Chapter 879 Flame Devil Breaks the Seal

A blood-colored light soared into the clouds. A saber appeared in Long Chen’s hands. Runes revolved around the saber like blood, and a powerful pressure caused heaven and earth to change color.

“Blooddrinker, you’ve finally recovered. We can finally fight together again!” At this critical moment, Blooddrinker had come out of its seclusion. The current Blooddrinker was not like the old Blooddrinker. A fierce sharpness came out of it.

Long Chen raised Blooddrinker to the sky. A pillar of light soared, shaking the heavens. Within that light pillar was a huge saber-image. Countless blood-colored runes circulated within the saber-image, and what sounded like the roaring of millions of beasts rang out. The sky turned dim in comparison.

Long Chen could feel a closer connection to Blooddrinker now that it had recovered. He could now sense its emotions more clearly.

His energy poured into Blooddrinker without reservation. Blooddrinker rumbled, resonating with heaven and earth. It was like the void could not allow its existence.

“Split the Heavens 2!” The huge saber-image in the sky rushed down, looking like it could split the river of stars. It was so imposing that it seemed like nothing could stop it.


In front of everyone’s horrified gazes, Long Chen’s attack collided with their bone claw and huge arrow. Countless cracks appeared in the air. The void was tearing because of their powers.

The ground crumbled as a terrifying qi wave engulfed the world. The mountain beneath them was instantly blown to smithereens, and countless coffins shot out.

“Quick, run!” Suddenly, one person shouted. Those experts outside the barrier were all appalled and fled.

The barrier exploded as the coffins shot out. Some experts were struck and killed by those flying coffins. Ditches appeared wherever they went, some spreading even tens of thousands of miles.

The mountain had been razed, the barrier had shattered, even the formations were destroyed. The only thing remaining where the mountain had been was a huge hole.

It was unknown how many of those distant spectators were still alive. In any case, they were buried by dirt. It would take them a while to dig their way out.


Yue Xiaoqian was covering her head. That attack had been too terrifying. The only thing she had been able to do had been to use her core energy to protect herself. In order to conceal it, she had used her hands to cover her face. She had just shot her way out of the dirt when she heard Long Chen’s laughter.

Long Chen was standing in the sky. His clothes were in tatters, and he was covered in blood. He appeared wretched, but with his blood-colored saber resting on his shoulder, he appeared grand and heroic.

A hundred miles from him, Xue You and Yu Changhao were lying on the ground, looking at him with shock. They had lost in that exchange.

With Blooddrinker resting on his shoulder, Long Chen soaked in that feeling he hadn’t felt in a long time. Now Blooddrinker was much stronger, but he wasn’t strong enough. Otherwise, that attack would have directly killed the two of them.

The most delightful thing to Long Chen was that after absorbing all that Phoenix Blood Black Gold, Blooddrinker’s weight had soared to a terrifying thirty million pounds. In other words, it had reached the immortal era’s one hundred catties.

This weight was still a bit too much for Long Chen. Otherwise, his attack just now would have been even stronger. But this was a good thing. He was about to advance to Sea Expansion, and his Enlightenment Palace Star was about to reach full satisfaction. At that time, Blooddrinker’s weight would be perfect for him.


Just as Long Chen was lost in his delight, countless runes flew out of the ground, forming the top of a huge cage in the air. At the same time, a horrifying pressure descended upon the world, causing Long Chen to jump.

He hastily looked at Xue You and Yu Changhao and saw they were also shocked. They had all used up their energy. No one could release such a horrifying pressure now.

The buzzing grew more intense. The ground in a three thousand mile diameter suddenly bulged. Countless cracks appeared in the cage.

“Not good! Long Chen, run! There’s a terrifying existence sealed underground! Your battle just now probably broke part of its seal, and it’s about to break out!” shouted Yue Xiaoqian. Wings appeared on her back, and she flew toward Long Chen then pulled him far into the distance. They couldn’t bother with killing Xue You and Yu Changhao at this moment.

Xue You and Yu Changhao’s expressions changed. That horrifying pressure only continued to grow, and they felt a chill down to their bones. That pressure clearly contained a fatal threat.

The two of them pulled out the last of their strength to fly into the distance. But at that moment, the cage above them shattered.

The ground exploded. The four of them immediately sensed space caving in. They suddenly found they were unable to fly away.

A furious roar suddenly shook the land. It was like thunder in their ears. A huge, blazing figure broke out of the ground.

That figure was three hundred meters tall. It appeared to be an ape, but its face was twisted. Its eyes were like lanterns, and its entire body was covered in flame runes.

“It’s a Flame Devil!” shouted Yue Xiaoqian.

The Flame Devil roared and its runes exploded. With it at the center, everything within three hundred miles was engulfed in a sea of flames.

Long Chen was startled and hastily summoned his merged flame to form layers of defense. At the same time, they continued fleeing.

“AHH!” Long Chen and Yue Xiaoqian were fleeing when they heard Yu Changhao and Xue You’s miserable screaming. The two of them were being roasted now. They only lacked some cumin and hot pepper.

Long Chen couldn’t be bothered to look at them. He suddenly found that his merged flame was fundamentally unable to block this flame’s attack. It was being burnt away.

“Lei Long, protect us!”

Lei Long flew out and devoured the two of them, continuing to rush away. Lei Long was wrapped around by lightning runes. Lightning and flame didn’t have contradictory attributes, so that terrifying flame was temporarily unable to do anything to it.

The two of them had only just sighed with relief upon escaping the flames when a huge claw viciously smashed onto Lei Long’s body.

Lei Long was unable to bear such a terrifying attack and instantly exploded. Long Chen and Yue Xiaoqian both vomited blood.

That huge Flame Devil had shattered Lei Long with a single attack. Before Lei Long could reform, its two hands continued toward them.

“Let me!” Yue Xiaoqian took a deep breath. Right now, there were endless flames blocking people’s sight. She was using her core energy to activate her race rune.

The Devil character appeared on Yue Xiaoqian’s forehead. She raised her sword and began to chant. “Ancestral bloodline, hear your descendant’s call. Bestow me with my bloodline power…”

Following her chanting, sacred light began to shine in her eyes. An enormous aura soared out of Yue Xiaoqian. It was like all the energy above the nine heavens was pouring into her body.

Long Chen had seen Yue Xiaoqian go all-out like this before. He knew this energy wasn’t spiritual qi, but a kind of energy he had never seen before. This was what Yue Xiaoqian called her core energy.

An illusory figure with a height of thirty meters appeared behind her. Last time, Long Chen had also seen this figure, but this time it was more solid. Although he couldn’t clearly see its face, he could tell it was a woman. There was also a Devil character on her forehead.

That woman was holding a sword just like Yue Xiaoqian, and she followed Yue Xiaoqian’s exact movements. When their swords were both pointed at the sky, strange ripples appeared in the void. It was like the void had become water.

“Devil Destroying Slash!”

Yue Xiaoqian’s sword slashed down, and the illusory figure’s sword rumbled. Heaven and earth twisted fiercely as its sword also slashed down on the Flame Devil’s hand.


The Flame Devil let out a strange roar upon being struck by Yue Xiaoqian’s attack. Her sword had cut through its hide. Blood splashed. Its blood was actually golden, and when it dropped on the ground, it transformed into runes and disappeared before long.

Yue Xiaoqian had managed to injure the Flame Devil, but she was also sent flying by a powerful rebound force. Long Chen hastily caught her, but he was actually helpless to stop her. He was also sent flying with her.

With Long Chen holding tightly onto Yue Xiaoqian, they crashed into the mountain. Long Chen’s blood flipped within him, and he almost coughed up a mouthful of blood. He had borne the brunt of all this force, so Yue Xiaoqian had it much better.

The injured Flame Devil once more attacked the two of them. Its incomparable power caused them to turn pale.

But what stunned Long Chen was that its fist suddenly stopped in mid-air. It stopped, as if letting them off.

“It is still bound by chains. Its attack range is limited!” Yue Xiaoqian was delighted to discover this. She saw that its fists were clearly being held back by some kind of force.

If Long Chen hadn’t exhausted all of his energy, then with his sharp perception and the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art, he would have been able to sense the existence of those divine chains. But his weak state caused his spiritual perception to sharply drop.

Long Chen had just relaxed slightly when he suddenly stamped on the ground and shot away with Yue Xiaoqian in his hold. They streaked across the ground like sleds on snow, instantly appearing dozens of miles away.

He had only just left his original location when a powerful fire breath engulfed where they had been.

After dodging the Flame Devil’s breath attack, Long Chen and Yue Xiaoqian were both like arrows at the end of their flight. They had to quickly leave this dangerous region.

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