Chapter 887 No Matter What Happens, I’m Here

This level of lightning tribulation wasn’t something Long Chen had to dodge. In fact, its power greatly dissatisfied Lei Long. It was like someone about to die from dehydration was only allowed to drink water drop by drop.

But there was no way around that. Long Chen didn’t dare to expose himself during Yue Xiaoqian’s lightning tribulation. The slightest fluctuation might be sensed by the Heavenly Daos.

Time passed bit by bit. They were shocked to see that this tribulation endured for a whole day and night, and the lightning spears only grew stronger. From their original thirty meters, they had grown to three hundred meters each. Each attack was powerful, and the scope had also increased. The aboriginals had no choice but to go further back.

Long Chen was like a mountain the entire time. No matter how strong the tribulation grew, he was still so indifferent. The experts watching were numb now. They felt like all their shock had already been used up.

No one bothered with the monster known as Long Chen. Instead, they just stared at Yue Xiaoqian, who was standing in the air, facing this heavenly tribulation. They wished for her to pass this tribulation. Then they would have borne witness to the birth of a legend.

Long Chen was also watching Yue Xiaoqian closely. The thunderforce was growing even stronger, and Long Chen was no longer able to sense other people’s tribulations. He was completely focused on Yue Xiaoqian.

Suddenly, the lightning spears disappeared. Those tribulation clouds shook, and lightning beasts charged down at Yue Xiaoqian. Each of those lightning beasts was like a small mountain.

“Heavens, what’s going on?!” These aboriginals had never seen lightning tribulation transform like this.

Seeing these lightning beasts, Long Chen’s eyes narrowed. This was the true challenge. Whether Yue Xiaoqian could succeed depended on this moment.

The lightning beasts came in all kinds of forms. Some were birds, some were beasts, and some were even fish. It was a veritable sea of beasts.

Seeing these innumerable lightning beasts charging toward her, Yue Xiaoqian’s heart turned cold. She could feel just how powerful each one of them was. Without her core energy, it didn’t seem like she would be able to defeat them. There were so many of them as to cause despair.

“Don’t be afraid. I’m here. Just do your best and if you can’t hold on, I’ll take action!” Long Chen’s voice rang in her ears. Even at this time, his voice was so calm.

Even she didn’t understand why hearing his voice made her confidence increase by so much.

The runes around Yue Xiaoqian formed a huge figure that stood like a god behind her. Her sword slashed forward.

The illusory figure mimicked her movements. Its terrifying power destroyed the first few lightning beasts, transforming them into lightning runes.

“How powerful!” The aboriginals’ jaws dropped. This endless sea of lightning beasts had made them despair. The power of this tribulation had already surpassed their Foundation Forging tribulations. Who could survive this?

Seeing Yue Xiaoqian kill three of them in one move, they cheered. They saw hope.

But Long Chen didn’t cheer. Instead, he was worried. This magical art was Yue Xiaoqian’s strongest move. She had relied on this move to allow them to escape from the Flame Devil.

She had now condensed her qi sea, however, the power of this figure was weaker than when she had used it before. He estimated that it had around seventy percent of its original power.

If Yue Xiaoqian could use her core energy, handling these lightning beasts wouldn’t have been too difficult. But her core energy was exhausted and couldn’t be recovered here. Even if her core energy had been present, she wouldn’t have dared to undergo tribulation in this world, because she wouldn’t have been able to conceal her core energy under the heavenly tribulation.

Right now, Yue Xiaoqian only possessed seventy percent of her peak combat power. Thus, these lightning beasts posed a deadly threat to her.

Yue Xiaoqian’s sword danced, and the lightning beasts were killed one by one, unable to stop her sword.

However, their number only continued to increase. Yue Xiaoqian was in a crisis now, being completely submerged by a sea of lightning beasts.


Suddenly, Yue Xiaoqian’s sword pointed toward the sky. Countless ripples flowed out of its tip, forcing back the closest lightning beasts. She used that opportunity to escape their enclosure and continue killing.

But there were still too many of them. Yue Xiaoqian was quickly surrounded once more, and she had no choice but to release her magical art again.

Fortunately, having condensed her initial sea, she had plenty of spiritual yuan. Otherwise, doing this twice would have completely exhausted her energy.

Although it was extremely dangerous, Yue Xiaoqian managed to ensure that she wouldn’t be defeated. She went all-out killing these lightning beasts.

Seeing her sweat as she struggled against these beasts made Long Chen’s heart ache, but unless it reached the point of no return, he didn’t dare interfere.

Although his own cultivation base hadn’t reached that realm yet, he was aware of the conventional cultivation path. Once a cultivator broke through to Sea Expansion and condensed their initial sea, it would bring down the baptism of heavenly tribulation. This was a trial and also a law.

Only through the trial of the heavenly tribulation would the initial sea be accepted by the Heavenly Daos and become the true qi sea.

If it wasn’t able to accept the baptism of heavenly tribulation, the initial sea wouldn’t have the world’s approval and would quickly evaporate. Yue Xiaoqian would once more fall back to the Xiantian realm, and it wasn’t as easy as simply trying again. It would be many, many times more difficult for her to advance again.

So unless Yue Xiaoqian was on the verge of losing her life, he wouldn’t interfere. He could only watch anxiously. There were many times where Yue Xiaoqian was sent flying by a lightning beast and coughed up blood that he wanted to charge forward, but his rationality suppressed that urge.

However, one thing comforted Long Chen. Although there was a sea of lightning beasts in the air now, there were no longer any new lightning beasts coming down from the sky.

“Xiaoqian, there are only going to be this many lightning beasts! Once you kill them all, you’ll pass!” encouraged Long Chen.

Yue Xiaoqian finally had a target. Her morale surged, and she continued using her magical arts to kill the lightning beasts.

This battle took a long time. Over half a day, the lightning beasts’ numbers fell. The last one was finally killed by Yue Xiaoqian.


Everyone cheered when the last one was killed, but their cheering was quickly cut short by a heaven-shaking roar.

A huge, mile-long lightning beast descended from the sky. Its lightning runes were glaringly bright, making it look like the sun.

“What?!” Even lord Heaveneye’s expression changed. This lightning beast’s aura was too terrifying.

Despair appeared in Yue Xiaoqian’s eyes. The intensity of this lightning tribulation was abnormal. It was endless, and it refused to allow her to live.

As she examined the huge lightning beast, she suddenly looked at herself and bitterly smiled. “Long Chen, I thought I was smart, but I think I’ve been sensed by the Heavenly Daos.”

When this lightning beast appeared, Yue Xiaoqian felt her exhausted core energy release a slight but strange fluctuation. That made her guess that tricking the Heavenly Daos wasn’t as easy as she had thought.

“Don’t be afraid. Our plan won’t fail. It’s just a slight change. I have plenty of experience with handling this kind of lightning beast, and I’ll tell you its weak points…” shouted Long Chen.

Long Chen had fought against lightning for so long now, especially tribulation lightning. He was an expert in this, and he had also seen all kinds of lightning beasts. His knowledge in this aspect was enough to compile an encyclopedia.

Most importantly, this lightning beast was one he had personally seen before. It was a huge scorpion with a long tail. Where its pincers were supposed to be were a pair of huge claws.

This was what had appeared in the end during his Meridian Opening tribulation. Although their size was completely different, their shape was the exact same. They were clearly one breed.

At that time, he had almost died to it. It was only with Lei Long’s help that he had managed to defeat it in the end. Once he had defeated it, the primal chaos space had allowed him to seal it so that Lei Long could refine it, and that was what had allowed his lightning serpent to transform into a lightning python.

Yue Xiaoqian charged toward the lightning scorpion. She appeared above it, and it instinctively charged up. But as soon as it did, Yue Xiaoqian stopped. The scorpion’s stomach was wide open to her.

“Devil Heart Pierce!”

Yue Xiaoqian’s sword stabbed forward, but it landed on nothing.

At first, people were startled. But then the huge figure behind Yue Xiaoqian also stabbed its sword forward, striking a certain glowing part of the lightning scorpion’s abdomen.

BOOM! In front of everyone’s wide-open eyes, that incredibly powerful scorpion shattered into pieces from one attack.

“Hahaha, success!”

Everyone cheered. The tribulation clouds slowly condensed, forming a huge rune.

This was the last step. This rune represented the approval of the Heavenly Daos. As long as Yue Xiaoqian absorbed this rune, her initial sea would become completely stable, and she would become a true Sea Expansion expert.

Just as Yue Xiaoqian was full of joy and preparing to accept this rune, rumbling filled the entire Immemorial Path. Every Sea Expansion expert present couldn’t help but vomit a mouthful of blood as a terrifying shockwave struck them.

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