Chapter 873 Thousand Years of Death

Yu Changhao’s furious roar shook the sky. He was surrounded by a sea of three-colored runes. His aura was sacred and powerful, filled with a murderous air. He had clearly already gone berserk.

Following his roar, heaven and earth shuddered. This was an incomparable pressure. Everyone looked at Yu Changhao with horror. He seemed like a furious devil.

His wings folded and pointed toward the sky. All his runes were absorbed by his wings. In that instant, even the void was torn apart, appalling everyone.

When his wings once more opened, his entire body had light circulating around it. His aura caused rank two Celestials to quiver in terror. In front of his pressure, they felt that even breathing was difficult.

“Long Chen, you’ve infuriated me. Now death will be an extremely luxurious thing for you. I won’t let you die so easily! You despicable, inferior human, I’ll let you see the price for humiliating the sacred ancient races! Blood Feather Divine Slash!”

One of Yu Changhao’s wings rose and then slashed down. In that instant, the runes on his feathers all circulated and the aura of a Grand Dao appeared.

This was a terrifying attack. Those runes on Yu Changhao’s wings were the roots of his divine abilities. Thanks to them, his wings could even be described as innate Treasure items, allowing each one of his attacks to kill a rank three Celestial easily.

All the rank two Celestials were pale as paper now. This attack wasn’t even coming toward them, but just the pressure from it was unendurable. They felt like their bodies were being torn apart.

They were all horrified. No longer bothering with finding Treasure items any longer. They all fled. They were afraid just the slightest shockwave could kill them. If that happened, then those treasures they had found would all be wasted.

“Hmph, you idiot. Did you think that just because you have some ability you can challenge lord Yu Changhao? You really are a frog at the bottom of a well. Now you’ve done it,” sneered an ancient race expert, filled with delight.

“That’s right, the human race is just a bunch of idiots. Lord Yu Changhao is an unrivaled hero whose power shakes the heavens. Long Chen, you underestimated him,” said another ancient race expert. In truth, the ancient races all looked down on the human race.

The Righteous experts’ expressions sank. This was too much. This was essentially cursing them right in the nose.

It had to be known that the Corrupt path’s experts no longer truly considered themselves part of the human race. They considered themselves to be the children of the Corrupt God. They were the descendants of their god. Although they were in human form, there was a clear line between them and the human race. And so the ancient races’ cursing only affected the Righteous path’s experts.

But although the Righteous experts were furious, they didn’t retort. The ancient races were just too powerful, and they could only swallow their anger. In their hearts, they hoped for Long Chen to fight for some dignity for the human race.

“When it comes to inferiority, who could compare to your ancient races? A group of hybrids birthed from humans and beasts, is this how you speak to your ancestors? Then today, your ancestor will properly teach you a lesson on how to talk to your ancestors!”

Long Chen’s divine ring began to circulate, and a majestic aura soared into the clouds. Long Chen’s pressure began to surge. His Enlightenment Palace Star had already reached the eighth star transformation, and during this time, he had never stopped taking his medicine. There were already signs of the Enlightenment Palace Star approaching the ninth star transformation. Although there was still a ways to go, each medicinal pill could still increase his strength the slightest bit.

Now that Long Chen was releasing his full power, his pressure caused the world to quiver. It was even grander, even more imposing than what Yu Changhao had caused.

Those sneering ancient race experts tightly shut their mouths. Now that Long Chen’s aura had erupted to this level, it was like a vicious slap in their faces. And it was an extremely resounding slap.

“Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen truly is worthy of being one of our Righteous path’s experts! Hehe, properly teach these ancient races experts the power of our Righteous path!” The Righteous experts were incomparably excited. Previously, they hadn’t dared to respond to the ancient races’ insults. Now they tightly clenched their fists.

“Good, you really have some ability. That’s the only way this will be interesting. If you died in just one move, it would be too boring.” A sinister smile appeared on Yu Changhao’s face.

The runes on his wings began to glow even more brightly. He had clearly still been holding back before, afraid to kill Long Chen with one move and let him off too easy. Now that Long Chen’s aura had erupted, he could let loose.

“Your posing arts are still lacking. If your skills don’t match, you’ll just end up being a dumbass. Today, I’ll let you know trying to pose without any power will come at a price!”


Long Chen’s broadsword suddenly slashed down with a space-tearing sound. A huge sword-image mercilessly tore through heaven and earth to go toward Yu Changhao. It was the first form of Split the Heavens, but this attack was many times more terrifying than his previous one. An ear-piercing rumbling came from it.

His attack collided with Yu Changhao’s attack. The mountain shook and countless coffins were directly blown into the air before crashing back down. Qi waves erupted, and many of the experts that had fled into the distance were still sent flying, vomiting blood. They had still underestimated their power. Fortunately, they had retreated far enough, otherwise, just this shockwave would have killed them.

They now fled even further. Some even fled to the back of the mountain, feeling like it would be safer.

Only Yue Xiaoqian was continuously opening coffins while keeping an eye on Long Chen. As long as she opened the coffin slightly, the treasure inside it would disappear.

Although she didn’t know exactly what was going on, she had no time to ask. But she could guess that Long Chen had some method to take in the treasures even from a distance. These treasures were extremely important to Long Chen, so Yue Xiaoqian did her best to open as many as possible.

Long Chen and Yu Changhao suddenly appeared in the air after the collision of their attacks. Their wings shook, and they furiously charged at each other.

Only now did everyone realize how terrifying Yu Changhao was. His hands, feet, and wings were all powerful offensive weapons. His wings were especially powerful, practically two unrivaled Treasure items. When they collided with Long Chen’s broadsword, sparks flew and a metallic ringing came from them.

Explosive sounds continuously rang out in the air. Long Chen’s broadsword continuously danced in the air, and his movements were a bit messy in the face of Yu Changhao’s six limbs. This attack frequency was something he hadn’t dealt with before.

Although Yu Changhao was his enemy, Long Chen had to admit that he was extremely powerful. This strange close-range fighting ability was impressive.

His wings were especially difficult to deal with. Each one of his attacks could cause mountains to collapse. If Long Chen’s broadsword wasn’t strong enough, there would have been no way to keep up with him.

“Hehe, Long Chen, do you only have this little ability? You’ve really disappointed me-”

Just as Yu Changhao was talking, his movements naturally slowed down the slightest bit. Long Chen slapped him across the face.

“Who let you pose!? Your face really is thick. My hand even hurts from slapping it. You don’t even have the brains to learn your lesson!” sneered Long Chen.

His face-slapping technique had already reached a divine level. But Long Chen also felt helpless that this kind of attack couldn’t kill people. Once this slap contained killing intent or accumulated energy, well, these people were all experts, so they would immediately sense it. Then he wouldn’t be able to strike anyone with it.

If it was just a random blow that didn’t contain any killing intent, then at close-range, the chance of it striking was almost a hundred percent. But its only effect was at best to humiliate his opponent. It didn’t pose any offensive power.

Although his attack didn’t contain any offensive power, that was just talking about the physical body. It possessed immense offensive power when it came to the mind.

Yu Changhao’s eyes turned scarlet. He had already forgotten how many times he had been slapped in the face by Long Chen. If he couldn’t kill Long Chen, he would become the laughingstock of the cultivation world. And even if he killed Long Chen, the fact that he had been slapped would become a stain he would never be able to wash off.

Long Chen suddenly gripped his broadsword with both hands and viciously slashed it down on Yu Changhao’s wing. This attack contained his full power. His sword landed slightly higher than the middle part of the wing, the spot that was most likely to cause Yu Changhao to lose his balance.

This was an attack Long Chen had been planning for a while. Yu Changhao’s close-range ability came from the fact that he could unleash a tempest of attacks from strange angles. That was also why Yu Changhao had dared to challenge Leng Yueyan, who was famed for being unrivaled in close-range combat.

But no matter how powerful the move, there would always be an opening. Long Chen hadn’t been used to it in the beginning, but after getting accustomed to his attack frequency, he had found that opening.

Long Chen’s attack landed on his wing, and at the same time, he slashed diagonally. Yu Changhao’s own movements were too fast, and his left wing came attacking just as his right wing was struck.

But Long Chen’s force was being applied diagonally, causing Yu Changhao to lose his balance. His wing shot past Long Chen’s head.

The most startling thing to Yu Changhao was that his body involuntarily began to spin through the air. His butt ended up facing Long Chen.

“Thousand Years of Death!”

Long Chen’s broadsword stabbed forward with a whistling wind straight toward Yu Changhao’s butt.

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