a shocking ability, one that was hard to imagine. Even an idiot would know that these four had to possess terrifying backgrounds.

However, Long Chen didn’t give a damn about their origins. In order to show off their arrogance, these four hadn’t given a damn about Yue Xiaoqian’s life or death. In the end, Yue Xiaoqian had exhausted a huge amount of her blood essence to snatch back her Heavenly Dao rune. Her miserable state still burned his heart.

If they wanted to play, then they had better be ready to play. He had absorbed all the Immortal Condensing Pillar’s runes, as well as actively attacked the tribulation. This heavenly tribulation’s intensity was beyond belief now.

Although this was impetuous and not a smart decision, Long Chen had never thought himself to be a wise sage. All he knew was that whoever hurt the people by his side would have to pay a price. That was the typical conduct of a fool, but Long Chen had always acted like that.

“They seem to be talking!”

The aboriginals could only barely sense some fluctuations from them. Their voices were completely drowned out by the booming thunder of the tribulations.

Long Chen seemed to not hear the mysterious expert’s words. Flying higher into the air, he suddenly reached toward the sky and pulled. A whirlpool appeared over his head, and it instantly grew. Endless lightning crashed down on him.


Even lord Heaveneye jumped in shock. Instead of doing something to block the lightning, Long Chen acted like he still hadn’t gotten his fill. He took the initiative to absorb the thunderforce pouring out of the whirlpool.

Lei Long cried out in delight. It crazily devoured all the thunderforce pouring into Long Chen’s body. It was like a bottomless pit, able to take in as much energy as available.

In this manner, Long Chen allowed Lei Long to absorb thunderforce faster than when it acted on its own. This kind of scattered thunderforce wasn’t like the lightning beasts. It was just simple lightning.

With Long Chen’s assistance, Lei Long quickly absorbed the huge sea of lightning in less than two hours. Heaven and earth returned to calm.

The aboriginals were all dumbfounded. What was going on? The tribulation had been passed just like this?

“Hand over your energy!” Long Chen shouted and suddenly charged into the tribulation clouds, attacking them with his fists.

The lightning clouds had originally been brewing, but once Long Chen scattered a huge mass of them, they were even thicker than before when they regathered.

As for the four mysterious experts wrapped in flames, the thunderforce attacking them once more increased.





Each one of the mysterious experts spat out a disdainful snort. All four of them were men.

The four of them were truly terrifying. Even immersed in this lightning, they didn’t have to take any action to block it. This level of thunderforce was clearly nothing to them, so they looked down on Long Chen’s actions.

“Lord Heaveneye, just who are they?” asked Xiao Fei. Everyone greatly wanted to know this.

“They are peerless geniuses. Their power has surpassed your imaginations. Perhaps only such people are worthy of supreme powers paying such an immense price to forcibly send them here to undergo tribulation.” Lord Heaveneye sighed, a complicated expression on his face. His Heaven Eyes had clearly seen through some secrets.


Suddenly, rumbling cut off their conversation. Lightning swords began to shoot down from the sky at Long Chen. Each one of them was huge, over three hundred meters long.

But Long Chen continued to tear into the sky. The huge whirlpool still existed above him, and he actually began to absorb those terrifying lightning swords.

People felt like they were going crazy. They had never seen someone undergo tribulation like this. The lightning swords flooded toward Long Chen and were all absorbed by him.

“The four of them are also affected!” shouted Xiao Fei. Everyone hastily looked to see the thunderforce attacking the four of them had also transformed into lightning swords. Long Chen’s tribulation was affecting them.

Although they were up in the void and the distance between them was impossible to estimate, they were still affected.

Long Chen ignored what was happening over there as his mood was getting better now. Lei Long was too amazing. No matter how much thunderforce he fed it, it would absorb it and grow stronger.

Long Chen knew that heavenly tribulation was weakest at the start. Therefore, this was the best time to absorb thunderforce. He had to absorb as much as possible now before it grew to the point where he couldn’t absorb it.

The lightning swords eventually disappeared. The tribulation clouds above Long Chen’s head actually linked together with the four experts’ tribulation clouds. They formed one huge mass of tribulation clouds that covered the entire world.

Originally, each of them was undergoing their own tribulation. But now the situation had suddenly changed. All their tribulation clouds had connected, and the pressure immediately grew by hundreds of times.

“Retreat again!” shouted lord Heaveneye. At this point, some of the Sea Expansion experts were quivering, feeling like they were about to be crushed.

Within every inch of the Immemorial Path, experts were looking in horror at the central area. They were unable to see anything, but they could sense all the Immemorial Path’s energy converging in that location. Terrifying fluctuations were spreading from there.

This tribulation was too powerful, and it isolated all other auras. The other experts in the Immemorial Path could only tell something exceedingly terrifying was happening at the center of the Immemorial Path. However, they didn’t dare to probe it. All of them had just endured their own tribulations. Many had been killed, and of those that had succeeded, the majority had only survived with half their lives. They didn’t dare to do anything risky at this moment. They could only heal and sense what was happening.

Suddenly, the tribulation clouds trembled. Endless lightning beasts began to fall from the sky, each of them three hundred meters long and incomparably fierce.

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