Chapter 876 World Extermination Hibiscus


The first reaction of the Righteous experts was to flee. Their little bit of power was nothing in front of the ancient race experts.


One of the Feather race’s experts suddenly shot an arrow, instantly killing a fleeing Righteous expert. Even his spatial ring shattered with him. But once his spatial ring broke, two Treasure items appeared in the air.

According to reason, when spatial rings were destroyed, whatever was inside would be drawn into chaotic space and disappear forever from this world.

However, Treasure items were different. That person’s Treasure items were average, and their spirituality wasn’t high enough. According to a human’s intelligence level, low grade Treasure items were like fools.

Originally, Treasure items weren’t things that could be stored in spatial rings that hadn’t reached the Treasure item level. But Treasure items with low intelligence could be stored in a spatial ring. When a spatial ring broke, they would instinctively sense the danger and escape from it. After all, even if the Treasure items were fools, they were still extremely powerful.

But these two were clearly fools. After escaping from the spatial ring, they just floated there, not knowing what to do.

The Feather race expert was the fastest. His wings flapped, and he practically instantly took those two Treasure items. He was delighted. As expected, the fastest way to get rich was to kill people and take their treasures.

Seeing him obtain two Treasure items just by killing one person, all the ancient race experts turned red-eyed. It had to be known that opening a coffin to obtain a Treasure item took a great deal of time. But now, it was too easy. He had obtained two Treasure items in just a breath. All the ancient race experts roared and charged at the Righteous experts like berserk beasts.

“Heavens, there’s a barrier here! Fuck, what bastard set up this trap?!” raged the Righteous experts.

At the same time, they suddenly thought of how when Xue You had been subduing the Evil Dragon Bone Claw, there had been dozens of people guarding him. Quite a few of them had slipped away like ghosts.

Now that they thought of that, they immediately realized that it was the Corrupt path’s doing. They had long since placed their sights on them and set up this trap to take the treasures they had obtained.


“Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen, save us!”

Under the killing of the ancient race experts, the Righteous experts were like fat sheep surrounded by hungry wolves. In their despair, the only thing they could do was beg Long Chen for help.

“You had a chance to save yourselves, but you gave it up. Who are you complaining to? If you want to blame someone, blame yourselves for acting like nothing matters unless it involves you!” Yue Xiaoqian’s voice resounded throughout. Even surrounded by Corrupt experts, she still had it so easy. Her sword flew through the air, and even rank three Celestials were unable to menace her. She slaughtered them, conveniently picking up their Treasure items.

Hearing her words, the Righteous experts immediately despaired. They only had two rank three Celestials, and they weren’t even innate rank three Celestials.

In front of eight innate rank three Celestials and over twenty ordinary ones, they were like turtles trapped in a jar. Death was their only option.

“Bastard, how can you not help because of some little hostility? As a Righteous expert, is your heart so narrow? When everyone’s in a crisis, we should be united!” shouted one of the Righteous path’s rank three Celestials. He saw that Long Chen was fighting evenly against both Xue You and Yu Changhao. Furthermore, Yue Xiaoqian seemed to have it easy against the Corrupt experts. If she came to help, perhaps there would be a bit of hope for them.

Long Chen couldn’t even be bothered to look at such a person. He just treated it as a dog farting. As for Yue Xiaoqian, she was so infuriated that she couldn’t even speak.

“You fuckers, do you even have any face?” They didn’t speak, but one of the more easily angered fellows that Yue Xiaoqian had sent out cursed. Smoke was about to come out of his head. “Fuck, when senior apprentice-brother Long Chen asked you for help, you just stood by like you didn’t even know him. Now he’s fighting against two peak experts and you still want him to help you? And you want to play the moral game? Fuck your mother, are your heads full of shit?”

That angry fellow felt like he might explode. He directly went up to the barrier and smashed it, cursing. The other two hastily tried to pull him back, but they were one step too late. When he viciously smashed the barrier, the barrier launched a counterattack that covered him in blood. But he still cursed them.

This barrier was strange. The people inside couldn’t see what was outside, but it didn’t block sound. They clearly heard his cursing, and the sound volume was increased by ten times.

The Righteous experts were speechless. They had previously sneered at the three of them for going to Yue Xiaoqian’s aid, saying that once they were dead, they would make sure to bury their corpses.

Now it seemed like they would become the corpses, and they wouldn’t even have any corpses left. The ancient race experts were vicious, and they wouldn’t be able to hold on for much longer.

“Run to that woman!” shouted a Righteous expert suddenly.

During this calamity, they wanted to borrow Yue Xiaoqian’s power to relieve the pressure. Even if they couldn’t escape, they could live a bit longer. Perhaps if something unexpected happened, they might be able to get away.

“Abominable. These sons of bitches!” said the three people outside clearly.

At the same time, they saw that more people had reached this place and were looking at the battle on the hill with shock. After all, this place wasn’t very concealed. It was easy to find. There were already dozens of people around, and some had already activated photographic jades.

Seeing the Righteous experts’ shamelessness, fury soared in Yue Xiaoqian’s eyes. She had never seen such contemptible people.

Although the Righteous experts’ idea was good, their power was lacking. In the face of dozens of rank three Celestials, they were almost exterminated before they could arrive beside Yue Xiaoqian.

The ancient races were also greedy fellows. In their eyes, the Righteous experts were a flock of fat sheep. If they managed to reach the Corrupt path that was fighting Yue Xiaoqian, then all the treasures would end up in their hands. So they were even more urgent than the Righteous experts.


A Righteous rank three Celestial had only just reached Yue Xiaoqian when a Corrupt expert slashed his sword at him. He blocked that sword, but as a result, he was killed by an ancient race expert.

The ancient race expert was extremely fast, instantly snatching that person’s spatial ring. The Corrupt expert glared furiously, but the ancient race expert laughed and ignored him.

“The trash is cleaned up now. Hurry and capture that woman!” shouted Yu Changhao. He and Xue You were unable to defeat Long Chen quickly. He was too strong, and his power seemed to be endless. Even one against two in such an intense battle, he didn’t reveal the slightest opening. Each of his moves were fierce and powerful, and if they revealed an opening, they might receive a sudden attack from Long Chen.

Xue You had fought Long Chen before, but now Long Chen was stronger than back then, so much stronger that he could barely believe it. But he had his own thoughts. He didn’t go all-out attacking. Instead, he was trying to familiarize himself with the Evil Dragon Bone Claw.

Long Chen easily saw through Xue You’s thoughts. As for that idiot Yu Changhao, he had been duped. He thought that Xue You was only at this level, and he was fighting all-out. The majority of Long Chen’s attacks were blocked by him.

Long Chen sneered and didn’t expose him. Although Yu Changhao was powerful, he didn’t have the slightest brains. He was just an arrogant idiot, and Long Chen continued to fight it out in terms of endurance.

While Long Chen handled them, Yue Xiaoqian was completely surrounded by everyone.

“Xiaoqian, go ahead and kill them all!” Long Chen sent Yue Xiaoqian a spiritual message.

Having received that, the runes revolving around Yue Xiaoqian’s body suddenly changed. Divine light circulated, and her runes took the shape of a huge flower behind her. 

The experts attacking Yue Xiaoqian were startled. They had originally thought that Yue Xiaoqian was summoning a kind of manifestation, but they suddenly found that this flower appeared to be alive.

The flower condensed onto Yue Xiaoqian’s forehead. Her sword touched the center of the flower, and a terrifying light erupted. The flower’s light was glaring and blinding.

“Not good! Run!”

These experts finally realized something was wrong and hastily retreated. They sensed a terrifying pressure from that flower.

“The lotus flower lives in the mud. The hibiscus breaks through the water. The leaves grow, the flower blossoms, the pith condenses.” Following Yue Xiaoqian’s chanting, the flower rapidly blossomed, and the pith formed of runes appeared. It was dream-like, and it was hard to tell if it was real or fake. “World Extermination Hibiscus, Bloom!”

The flower suddenly shook. The world instantly became still.

Endless rainbow light suddenly erupted. It was beautiful and bizarre, instantly devouring everything within a hundred miles.

Anyone touched by that light had their body ripped to shreds. Blood filled the air, as if this was a hell on earth.

“What a terrifying attack!” Even Long Chen was startled. Yue Xiaoqian was actually this powerful. This move of hers was truly terrifying, and most terrifying of all was how quickly she was able to use such a move.

Other than a few rank three Celestials that were still struggling, not a single rank two Celestial survived.

Furthermore, those rank three Celestials had only managed to escape because they had Treasure items protecting their bodies and had retreated fast enough upon sensing the danger. They hadn’t been in the core region of her attack.

However, other than the innate rank three Celestials, the others were all in a wretched state now. Their bodies had been badly damaged, and they were horrified to find that their Heavenly Dao energy was unable to heal these injuries.

“Underworld Soul Blood Curse!”

Suddenly, Xue You shouted. His third eye opened, and a blood-colored rune shot toward Long Chen.

Long Chen tried to dodge when he suddenly found that space was locked around him. He couldn’t move.

“Idiot, once you’ve entered my Space Locking Bow’s force field, you can’t get away!”

Yu Changhao’s golden bow had suddenly grown to three hundred meters long. Its countless runes lit up, shining on Long Chen. It was actually a spatial locking power. Long Chen could only watch as that curse rune shot toward him.

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