Chapter 883 Spiritual Qi Eruption (Teaser)

“Guo Ran?”

Long Chen had never expected that the person looking for him was Guo Ran.

Within the Stone tribe’s territory, Guo Ran was surrounded by a dozen experts. They only let him go with Long Chen when they saw that Long Chen knew him.

“Haha, boss, I’ve been looking for you for a long time now, but to think that you ended up with the aboriginals! Junior brother’s reverence is like torrential water…” Guo Ran was amazed to see Long Chen had muddled his way into the aboriginals’ side so peacefully.

“Can you stop with the useless words?” said Long Chen. This brat was becoming more and more of a suck-up.

Seeing Guo Ran’s mischievous smile, Yue Xiaoqian couldn’t help but laugh. The two of them really were alike. It was just that it was unknown who had infected who.

“Wow boss, you were so fast in catching another-”

Long Chen grabbed Guo Ran’s throat, and just like that, dragged him into the tent. This brat had no handle on his mouth, and who knew what he would say in a moment.

“Boss, you almost strangled me to death! Cough, cough…” grumbled Guo Ran....

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