Chapter 875 Bringing Death Upon Themselves

“Righteous experts, those that want to be on my side, help me protect my friend!” shouted Long Chen suddenly.

This action of his caused Yu Changhao and Xue You to be stunned. Xue You suddenly laughed, “I didn’t expect you to actually ask a bunch of garbage for help. It seems that this woman must be quite important to you. Hahaha, I want that woman! Capture her alive!”

Long Chen’s shout immediately placed the Righteous experts in a difficult position. Long Chen could count as a Righteous expert. But right now, he was facing Yu Changhao and Xue You. His death was practically set in stone. He wouldn’t even have a chance to flee. They didn’t want to end up dying because they helped him.

However, out of the two hundred-plus Righteous experts present, there were more than ten hot-blooded men who rushed over to Yue Xiaoqian. In their eyes, no matter what, the Righteous path should be one united family.

But halfway there, they suddenly realized something was off. They saw the others weren’t even moving.

“What… what are you doing? We’re all part of the Righteous path, and we should be united!” roared one of the men.

“Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen is part of our Righteous path. We need his protection, but when he has difficulties, we also have to help! You… you’re just going to sit back and watch?!”

Those motionless Righteous experts looked away, not daring to look at those people. But after being cursed repeatedly, one of them finally cursed back, “Who are you cursing? Aren’t you all just idiots? Long Chen wanted to show off, and as a result, he offended so many people! Why should we have to pay the bill for his own actions?”

“You! You little fuckers, you’re the idiots!” raged one of the few men.

“Hmph, idiots, go and send yourselves to death. Since we’re all part of the Righteous path, don’t worry, we’ll make sure to bury your corpses.”

Following those people’s cursing, the ten-plus group ended up hesitating. Some of them actually returned amongst the rest of the Righteous experts. In the end, only three people came to help Long Chen.

“You cowards, I curse your ancestors. You’ve lost all the face of the Righteous path!” cursed one of the three.

Those three ignored those uncaring bastards and came to Yue Xiaoqian’s side. They took out their weapons, prepared to fight to the death.

Although they knew this action of theirs was impulsive, there was a voice that told them even if they had to die, they had to protect their pride. They couldn’t become an unrivaled hero like Long Chen, but they could use their lives to prove the true reason they had begun cultivating.

Seeing only three people go help, Long Chen didn’t feel any disappointment. In fact, he smiled slightly. There were still some hot-blooded people in the Righteous path.

“Kill!” The Corrupt experts charged toward Yue Xiaoqian’s group of four. At the same time, Yu Changhao took out a golden bow. That was the true weapon of the Feather race.

Yu Changhao was always a conceited person. Others thought the Feather race’s strongest point was their archery skills, but when he fought with others, he practically never used archery. That was because he had always maintained an unrivaled record against experts in the same realm.

But this record had first been broken when Leng Yueyan had almost stabbed through his head, and then been broken by Long Chen’s resounding consecutive face-slaps. He finally took out his true weapon.

Having taken out this bow, Yu Changhao was incredibly furious. This represented that he had lost to Long Chen in a close-range battle.

“Die!” He pulled the bow. Countless runes condensed, absorbing heaven and earth’s energy to form a huge golden arrow.

The arrow shot out with a thunderous rumbling. Its light was dazzling and imposing.

BOOM! Long Chen swung his broadsword. A sword-image slashed onto the arrow, destroying it. But Long Chen was startled as its power caused his arms to feel a bit numb.

Seeing Yu Changhao once more pulling back his bow, Long Chen snorted. His wings flapped, and he activated the Lightning Body Blink. He appeared right in front of Yu Changhao in practically an instant, his sword slashing down.

He was incredibly quick, arriving in front of him before he could release his second arrow. His bow suddenly turned, and he actually used it to block his sword.

A strange sound rang out. Long Chen felt a bizarre force knock him back. He was startled. Yu Changhao was actually skilled in long-range and close-range battle with a bow.

Just as he was knocked back, a huge bone claw came toward him.

BOOM! He slashed his broadsword against Xue You’s attack, relying on the rebound force to dodge Yu Changhao’s second arrow.

Long Chen pushed the Lightning Body Blink to its max. He instantly arrived beside Xue You. Because the Evil Dragon Bone Claw had just been knocked away, Xue You couldn’t use it to defend. Long Chen wanted to take advantage to kill Xue You right here.

Of the three of them, Xue You was the weakest in close-range combat. To kill him, the best way was in close-range.

Seeing Long Chen suddenly appear beside him, Xue You’s expression changed. He had personally experienced how dangerous Long Chen was at close range. But even if he wanted to retreat, it was too late. He didn’t possess Long Chen’s terrifying speed.

He hastily blocked with his black sword. As a result, he was caught in a dangerous situation, and after barely managing to block two attacks, the third one almost slashed onto his shoulder, causing him to turn pale.

If he was struck, then the power within Long Chen’s broadsword would immediately erupt within his body. He didn’t have a powerful physical body like Yu Changhao.

“Brother Xue You, don’t panic. I’ll help!” With Long Chen fighting Xue You at close range, Yu Changhao couldn’t use his long-range attacks in case he hit the wrong person. He shot forward, using his bow as a weapon that stabbed toward Long Chen’s heart.

Long Chen took half a step back, not wanting to take Yu Changhao’s bow head-on. That bow was strange and was able to rebound a person’s power.

With Yu Changhao’s help, Xue You finally caught a breather. He once more sent the bone claw to attack Long Chen. The three of them fought an intense battle in the air.

The Corrupt disciples below had already arrived in front of Yue Xiaoqian’s group of four. The four of them defended with their lives.

But those three were just ordinary rank two Celestials. In front of this many experts, they were only able to miserably retreat.

Fortunately, Yue Xiaoqian was helping them, which was the only reason they were still alive. Furthermore, the ones attacking them were only rank two Celestials. The rank three Celestials were at the back providing support.

They all knew Xue You wanted to capture her alive. So they didn’t dare to go too far and make her kill herself. This way, they would leave her the slightest hope, and once she was exhausted, they would pounce.

The four of them were rapidly retreating. Suddenly, they found their backs against a formation and were unable to continue backing up.

“Bastards, who set up this formation?! Are you trying to capture us all?!” raged a Righteous expert.

Yue Xiaoqian smiled slightly and said, “The decision you made today makes me happy. You’ve saved yourselves.”

“What?” The three of them were startled.

Before they understood what was happening, Xue Xiaoqian extended her hand. A soft force transmitted through their bodies, and they suddenly felt like space was twisting around them. They coughed up blood.

But after that, they suddenly realized they were in that original room, looking at the mountain. The mountain had once more shrunk into a small hill in their eyes.

“It’s handled!” Yue Xiaoqian suddenly waved at Long Chen.

“Good, then go ahead and slaughter them,” responded Long Chen.

Long Chen’s words had just rang out when Yue Xiaoqian’s sword released thousands of rays of sword-light. Sword Qi ravaged the Corrupt experts.

“What?!” The three Righteous experts were all startled upon seeing that scene. Yue Xiaoqian was actually this terrifying? Ordinary rank two Celestials were cut down like wheat in front of her. Did someone as powerful as her really need the three of them to protect her?

“I get it! Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen was saving us!” One of them suddenly slapped his leg.

They suddenly realized why Long Chen had asked them to help her. In truth, Long Chen had been intent on saving whoever that helped. Because they had stood by him, he had asked Yue Xiaoqian to send them to safety outside the formation.

“In truth, he wanted to save everyone. He gave all the Righteous experts a chance. But regretfully, they didn’t grab it.” One person shook his head.

“Regret my ass. Fuck those idiots, they thought they could act aloof. They deserve to die. Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen wanted to save us, and they cursed him for being a show-off? Fuck their mothers,” cursed another more explosive fellow.

Now that Yue Xiaoqian was attacking, everyone jumped in shock. Those rank three Celestials immediately pounced forward, realizing that they had been played.

“Cold Moon Slash!”

An elegant crescent moon appeared in the air. Following the movement of Yue Xiaoqian’s sword, that thirty-meter moon turned into a beautiful ray of light that charged into their midst. One ordinary rank three Celestial was killed despite blocking with a Treasure item.

“That’s a magical art, be careful!” warned one person. Regretfully, it was too late. That crescent moon instantly killed over a dozen experts, two of them being rank three Celestials.

“Bastard, what’s going on?!” raged Xue You. He had never expected Yue Xiaoqian to be so terrifying.

Yu Changhao shouted, “Ancient races, assist the Corrupt path in killing that woman! Conveniently, you can slaughter those idiots who’re just watching the fun!”

Hearing Yu Changhao’s words, the Righteous experts turned green with terror.

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