Chapter 888 Terrifying Lightning Tribulation, Long Chen’s Fury

Lord Heaveneye looked up at the sky with shock. Countless lines began to circulate within his white eyes, and inconceivable words came out of his mouth. “Experts from another world broke through the dome of the sky and forcibly sent four people here.”

Everyone was horrified. How was that possible? Who could possibly possess enough power to break the laws of the heavens and send someone into the Immemorial Path?

“Xiaoqian, quickly absorb your rune!” shouted Long Chen.

Only now did Yue Xiaoqian react and hastily fly up into the sky. She didn’t need to wait for the rune to descend upon her. She could take the initiative to merge with it.

Just at this moment, a voice rang out. “Hmph, undergoing tribulation with a bunch of ants is practically an insult.”

That voice was icy, its tone seeming to say that only he was supreme. This voice resounded throughout the air.

The aboriginals were all horrified and looked up at the sky. Four figures were standing above the heavens in the center of the Immemorial Path. Their bodies were covered in flames so it was impossible to see them clearly. They were like gods above the heavens.

“Don’t bother with it too much. Gods and ants exist in the same world; there’s nothing to be done. Now that the Heavenly Dao energy here has been activated by the ants, it’s perfect for us to undergo tribulation. Don’t waste any more time.” Another arrogant voice rang out.


Four incomparably powerful auras erupted. The Immemorial Path had begun calming down as people’s tribulations ended, but now it became chaotic once more. Furthermore, their auras were even grander than when those countless experts had been undergoing their tribulations.

“Are they even human?! How could they possess such terrifying auras?!” 

Almost all the experts within the Immemorial Path had already finished their tribulations. They looked up at the sky in horror.

“These auras are still in the Xiantian realm! But how could they be so powerful?! Are they gods?!”

These four people’s auras caused the Immemorial Path to rumble. Endless tribulations clouds gathered over them, making it look like the world was ending.

“Xiaoqian, careful!”

Long Chen suddenly shouted. Just as Yue Xiaoqian touched her rune, heaven and earth’s energy began to rage. Her rune flew toward the tribulation clouds, toward the four of them.

Yue Xiaoqian panicked. This was something she had won through immense danger. If this rune was taken away, all her efforts would be wasted. Thus, she went to grab the rune.

The tribulation clouds continued to condense. Yue Xiaoqian’s body shook, and she coughed up a mouthful of blood that dyed her robes red. But she grabbed her rune, refusing to allow it to fly away.

“Oh, there’s still an ant. Hehe, still lacking the final step? Stupid!” One of those god-like people sneered. They continued releasing their auras, preparing for their tribulations. They didn’t care the slightest bit about Yue Xiaoqian.

“Friends, can you be generous and pause your tribulations for a moment? Let my friend grab her Heavenly Dao rune, or all her previous efforts will be wasted,” said Long Chen to those figures in the air.

Long Chen had activated the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art, and each of his words was shouted using his immense spiritual yuan. His voice rang throughout the sky.

“Ants don’t have the qualifications to speak. Don’t waste our time. If you irritate me, be careful of me destroying you in passing,” said an icy voice.

Yue Xiaoqian had a hold on her rune, but it was still being drawn into the tribulation clouds. She did her best to hold on. She was the scion of the original devil race, their only hope of changing their future.

Long Chen was panicked and infuriated. At this moment, he couldn’t help Yue Xiaoqian. Once her Heavenly Dao rune was infected by his aura, it would dissipate to nothing.

“Original ancestor… please… hear your descendant’s call… Bestow me my bloodline power…”

Yue Xiaoqian’s face was pale. She had no core energy left, but she forcibly summoned her bloodline power.

The rune in her hand suddenly escaped the pull of the tribulation clouds and merged into Yue Xiaoqian’s body. Yue Xiaoqian immediately collapsed from the sky. A pair of arms caught her.

Her face was pale without the slightest bit of color. The light in her eyes had dimmed a great deal.

“Xiaoqian…” Long Chen felt a burst of pain.

“I… succeeded… Long Chen… I’m happy....” Yue Xiaoqian was exhausted, but she was still delighted.

Long Chen nodded. He suddenly flew over to the Xiao tribe’s people and handed Yue Xiaoqian to Xiao Ling. Then he charged back up the Immortal Condensing Pillar.

“Long Chen, what are you planning on doing? It’s not a good time for you to undergo tribulation. Their terrifying tribulation will affect you!” shouted lord Heaveneye.

“That’s fine. If they want to play, then I’ll accompany them. Let’s see just whose tribulation will be affecting whose!”

Long Chen slapped his hand on the Immortal Condensing Pillar. The entire pillar shattered. In front of everyone’s dumbfounded gazes, Long Chen absorbed all the pillar’s runes into his body.

“Has he gone crazy?!” The seniors felt like their eyes were about to pop out. As long as the Immortal Condensing Pillar’s runes were activated, it would have an effect. However, there had been no record of anyone trying to absorb those runes into their bodies. Who knew what the terrifying consequences would be? This wasn’t any different than suicide!

“Big brother Long Chen is furious.” Xiao Fei clenched his fists.

Xiao Ling helped Yue Xiaoqian into a chair. Although she had managed to snatch her Heavenly Dao rune and truly entered Sea Expansion, she was incredibly weak now.

After absorbing all the Immortal Condensing Pillar’s spirit gathering runes, Long Chen soared into the sky.

“Idiots, I’ll let you see just who the ant is!” Long Chen’s furious roar resounded throughout the sky.


As Long Chen fully activated the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art, the world’s spiritual qi poured toward him. Rumbling came from Long Chen’s body as though shackles had been broken. A terrifying aura soared into the sky.

As Long Chen broke through, the world was silent for a moment. Very soon, the entire Immemorial Path began to quiver as a destructive aura filled the heavens.

“Is this… the end of the world?”

Sensing that destructive aura, people found that no matter where they were, they were under a terrifying pressure. Their bodies involuntarily quivered. Some people had already dug their way into the ground to conceal themselves.

The fury of the heavens desired to destroy this entire world. All the people in the Immemorial Path were terrified. Many of them didn’t know what was going on, but they all knew something horrifying was happening.

Those four figures were still immersed within lightning. At this moment, the lightning around them began to surge as if it had been affected by something. It was no longer steady.

“Heavenly tribulation, don’t make me look down on you. Let me see just how much power you have!” Long Chen released his powerful will as well, one that wished to fight against the Heavenly Daos.

As if hearing Long Chen’s provocation, the heavenly tribulation in the whole Immemorial Path surged toward him. It was absolutely endless. Even those four figures were enveloped by his tribulation.

“Brat, you’re courting death!” shouted one of the four. Those four were wrapped in flames, being surrounded by some kind of formation that made it so they couldn’t move. They could only undergo their tribulations within the flames.

Long Chen’s actions had infuriated them. They considered this a provocation from him, and they were unable to accept such a thing.

“The ones courting death are you,” sneered Long Chen. The tribulation clouds around him grew denser; their scope could no longer be described. They covered the entire world in darkness, and their thickness was over a hundred miles. Long Chen even sensed the surrounding space solidify.

Even like this, Long Chen still wasn’t satisfied. He suddenly took the initiative to charge into the lightning tribulation and punch it.


A terrifying astral wind blew apart the tribulations clouds. Long Chen continued punching, and the condensing tribulation clouds were pulverized by him.

The aboriginals below felt their scalps turn numb. Long Chen had definitely gone crazy. Was he afraid that the heavenly tribulation wouldn’t be strong enough, so he was intentionally provoking it?

Since ancient times, every person revered the heavens. Each time they underwent tribulation, they were careful and respectful. Who dared to take the initiative to attack the heavenly tribulation?

As expected, following Long Chen’s actions, the heavens were enraged. A terrifying destructive will descended, and people were horrified to see cracks appear in the ground. Energy poured out of them and into the tribulation clouds.

All the Immemorial Path’s experts were dumbfounded. Whether it was the eastern, western, southern, northern, or even the central section, they all sensed that terrifying phenomenon.

With all of heaven and earth’s energy gathering, the heavens were blocking any form of mental probing. Other than the closest aboriginals, no one else could see what was happening any longer. All they knew was that something incredibly major was happening inside the Immemorial Path.

Seeing this, lord Heaveneye suddenly ordered everyone to retreat further.

“Lord Heaveneye, if we retreat any further, we won’t be able to see anything at all,” grumbled Xiao Fei. At this distance, they weren’t even able to see Long Chen’s figure anymore. The surrounding Heavenly Dao energy was blocking their line of sight.

“Stop wasting words. Not being able to see Long Chen for now is better than Long Chen never being able to see us ever again. This level of heavenly tribulation is heaven-defying! Whoever wants to live better retreat!” shouted lord Heaveneye.


Just as they were retreating, the void suddenly shook. Endless lightning filled the spot Long Chen was at.

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