Chapter 878 Each Side Taking Out Trump Cards

It wasn’t just Xue You and Yu Changhao that were stunned. Even Long Chen was stunned. He hadn’t expected Yue Xiaoqian to possess such a terrifying move. Just how could she release such a powerful magical art in such a short time?

It seemed Yue Xiaoqian’s power far surpassed Long Chen’s expectations. In fact, perhaps she would even be able to fight Leng Yueyan.

However, Yue Xiaoqian’s aura had clearly dropped after this attack. She had exhausted all her Heavenly Dao energy, and if she were to fight again, she would probably have to use her core energy.

Once she used her core energy, her status would be revealed. There were probably already people outside this barrier watching in secret. She couldn’t attack for now.

“Good job Xiaoqian. You rest. Leave these two idiots to me!” shouted Long Chen. He suddenly turned into a bolt of lightning that shot toward Yu Changhao.

His broadsword slashed toward Yu Changhao. An icy light shone in Yu Changhao’s eyes as he used his bowstring to meet Long Chen’s broadsword. Long Chen’s power was a bit too much for him, so he wanted to cause him to rebound before pulling apart the distance and using long-range attacks.

But just as his bowstring was about to meet Long Chen’s broadsword, Long Chen’s other hand opened, and a ball of lightning shot toward Yu Changhao.

Roaring filled the air, as a lightning dragon appeared within that ball. It bared its fangs and brandished its claws at Yu Changhao.

Yu Changhao was horrified. It was too late for him to do anything against this sudden, terrifying move. He hastily activated the golden armor’s defenses.


Lei Long’s claw landed on Yu Changhao, and he immediately felt all his hair stand on end. He wildly vomited blood.

And the worst thing for him was that Long Chen’s sword was clashing at his head. Everything was happening too fast, and the distant Xue You didn’t have any chance to help.

“Feather Blade Flying Slaughter!” Yu Changhao roared furiously and his feathers lit up. They left his wings and transformed into golden rays that shot toward Long Chen.

At such a close range, Long Chen could only use his broadsword to protect his head. The rest of his body was instantly pierced by countless rays, practically turning into a sieve.

These feathers were Yu Changhao’s strongest defense and also his strongest offense. But when these feathers left his body, they would only be usable once.

If Long Chen’s vitality wasn’t so tough, then even with his divine ring and Four Star Battle Armor, his physical body would probably have exploded.

“Long Chen!” cried Yue Xiaoqian.

“This birdman’s strong, but can a bird still be called a bird once it loses all its feathers? Die!”

What startled everyone was that Long Chen’s heavily injured body instantly healed. If it weren’t for his broken clothes, they might even suspect that their eyes had broken.

Long Chen’s broadsword slashed toward Yu Changhao. On the other side, Xue You’s bone claw was blocked by Lei Long. Lei Long’s tail tightly bound the claw. Rumbling rang out and the bone claw was forced back.

Yu Changhao didn’t manage to block Long Chen’s attack, and Sword Qi landed right on his body. He protected his vitals with his wings, but he still vomited blood. At the same time, his practically indestructible wings were cut open, and blood poured out.

Without the protection of his feathers, the defensive power of his wings had dropped sharply. He was no longer able to block Long Chen’s attacks.

Yu Changhao flew back to Xue You’s side. He needed to stay next to Xue You so he could borrow the Evil Dragon Bone Claw to handle Long Chen.

“Raging Flame Prison!”

Yu Changhao had just retreated to Xue You’s side when endless flame energy condensed around them. Long Chen also formed hand seals, and chanting filled the air, resounding throughout heaven and earth.

A huge flame prison formed around them. Long Chen had used Lei Long to distract them so he could use the Raging Flame Prison. Now that the Raging Flame Prison had appeared, Long Chen directly activated the Nirvana Scripture to increase its power.

Xue You and Yu Changhao’s expressions changed. They hadn’t expected Long Chen to also use a magical art, and they didn’t have any defenses against it. Thus, they ended up falling for it.

They attacked the flame prison, but they were horrified to find that these flame chains had formed many layers, and they were unbreakable. There was no way to break them with brute force.

After all, not everyone had Voidpiercing Eyes, nor were there that many people as learned as Yue Xiaoqian. They weren’t able to see through the nodes of the Raging Flame Prison. If their attacks didn’t land on those nodes, then their attacks would be blunted by the entire Raging Flame Prison. 

As the Nirvana Scripture circulated, the chanting in the air grew louder. It was like the chanting of gods, sacred and holy. The stars in Long Chen’s eyes shone and his divine ring circulated. Standing atop Lei Long’s head, he appeared like a god in front of the spectators outside.

Xue You was acclaimed to be the Corrupt path’s top expert in Eastern Wasteland, while Yu Changhao was the leader of the ancient races’ junior generation. They were both peak experts. But even working together against Long Chen, they were still at a disadvantage. Long Chen was practically heaven-defying.

Xue You and Yu Changhao were horrified to find that no matter how they struggled, the flame prison continued to shrink and grow stronger. The Evil Dragon Bone Claw was still outside, and now it was unable to attack the flame prison. It wasn’t as if they could attack themselves with it.

“We can’t hold back any longer,” said Xue You. Yu Changhao nodded.

“Blood Devil Devours the Heavens!”

An image of a blood devil appeared behind Xue You. It opened its mouth, and the world turned dark. That blood devil then split open and transformed into blood-colored runes that entered Xue You’s body.

His third eye opened and an evil aura instantly erupted. It was like the gates of hell had been opened. Despite the flame prison, there was a chill in the air now.

A ray of light shot from his third eye onto the flame prison. One of the incredibly sturdy flame chains was severed by that strange light.

Following one chain’s destruction, the entire flame prison crumbled. The two of them instantly regained their freedom.

“Even if it’s a merged flame, it’s still trash. If it had been the Earth Flame’s power, they wouldn’t have been able to even think about escaping.” Long Chen couldn’t help but sigh. The Earth Flame was still in slumber. He had used his merged flame that was formed from various beast flames. But its toughness was lacking, and when the flame prison was destroyed, he also received a backlash. He almost coughed up blood.

“I can’t continue like this. I won’t be able to keep up the Four Star Battle Armor for long.” Long Chen suddenly noticed that after fighting for so long, his spiritual yuan was already starting to decline.

“Long Chen, time for you to die!” Xue You’s hair was standing on end, and black blood was pouring out of his third eye. He had clearly suffered a painful price to gain this battle power.

Suddenly, his third eye released a blinding light. It shot onto the Evil Dragon Bone Claw, and black qi began to rise from the ground.

“Careful Long Chen, he’s absorbing the resentful spirit energy of the dead! He’s going to use the Evil Dragon Bone Claw’s item-spirit!” warned Yue Xiaoqian. She summoned wings to fly up and assist.

“Xiaoqian, don’t. I can handle it.” Long Chen stopped her. If she released her full strength, perhaps she could block this attack, but it wasn’t worth it. They couldn’t expose her identity here.

Long Chen had already thought it through. If he really couldn’t handle it, then he would use the Eastern Wasteland Bell. It had already promised to help him out once. No matter how difficult the situation, it could help him handle it. Originally, he had been planning on leaving that opportunity to do some bigger things.

But, to kill two peak experts here wasn’t small either. He wasn’t losing much.

The Evil Dragon Bone Claw had now absorbed the fallen experts’ resentment thanks to Xue You’s third eye. It began to glow, and it was like something was awakening. The space around it was constantly quivering.

Rumbling filled the air. This rumbling came from Yu Changhao. His bow had now grown to three hundred meters, and it was floating upright behind him. He was forming hand seals, and the runes on his wings lit up.

Those runes were growing brighter and brighter until they were like blazing suns, too bright to stare at directly.

Yu Changhao was using his essence blood to summon his Treasure item’s spirit. Fundamentally, Treasure items could only be activated once a cultivator had at least reached Sea Expansion, but this was an inherited weapon that had been nourished by his race. As long as it received the summoning of his essence blood, it would be willing to use a portion of its power. Although that portion was very little, for a Xiantian expert, that was a lethal power.

For Xiantian experts to be able to use a Treasure item, they had to first obtain the Treasure item’s approval. Yu Changhao’s weapon was like that.

As for Long Chen’s Flying Rainbow, it had also once activated its power, but that wasn’t because of Long Chen. It had been provoked, and it had naturally released that power. Long Chen hadn’t obtained its approval, so he was unable to use its power.

The light coming from Yu Changhao reached a pinnacle, and then began to dim. But as Yu Changhao’s body dimmed, the bow behind him grew brighter.

At the same time, it was like an invisible hand was pulling the bowstring. Countless runes condensed, forming a huge arrow.

The space around him was constantly quivering as the world’s energy was being absorbed by it. Its aura was horrifyingly alarming.

This was a peak attack, one that contained all of Yu Changhao’s power. Yu Changhao’s wings now lost all their light, and they had turned black. In fact, they looked like charred earth, and signs of rotting had appeared on them. He had paid an incredible price for this attack. Yu Changhao’s face was as lifeless as a corpse’s.


Yu Changhao and Xue You roared at the same time. The Evil Dragon Bone Claw clenched into a fist and smashed toward Long Chen. At the same time, a huge arrow shot toward him. The two attacks caused heaven and earth to tremble.

Long Chen sighed. He was a bit unwilling, but he had decided to use a divine item to swat mosquitoes. He would use the Eastern Wasteland Bell to kill them.

Just as he was about to ask the Eastern Wasteland Bell for help, a fierce fluctuation came from within the primal chaos space. Long Chen’s expression suddenly became ecstatic.

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