Chapter 877 Killing the Rest in One Move

Long Chen hadn’t expected Yu Changhao to be able to use a Treasure item to seal the space around him. This way, he was unable to dodge Xue You’s curse.

But he sneered and looked at Xue You. “Idiot, you just had to wait until so many of your people died. Now you should know that foolishness comes at a price. Did you think I didn’t prepare any defense against your curse?”

Long Chen simply stood there with his broadsword. He didn’t move. He just allowed the curse rune to approach him.

This caused Xue You to be startled. He had absolute confidence in his curse arts. If Long Chen was struck, he would immediately become feeble. Then they could capture him alive and torment him. But Xue You truly did feel regret. He shouldn’t have been holding back and using Long Chen as a tool to train his Evil Dragon Bone Claw. The Corrupt path had suffered immense losses here.

Just as that curse rune was about to land on Long Chen, a body flew up and struck the rune.


The curse rune instantly entered that person’s body. He began to quiver, and a black color crept over his face.

Xue You was startled because he realized that this person was from the Corrupt path. He had actually appeared here to take Long Chen’s place for his curse.

Long Chen smiled. As soon as he had seen Xue You here, he had known it would very likely devolve into an immense battle.

So he had long since discussed it with Yue Xiaoqian. This kind of curse was extremely terrifying. So Yue Xiaoqian had always been concealing her power. If he encountered any danger, she was to send a replacement to Long Chen. Now, his prediction had been proven correct.

The space around Long Chen relaxed. Yu Changhao’s space-locking abilities were obviously limited. He wasn’t even a Sea Expansion expert yet, so he was unable to bring out a Treasure item’s complete power.

Long Chen suddenly appeared beside Yu Changhao. Yu Changhao was the closest, and using the Lightning Body Blink, Long Chen closed the gap in an instant. His sword stabbed toward his bow.

Yu Changhao had greatly exhausted his spiritual yuan to use his Treasure item’s special ability. As a result, Long Chen was at an immense advantage now. There was no time for him to dodge. Clenching his teeth, his bow stabbed toward Long Chen’s heart. He was trying to force Long Chen to retreat and gain some breathing room.

However, he had underestimated Long Chen’s ruthlessness. Long Chen ignored his bow. His broadsword had already reached him.

Long Chen’s broadsword pierced through Yu Changhao’s heart, causing a huge hole to appear in his chest. As for Yu Changhao’s bow, it pierced through Long Chen’s chest and out his back.

Both of them vomited blood. This wasn’t the result Yu Changhao had wanted. He had thought Long Chen would dodge.

“You want to compete in terms of ruthlessness with me? When have I ever been afraid of competing in that?”


Suddenly, a terrifying power erupted from his broadsword. He was forcing Yu Changhao to die with him. If Yu Changhao also did the same thing with his bow, then both of them would be blown apart by the other.

But in the end, Yu Changhao was afraid. Although he was vicious, he didn’t want to die. Sensing this suicidal move of Long Chen’s, his wings suddenly flapped and he fell back. At the same time, his Heavenly Dao runes wrapped around Long Chen’s broadsword, erasing as much of its power as possible.

Yu Changhao succeeded in escaping the broadsword, but he hadn’t managed to completely block its power. He wildly vomited blood, and cracks appeared on his body. He had almost exploded.

Yu Changhao was horrified. He was now afraid of Long Chen’s practically suicidal way of fighting. He had always been a noble heavenly genius and always thought of himself as a supreme existence. He definitely wouldn’t use his life to bring someone else down with him. He felt his life was the most precious, so he had never had the same thought as Long Chen.

Just now, he had walked past the gates of hell. He was finally afraid.  But Long Chen didn’t give him any time to feel his terror. He once more shot toward him.

“What?!” Yu Changhao and Xue You were horrified. They saw that Long Chen’s heavy injuries had healed in the blink of an eye.

As for Yu Changhao, his body was covered in cracks. If he had to receive another one of Long Chen’s attacks in his state, he would explode immediately.

Naturally, Xue You wouldn’t allow that. A huge bone claw caught Yu Changhao, protecting him. Long Chen’s attack only caused the claw to be sent flying. It didn’t injure Yu Changhao.

“Brother Yu, quickly heal!” shouted Xue You. A blood-colored figure appeared behind him; he had summoned his Blood Devil Possession. His black-sword released a torrential Sword Qi as he attacked Long Chen.

He finally realized he was in a dangerous situation. Long Chen was too powerful, and if Yu Changhao was killed, then on his own, he wouldn’t be able to handle Long Chen.

“Devil Eye Destroys the World!”

A black light shot out from Xue You’s third eye. Long Chen had seen this attack before. He knew Xue You’s third eye was where his divine abilities lay. Its powers were bizarre. He hastily dodged to the side.

The black light landed on the huge mountain. A hole appeared in the mountain, one that was extremely smooth.

More black rays came from Xue You’s third eye. Long Chen hastily dodged. This attack was too powerful to take head-on for no reason.

Each black light beam pierced the mountain, and it started to crumble.

With Xue You not hesitating to use his devil eye to release such powerful attacks, Long Chen was unable to get close to him. At this time, Yu Changhao was using the Heavenly Dao Recovery to heal his injuries.

His injuries were too heavy since his internal organs had been destroyed. He needed to reconstruct them, and that would exhaust a huge amount of his core energy and time. He couldn’t fight for a while.

Long Chen was like a ghost, using the Lightning Body Blink to dodge Xue You’s attacks. Although Xue You’s attacks were powerful, there was no danger of them striking him.

Down below, Yue Xiaoqian was now only facing just over thirty rank three Celestials, down from the hundreds of Celestials that had previously surrounded her.

The majority of the rank three Celestials were heavily injured now. It could be seen how terrifying Yue Xiaoqian’s attack had been. She was a bit short of breath now, as that attack also came at a price for her.

These experts roared furiously and charged at Yue Xiaoqian. They had been too careless just now, allowing her to release such a powerful attack. Now, they wouldn’t give Yue Xiaoqian the chance to release any more magical arts.



A head flew into the air. A Corrupt expert at the front of the charge had been killed with one slash of Yue Xiaoqian’s sword.

Now that they were in close-range battle, they suddenly found that Yue Xiaoqian’s body and sword were untouchable. She slipped past them like a phantom drifting through their midst. They had never seen such movements. Her sword appeared and disappeared unpredictably, and in just a few breaths, four of them were killed.

“Go all-out!” roared an ancient race expert. Let alone catching her alive, they didn’t even know if they could kill Yue Xiaoqian like this. Xue You’s order to capture her alive had truly been an impossible request.

They all stopped holding back. Some of them even activated their core divine abilities, while others used self-harming techniques to push their power to the peak. That immediately caused Yue Xiaoqian’s situation to become dangerous.

Long Chen saw all of this clearly. He suddenly took a deep breath. While dodging Xue You’s attacks, he formed hand seals. His Spiritual Strength erupted.

Countless golden scales surged out of the ground like a sea. It happened so suddenly that those experts attacking Yue Xiaoqian hadn’t even realized what was going on before those sharp scales pierced their bodies. Blood splashed.

While Long Chen had been searching for treasures, he had stealthily slipped the Hidden Ground Gold Spider King’s scales into the ground. It had all been in preparation.

Originally, he had been planning on using them to kill Xue You. But Xue You was up in the air right now, and this attack would be noticed before it could strike him. 

Seeing Yue Xiaoqian in danger, Long Chen decided to use them against the ones attacking her. After all, there were over twenty innate rank three Celestials against her, and she wasn’t a true Celestial. Her control over Heavenly Dao energy was definitely weaker than her control over her core energy.

The golden scales brought with them a rain of blood. As experts, one scale piercing through their body wasn’t fatal. But there were just too many of them, and the majority of the experts were turned into sieves. They hastily focused on blocking the scales.

Yue Xiaoqian took advantage of that opportunity. Light flashed from her forehead. She hastily began to chant something, and she stabbed her sword into the ground.

“Earth Explosion Kill Wave!”

A ripple spread over the ground, reaching those experts blocking the scales in an instant.

Wherever the ripple went, flesh exploded. Those experts all disappeared. Even Long Chen’s scales were crushed apart. It could be seen just how terrifying this attack had been.

Yue Xiaoqian leaned against her sword, her face a bit pale. She had basically used up all her Heavenly Dao energy just now. In fact, she had even stealthily used her core energy, but she had concealed it within her Heavenly Dao energy.

“Bastards, you’ve brought a calamity upon yourselves by slaughtering the members of the ancient races! Just wait for our reprisal! Your sects, your families, none of them will have good deaths!” Yu Changhao had only just recovered and left the protection of the bone claw when he saw Yue Xiaoqian’s attack kill everyone.

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