Chapter 882 Checking the Spoils

Shi Cang brought Long Chen to see the Stone tribe’s leader. Long Chen was startled to see that he was a Foundation Forging expert.

In terms of appearance, he seemed to be the same age as Shi Cang, and only later did Long Chen learn that he was Shi Cang’s grandfather. He didn’t seem to find it too strange for Long Chen and Yue Xiaoqian to arrive here. He was very cordial.

He directly set up a new tent for Long Chen and Yue Xiaoqian, as well as setting up guards so that they could heal in peace. He even offered them their Stone tribe’s most precious medicinal pills.

But naturally, those medicinal pills were refused. They were too lacking, and Long Chen couldn’t even force himself to eat them. He simply said that he had his own pills before going into seclusion with Yue Xiaoqian.

This time, it took him a long time to recover. Long Chen only came out of seclusion after half a month. His spiritual yuan had finally begun to recover.

It was like starting a fire. The first requirement was a flame seed. When the spiritual yuan was completely exhausted, the flame seed was also extinguished. To recover, the flame seed had to be reignited in order to recover more spiritual yuan. Igniting the flame seed of his spiritual yuan took him half a month. The price for completely exhausting one’s spiritual yuan was a heavy one.

Yue Xiaoqian was still sitting. While in seclusion, she wasn’t wearing her veil. Her beautiful face that was both holy and bewitching was fully revealed to him. That was a kind of soul-stealing beauty that would make it so a person couldn’t extricate themselves from it.

After staring at her for a while, Long Chen suddenly realized he was breathing faster, and a strong desire had appeared. He had an urge to kiss her.

“Stay calm, stay calm, stay calm. Important things have to be said three times. The meat will sooner or later be cooked in the pot. It won’t run away, so don’t rush things.” With supreme willpower, Long Chen turned away from Yue Xiaoqian to avoid losing control. It was too difficult to control himself around her.

“Let’s check the spoils.” To distract himself, Long Chen looked inside his spiritual space. “Damn, am I seeing things? There’s this many?”

Long Chen almost jumped. His spiritual space was filled with various Treasure items. They were piled into a small mountain. There were probably no less than a thousand of them.

Furthermore, hundreds of spatial rings could be seen piled up beside the Treasure items. 

“While you killed people, I’d be embarrassed to just do nothing, so I helped you gather some of this junk. It’ll cancel out the karma of absorbing their Spiritual Strength,” said the Eastern Wasteland Bell.

“Senior, how much have you recovered?” Long Chen was delighted. He wanted to know just how much the Eastern Wasteland Bell had recovered so he could decide when to use it.

“How much have I recovered? Hehe, you don’t need to play such a game with me. The injuries I’ve suffered are not something you can imagine. My body is incomplete, and this little Spiritual Strength is only able to nourish my soul. To recover, I need to find the other pieces of my body,” said the Eastern Wasteland Bell.

“Where are the other parts of your body? Do you need me to help you?” asked Long Chen courteously.

“Hehe, you want me to owe you another favor? Little fellow, give up on that thought. Your fate is different from others. Even if it’s to get rid of karma, each time I help you will still cause you to bear the Heavenly Daos’ karma. You can’t rely on anyone in this life. You can only rely on yourself. To put it in the manner of the secular world, if you lean on a mountain, the mountain will collapse; if you lean on water, the water will dry up.”

“What the fuck? Why does it feel like I’m an unlucky star?” Long Chen was speechless.

“That’s not the case. All you need to know is that your cultivation path is different from everyone else’s. You’ll need to work for whatever you have,” said the Eastern Wasteland Bell. Suddenly, it shut its mouth. It must have felt that it had touched upon some taboo.

“Fine, I feel like power is more reliable than luck anyways. Ah, senior, are there any good Treasure items amongst this pile? Can you help me pick some?” asked Long Chen.

“They’re all trash. What is there to pick?” said the Eastern Wasteland Bell.

“No, please don’t look at them from your height. I need to know which one of these are top grade and which are trash,” said Long Chen.

“Treasure items are split into low, middle, high, and top grade. You already have two top grade Treasure items. One of them is that sword, Flying Rainbow. The other one is your blood-colored saber. As for that saber of yours, it should have been forged by an ancient craftsman. It’s much better than average, and its innate quality has also received an upgrade. It’s not bad,” said the Eastern Wasteland Bell.

Long Chen hastily took out Flying Rainbow and Blooddrinker from the primal chaos space. He asked, “Senior, can you tell me more about them?”

“Me? Are you treating me as some ordinary craftsman?” said the Eastern Wasteland Bell with irritation. But although it was dissatisfied, it still said, “Flying Rainbow’s quality is not bad. The forging technique that went into it was a bit lacking, but because an expert once used their own Sword Dao to create its spirit, it contains a trace of the Sword Dao’s will. However, you aren’t a sword cultivator, and you can’t receive its approval. So it’s fated that it can’t become your companion. You should find a better master for it.”

Long Chen thought to himself that there would be no better master for it than Yue Zifeng. Originally, his plan had already been to give it to him.

“As for your blood-colored saber, its item-spirit has been injured. No wonder its power is low. Oh, it actually absorbed Phoenix Blood Black Gold and is still digesting its essence? Long Chen, you have Phoenix Blood Black Gold?” asked the Eastern Wasteland Bell.

“Yes, I do. If you need it, you can take it. But there are only some broken down pieces now,” said Long Chen.

Long Chen saw that the Phoenix Blood Black Gold ore he had obtained was already fractured. It was now broken down, and he assumed there wasn’t much use to it any longer.

“Let me see it,” said the Eastern Wasteland Bell a bit urgently.

Long Chen took out a piece of the Phoenix Blood Black Gold out of the primal chaos space. The Eastern Wasteland Bell scanned the ore and was shocked. “It actually contains the divine phoenix’s essence blood, and from a pure-blooded descendant of the divine phoenix at that. This is very helpful to me.”

Hearing that the Eastern Wasteland Bell wanted it, Long Chen brought all the Phoenix Blood Black Gold out of his primal chaos space.

Seeing more and more ore entering the spiritual space, the Eastern Wasteland Bell couldn’t help but say, “Long Chen, this ore is very important to me. However…”

“However, your conditions don’t change. You can only help me once,” said Long Chen.

“Yes. If you feel like you’re on the losing side…”

“It’s fine. I’m not so stingy. Blooddrinker has already said that it doesn’t need this ore. It’s useless to me. If you didn’t want it, I’d have to just throw it away,” said Long Chen. He truly didn’t have a  use for it, as he didn’t have the time or energy to go smelt the ore for its essence.

The Eastern Wasteland Bell was a bit embarrassed. After all, its status was extremely high. But it had its own difficulties and couldn’t help Long Chen too much.

After obtaining the Phoenix Blood Black Gold, the Eastern Wasteland Bell felt bad not helping Long Chen more. Hence, it helped Long Chen divide the Treasure items into grades. Long Chen was disappointed to see that many of the Treasures items he had obtained were just low grade.

He had obtained 1187 Treasure items in total when including the ones from the coffins and the ones from people he had killed. 1045 of them were only low grade. That caused his excitement to diminish.

But then when he thought about it, he laughed involuntarily. He had been too greedy. After all, those were Treasure items, not cabbages. When he thought about it, just how many Treasure items had been in the Xuantian Dao Sect’s treasury? A person should know when to be satisfied.

There were 107 middle grade Treasure items. Middle grade Treasure items had higher level item-spirits. They had a certain level of intelligence, and thus wouldn’t be as foolish as low grade Treasure items. They could help their masters release even greater power.

There were 35 high grade Treasure items. Two of them were the pagoda and the bracelet he had swindled out of Huang Junmo.

Long Chen’s guess was that Huang Junmo definitely hadn’t known the true power of these two Treasure items. He had just felt them to be not bad, but hadn’t known their true value. If it weren’t for the Eastern Wasteland Bell, Long Chen also wouldn’t have been able to distinguish their value.

High grade treasure items had even more intelligent item-spirits. But such Treasure items required their masters to use Spiritual Strength to nourish them and form a bond of trust. They would form contracts with their owners, with each side dependant on the other. With the two sides working together, they could release the greatest power.

The Eastern Wasteland Bell explained that Blooddrinker was originally a peak grade Treasure item. Its quality was extremely high, and the craftsmanship that went into it could not be criticized. Most importantly, having absorbed some of the Phoenix Blood Black Gold’s energy, its quality had greatly increased.

It was just that its item-spirit had once been injured, so Long Chen needed to nourish it with his own soul. It gave Long Chen an item-nourishing technique. That delighted Long Chen. The Eastern Wasteland Bell was so picky, so whatever it transmitted to him was definitely a priceless treasure. This nourishing technique was incredibly refined, and he had never heard of it before.

Furthermore, the Eastern Wasteland Bell hadn’t said that he couldn’t transmit this technique to others. He planned on transmitting this secret art to everyone by his side. That way, they could quickly control Treasure items as well.

Regretfully, Yue Xiaoqian was from the original devil race. Their weapons were different from his world’s. She couldn’t bring out these Treasure items’ power, which was why they were all in Long Chen’s hands.

Half a day later, Yue Xiaoqian also awoke. She had managed to activate her Heavenly Dao energy and begun to recover her spiritual yuan. However, she had completely exhausted her core energy, and it was impossible for her core energy to recover in this world. She had to return to the Skyscraping World for that.

Seeing Long Chen look at her with distress, she smiled and comforted him, saying that it was a good thing. Without the slightest bit of the original devil race’s energy, she could undergo tribulation in the Immemorial Path and receive its lightning baptism.

Countless people were waiting for the spiritual qi eruption right now. That would give them a perfect foundation for Sea Expansion and allow them to walk further on their cultivation path. Many people even thought that the secret to becoming a god or immortal lay in this heavenly tribulation.

Originally, Yue Xiaoqian had no intention of undergoing that tribulation. But because Long Chen had given her a Heavenly Dao Fruit, she could enjoy that special treatment. She was also preparing to tell her clansmen to find ways to exhaust their own core energy so that they could undergo their tribulations as well.

“Brother Long Chen, there’s someone looking for you,” a person called out from outside the tent.

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