Chapter 886 Lightning Tribulation Begins

“What a terrifying aura! This pressure is on the same level as when we advanced to Foundation Forging!” cried the tribe leaders. This pressure made them think of how they had narrowly managed to survive their own Foundation Forging tribulations.

The tribulation clouds turned the world dark. The center of the tribulation clouds was over Yue Xiaoqian, and it was constantly revolving.

As the tribulation clouds revolved, energy condensed within them. The pressure was growing stronger and stronger. Some of the Sea Expansion experts even found it hard to breathe.

They had also survived their Sea Expansion tribulations, and the majority of them had already reached the mid Sea Expansion realm. But such a terrifying heavenly tribulation still made them tremble.

“Heavens, what is Long Chen doing?! Why isn’t he activating the Immortal Condensing Pillar’s barrier to block the lightning? Does he not know how to?!” The Stone tribe’s experts saw that Long Chen was now standing on his pillar with his hands clasped behind his back. He was completely ignoring this terrifying tribulation.

“Long Chen, quickly activate the barrier! Otherwise, you’ll be struck by lightning and killed!” shouted one of the men from the Stone tribe that Long Chen had drunk with.

As soon as he shouted, Shi Cang slapped him on the back of his head. “What are you spouting at this time? To say that he’ll die during tribulation, are you cursing him?”

Tribulation was already a dangerous situation. To say that someone would die during it was a curse.

“Stop shouting. The place Long Chen is at is within the heavenly tribulation. He can’t hear your voice over the heavens’ pressure,” said the Stone tribe’s leader.

The rumbling suddenly reached a peak, shaking heaven and earth, before suddenly becoming silent. Then a torrent of lightning crashed down.

This torrent of lightning horrified all the aboriginals, as it was completely different from when they underwent tribulation. This was no ordinary thunderforce. Each drop of lightning was a lightning rune, and when they crashed to the ground, smoke would come out and the ground would be charred.

The heavenly tribulation was supposed to be the weakest at the beginning. But even now that they had advanced to Sea Expansion, they wouldn’t be able to last an incense stick’s worth of time against this tribulation before dying.

This terrifying torrent of lightning was just the first wave of Yue Xiaoqian’s tribulation. All their hearts sank in worry. A destructive aura filled the air.

Yue Xiaoqian stood in the air. A faint layer of light shone over her body. The lightning was blocked by that barrier, unable to harm her.

That caused everyone to sigh with relief. If she was panicked at the first wave of lightning, then she would definitely fail in the end. That was something none of them wanted to see.

Now that they saw Yue Xiaoqian was easily blocking this torrent of lightning, they looked toward Long Chen.

“What?!” Everyone was startled to see Long Chen directly allow the tempest of lightning to land on his body. He seemed incredibly relaxed and indifferent.

“Monster!” Even the Foundation Forging experts were shocked. Perhaps this lightning wouldn’t be able to cause much damage to them, but they couldn’t just allow the lightning to land on them forever without being injured.

Long Chen bathed in the lightning. This little bit of thunderforce was no different from ordinary rain to him. In fact, it was Lei Long that was growing uneasy, wanting to charge out. It was like a hungry beast that had encountered a fat sheep.

But Long Chen didn’t allow it to run amok. That would affect Yue Xiaoqian’s tribulation, and he didn’t dare to cause any ripples in case the tribulation noticed him. So he simply allowed the lightning to fall on him as a taste for Lei Long.

This thunderforce wasn’t enough food to even get stuck between Lei Long’s teeth. It became more and more uneasy, but Long Chen refused to release it.

However, Long Chen said that he would allow it to eat its fill soon. Only then did it calm back down.

Bathed in the lightning, Long Chen suddenly sensed many other auras through the tribulation. The countless experts in the Immemorial Path were undergoing tribulation.

Because they were all undergoing tribulation at the same time, Long Chen sensed several familiar auras. But he couldn't determine their exact location. He could only vaguely sense the power of their tribulations.

He sensed Xue You, Yu Changhao, and Huang Junmo’s auras. They were also undergoing tribulation, and the intensity of it was not weaker than Yue Xiaoqian’s.

That startled Long Chen. It seemed they had also run into their own fortuitous encounters. The existence known as karmic luck was too difficult to describe.

The most startling thing was that he sensed other unfamiliar auras whose tribulations were just as strong as Xue You and the others. It seemed he had underestimated the other experts. Many of them were low-key and waiting patiently.

Their light had been drowned out by the light of others. But most importantly, they intentionally concealed their power. This way, they wouldn’t be noticed as easily as other experts, and they could grow easier. But now that they were undergoing tribulation, they had revealed their fangs.

He sensed quite a few extremely powerful tribulations. This meant that the Eastern Wasteland had actually been hiding several powerful experts. It was just unknown what kind of people they were.

The lightning rain continued for over two hours before buzzing filled the air. The rain grew more and more concentrated, more and more powerful, in the end becoming huge beads the size of fists that mercilessly smashed down.

The experts watching all felt a chill. These lightning beads were like cannonballs shooting from the sky. If they allowed just one to land on their bodies, then even Sea Expansion experts would be at least heavily injured upon being struck, if not killed outright.

The light barrier around Yue Xiaoqian’s body was becoming unsteady under the attack of the lightning beads. She clearly didn’t have it as easy as before. But that light barrier didn’t shatter, so she was still out of danger.

Looking at Long Chen, the others were speechless. He was still standing there like he didn’t even sense the lightning beads smashing into his body.

“Big brother Long Chen is amazing! He can ignore such terrifying lightning!” Xiao Fei’s eyes were full of worship as he stared at Long Chen.

In all the Xiao tribe’s experts’ eyes, Long Chen was a true king. Perhaps only they knew just how strong and domineering Long Chen was.

The tribulation clouds suddenly changed once more. They had originally been static, but now they began to revolve. As they revolved, the lightning beads disappeared. Spears of lightning began shooting down from the sky.

“The true heavenly tribulation starts now!”

Each of the lightning spears was thirty meters long and contained a fierce, destructive aura. They could kill any of the Sea Expansion experts watching.

Yue Xiaoqian’s expression finally turned grave. She formed hand seals, and her Heavenly Dao runes wrapped around her. She no longer passively defended, but began launching attacks.

Some of her three-colored Heavenly Dao runes formed a thirty-meter barrier around her, while the rest formed thousands of flying swords that attacked the lightning spears.

When the lightning spears and flying swords clashed, they instantly exploded. But each destroyed lightning spear was replaced with another.

As for Yue Xiaoqian, when her runic flying swords were destroyed, she drew out more of the Heavenly Dao runes’ energy to form new swords. An awe-inspiring clash of swords and spears took place in the sky.

The lightning spears were like rain crashing toward the earth. But Yue Xiaoqian was able to fight against them. Her initial sea had already formed, so the qi sea in her Dantian had grown by a thousand times. This was the most terrifying part of Sea Expansion.

Compared to before, she had a thousand times more spiritual qi. This immense consumption was nothing for her.

Seeing that Yue Xiaoqian was still able to hold on under such a terrifying tribulation, the others were full of praise. They hoped to personally see a supreme genius with a qi sea of three thousand miles pass her tribulation.

They no longer felt the slightest dissatisfaction at being summoned by lord Heaveneye. Just being able to see such a shocking tribulation was worth it. Feeling this terrifying pressure and will was a valuable experience for them. It would be helpful to their own future tribulations.


Suddenly, one of the Stone race’s women let out a startled cry. Previously, everyone had been focused on Yue Xiaoqian. But now that they looked toward Long Chen, they jumped in shock. 

Long Chen was still completely at ease. That woman had just seen a lightning spear crash onto Long Chen’s body, so she hadn’t been able to hold back her startled cry.

Everyone’s gazes turned to Long Chen. Personally seeing a lightning spear explode upon striking Long Chen, their eyes almost popped out. That calm expression of his caused their hearts to pound.

“That’s way too monstrous!”

Quite a few people gulped. This was no ordinary thunderforce, but the nine heavens’ tribulation thunderforce!

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