Chapter 881 Stone Tribe

Seeing those people, Yue Xiaoqian’s face paled, but Long Chen became ecstatic. Yue Xiaoqian didn’t know about his relationship with the Xiao tribe.

“Here!” Long Chen tossed out a jade plate to the person who seemed to be the leader of this aboriginal group. Although that person’s aura was retracted, the pressure coming from him was extremely strong. He was definitely an expert amongst experts.

That person was startled and caught the jade plate. Once he looked at it, his expression changed slightly, and he waved his hand at the people behind him.

“Kill them!” Following his shout, those experts charged forward at Long Chen and Yue Xiaoqian. Illusory seas appeared behind them. They were all Sea Expansion Celestials.

“Fuck, did that old man trick me?!” Long Chen was startled to see these people charging at them. He pushed Yue Xiaoqian behind him and raised his sword at them.

But those aboriginals shot past Long Chen. They launched a fierce attack on Xue You and the others.

When those aboriginals had first appeared, Xue You and the others had paused, thinking that the aboriginals would kill Long Chen. But the aboriginals actually ignored him.

“Fall back!” Xue You couldn’t raise his head to see what was going on, but he quickly realized the situation had turned sour. They only had a hundred people here. In the face of dozens of Sea Expansion Celestials, they wouldn’t stand a chance. Most importantly, he and Yu Changhao were so heavily injured that they really might be killed.

However, they had still underestimated the viciousness of the aboriginals. Although they had fled quickly, the aboriginals didn’t let them off. They chased after them, and in just the first clash, over ten of their experts were killed by them.

This was the aboriginals’ territory. There was no Heavenly Dao suppression here. Their power was at its peak state, and facing invaders, they would naturally kill them with their full force.

Seeing Xue You and the others fleeing miserably, Long Chen and Yue Xiaoqian were no longer able to endure. Long Chen quickly took out a seat for Yue Xiaoqian.

Then he sat straight on the ground, gasping for breath. This had been too dangerous. He had almost fallen into their hands.

“You should be Long Chen, correct?” The leader of this group of aboriginals walked over. He appeared to be in his forties. He had a square nose and appeared dignified, the kind of person who didn’t speak much.

“Yes, I’m Long Chen. A senior told me that as long as I took out this tablet, you would help me,” said Long Chen.

“Correct. This is lord Heaveneye’s token of trust. Furthermore, lord Heaveneye told us to look after whoever showed this jade plate. Even if our entire tribe were to be destroyed, we had to do anything to help you,” said that man. He actually offered Long Chen the jade plate with both hands extremely respectfully.

Long Chen hastily tried to get up to receive it, but he was just too tired. The fact he wasn’t lying on the ground was already not bad. He had no energy to stand, so he could only awkwardly receive the tablet with both hands.

“Senior, why would lord Heaveneye look after me so much? Furthermore, just what status does he have for you to put your tribes on the line with just his word?” asked Long Chen. He was extremely curious about that old man’s status.

The man smiled slightly. “Lord Heaveneye is the guide of all aboriginals. In our eyes, he is like a god. We naturally have to listen to his words.”

Just as they were talking, the aboriginals that had charged at Xue You and the others came back. They were holding quite a few weapons that were covered in blood.

“Um, did you manage to kill those two pieces of barbeque- cough, I mean those two people that looked like they were charcoal?” asked Long Chen.

One of them glanced at the middle-aged man, and seeing him nod, he said, “No. They fled too quickly, and they had quite a few experts amongst them. Even here, we didn’t have a guarantee to capture them. They quickly escaped into the cursed region, so we didn’t dare to chase.”

“Regretful. Let me tell you, those two fellows are the fattest sheep. Under that charred layer, their entire bodies are good meat.” Long Chen slapped his leg in pity.

Yue Xiaoqian felt like she was dreaming. How did Long Chen know the aboriginals?

“Then that really is regretful.” Those aboriginals all felt some regret. They urgently needed the invaders’ resources, especially their medicinal pills and weapons.

“But that’s also fine. Since you’ve saved me, I naturally won’t let you work for nothing…” comforted Long Chen.

“Long Chen, we helped you because of lord Heaveneye. We don’t want your money. Are you looking down on us?” said the middle-aged man frostily.

“Hahaha, good, good. Then I won’t stand on courtesy. Can we stay here for a bit to recover…?” probed Long Chen.

After all, their spiritual yuan was exhausted. This kind of state was the worst to be in. Even if they had less than half their spiritual yuan, they could have fully recovered it in just a few days. But now that they were fully exhausted, it was like their bodies had entered a state of quasi death. They needed a long time to fully recover. It was an extremely troublesome matter, which was why cultivators wouldn’t use their final bit of power unless they had to.

“You’re welcome to come and rest in the tribe.” The middle-aged man nodded. He was actually extremely curious why lord Heaveneye would care for this Long Chen, an invader.

Long Chen and Yue Xiaoqian swallowed a qi recovery pill. An hour later, they finally felt like they could walk, and they went with the aboriginals to their ancestral land.

But this time, Long Chen wasn’t forced to wear a blindfold. After a few short-distance transportation formations, they arrived in a desert.

They continued through the desert. Because Long Chen and Yue Xiaoqian had exhausted all their spiritual yuan, they couldn’t fly. Furthermore, Yue Xiaoqian was a woman. It wouldn’t be good for her to be carried by others. So everyone could only walk.

“May I ask senior’s name?” Long Chen finally broke the silence.

“I wouldn’t dare to be called senior by you. I am Shi Cang, a member of the Stone tribe. All of us are surnamed Shi[1],” said the middle-aged man.

“No wonder you don’t like to talk,” laughed Long Chen.

“Long Chen…” Yue Xiaoqian lightly hit Long Chen, meaning not to make jokes at their expense when they weren’t friends.

“It’s fine. Our Stone tribe’s people really are a bit taciturn,” said Shi Cang frankly.

Long Chen smiled. “I haven’t come into contact with the Stone tribe before, but I did stay with the Xiao tribe for a while. I feel like we aren’t outsiders anymore. Furthermore, you’ve saved my life, so there’s no need to stand on courtesy.”

The Stone tribe’s experts nodded inside. Their people didn’t like speaking that much, and the words they did speak were always direct and to the point. Their character was just like that, and although they didn’t dare to go against lord Heaveneye’s orders, they still didn’t feel very kindly toward Long Chen. After all, he was an invader.

But Long Chen had been speaking sincerely and naturally from the start as if they weren’t strangers. That made them feel more comfortable toward him.

“Big brother Long Chen…” said one man.

“No, I’m not older than you. You can just call me brother.” Long Chen hastily waved his hand. He wasn’t so old that someone who appeared to be in his thirties could call him big brother. Was he trying to make him seem old on purpose?

“Okay, brother Long Chen. Why were those people chasing you?” asked this person. But as soon as he did, he saw Shi Cang glare at him, and he realized he had misspoken.

Long Chen laughed, and being a bit taller than that person, he wrapped his arm around his shoulder. “Hahaha, just talking about it is infuriating. One of them is my mortal enemy, while the other? He was just trying to be a poser and trample me to death to prove how badass he was. Brother, tell me, if you were me, what would you do?”

“What else could I do? Just beat them to death!”

“Exactly! That’s exactly what I did. So they ended up turning into barbeque. But we weren’t much better off than them. Those two brats couldn’t beat me, so they called over a group of little brothers to handle me. If it weren’t for you, I would have died,” laughed Long Chen.

His coarse words caused the Stone tribe’s experts to smile slightly. They liked this kind of speaking method. It was direct and blunt. Of course, Long Chen also could tell that the Stone tribe’s people were like that, which was why he spoke this way.

Yue Xiaoqian was a bit speechless. She was skilled in observation, and she could tell with just a few words and gestures from Long Chen, the aboriginals’ wariness toward him had dropped a great deal. They began to talk and joke with him.

In just an hour, Long Chen had begun chatting to them like they were old friends. It seemed Long Chen’s face-reading ability was truly effective. The Stone tribe’s people were a bunch of direct men just like him.

“Hahaha, brother Long Chen, you really are refreshing and to my taste. Once we get back, let’s have a proper drink together,” laughed one of the aboriginals. The Stone tribe’s people were already treating him as a brother.

Shi Cang frowned. “Long Chen has exhausted his spiritual yuan. He needs to rest. You guys shouldn’t disturb him.”

“I, I forgot. Alright, then we’ll wait until brother Long Chen is recovered before drinking.”

“Long Chen, those two charcoal people should be very strong, correct?” asked Shi Cang. This was his first time asking Long Chen a question. Perhaps he felt Long Chen was frank and straightforward enough that he could put down his misgivings.

“Yes, they truly are powerful. Their breeding was good, and they are two innate rank three Celestials with ancestral bloodline inheritances. Even amongst innate rank three Celestials, they are peak figures,” said Long Chen.

Previously, Long Chen had been able to dominate anyone in the same realm. But now, he was starting to feel like freaks were surrounding him. It was getting more and more taxing to fight them. Now he couldn’t even beat them.

But the others were deathly silent. All of them looked at Long Chen with shock. They clearly knew just how powerful innate rank three Celestials were.

“We’ve arrived. I’ll bring you to see the tribe leader.”

An oasis appeared in the desert. There was a string of tents within the oasis.

[1] Shi=stone

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