Chapter 872 True Arrogance

Yu Changhao seemed to have been plated in gold. What he had obtained was a golden battle armor, and an extremely powerful one at that.

He appeared incredibly domineering and imposing now, practically like a golden battle god.

His gaze suddenly turned to Xue You. He saw that Xue You was still in the midst of trying to connect with his treasure. He had an urge to interrupt him, but he still gave up on it in the end.

That Evil Dragon Bone Claw was a powerful treasure. Anything that came from a dragon’s body was a natural treasure. Perhaps that claw was at an even higher level than his armor.

However, Xue You was part of the Corrupt path. Although the ancient races were always neutral, as long as no one came to provoke him, he couldn’t attack the Corrupt path.

He snorted. Although he was a bit unwilling, he gave up any thoughts of attacking Xue You. His gaze rover around the mountain until he saw the distant Long Chen.

“Long Chen, just wait!” Yu Changhao sneered inside. He hesitated for a moment and then decided not to attack Long Chen for now. Instead, he began searching for more coffins. Finding more treasures was more important right now.

With this golden armor, his defensive strength had risen greatly. Furthermore, at this time, he still wasn’t able to activate its true power. Once he reached Sea Expansion, his defense would rise to a truly shocking level.

So Yu Changhao might want to immediately kill Long Chen, but he also knew Long Chen wasn’t so easy to handle. If they fought at full strength, it would waste this opportunity to obtain more treasures.

This opportunity was extremely rare. If he didn’t seize the moment, missing out on even stronger treasures just to kill Long Chen, it would be a loss.

Long Chen didn’t glance toward Yu Changhao, but he was on constant guard against him. Only once he saw him go to another coffin did he relax.

He was obtaining a hundred treasures an hour. How could he have time to fight him?

After another four hours, people gradually found that the number of opened coffins was declining. They began to expand their search range.

Everyone was extremely excited. They had at least obtained one treasure item, and some had obtained up to four.

The Righteous path’s rank one Celestials that had obtained a Treasure item directly left rather than continuing. They were very smart.

If they had too many Treasure items, then with their power, there was no way they could leave this place alive. Even if the Corrupt experts and ancient race experts didn’t do anything, the other Righteous experts would.

The Treasure items they had obtained couldn’t be counted as good, but they also weren’t bad. However, they wouldn’t draw other people’s envy, so hastily slipping away was the right decision.

As for those that had stayed, they were all rank two Celestials at least. Although those rank two Celestials couldn’t defeat a rank three Celestial, they were rather prideful, thinking that even if they couldn’t defeat one, they would still be able to escape.

“Bastard, how is this possible?! Long Chen just opened this coffin, and I clearly saw the light of a treasure come from inside! There should definitely be a treasure!” Suddenly, one of the ancient race experts roared furiously.

Because he hadn’t been able to find any other coffins, he had suddenly thought about checking one of the ones that Long Chen had gone through. Just because it was something Long Chen looked down on didn’t mean it couldn’t be useful to him.

“What? You also didn’t find anything? I’ve gone through seven of the coffins Long Chen has gone through, but there was nothing inside!” shouted another ancient race expert.

Long Chen cursed inside. He had finally been noticed. Looking at those furious ancient race experts, he was so angry that he had an urge to wring their necks.

Their shouting caused everyone to stop and look at Long Chen with shock.

“This bastard definitely has a secret art that allows him to extract the treasures inside without completely opening the coffins!” roared one of the ancient race experts. A greedy light appeared in his eyes.

If he was correct, then even if half the coffins Long Chen had gone through had been empty, the number of treasures he had obtained had to be over a hundred. Thinking of a hundred Treasure items, everyone’s eyes turned red.

“Kill Long Chen and take his Treasure items!”

A powerful rank three Celestial from the ancient races roared and took the initiative. Although he wasn’t an innate rank three Celestial, his aura was like the sea. His spear stabbed toward Long Chen like a poisonous dragon. This attack contained a terrifying power that caused the world to rumble.

He was an extremely conceited expert, but he also had the power to be conceited. This attack was truly terrifying, and it sealed off all of Long Chen’s escape paths.

Following him, the other ancient race experts also attacked. Previously, they had all seen him fight Yu Changhao. Although he was powerful, for the unknown Treasure items he had on him, they chose to go all-out to kill him. That was because once Yu Changhao decided to join in, those Treasure items would all go to him.

“Xiaoqian, you continue flipping through the coffins while they’re distracted. I’ll handle them,” said Long Chen, stopping her from attacking. He alone was enough.

The Eastern Wasteland Bell had said that as long as Long Chen remained on this mountain, it would be able to take the treasures in whatever coffin Yue Xiaoqian opened.

“Then let’s see just who will be killing who,” laughed Long Chen. A broadsword appeared in his hands, and he directly attacked the first expert to charge at him. His sword slashed down on his spear.


The ancient race expert was forced back by Long Chen. At this moment, Long Chen became covered by thunderforce, and he appeared in front of him again like he had teleported.

He was too fast. With his Lightning Body Blink, especially at such a close distance, that person didn’t even have a chance to react. Long Chen’s sword cut straight through his head, and it exploded like a melon.

This attack had contained his thunderforce, and it had destroyed his soul along with his body. There wasn’t the slightest chance of him escaping.

“Split the Heavens!”

After killing one, Long Chen didn’t hesitate. His broadsword pointed toward the sky, and a huge sword-image appeared. It slashed down on the experts charging at him.

Everything happened too quickly. Long Chen’s attack was almost instantaneous and incredibly powerful. Although the ancient race experts immediately went to block, quite a few people were still struck.

Several of the ancient race experts instantly exploded. Even in death, they couldn’t comprehend how Long Chen could instantaneously release such a powerful move.

Over ten of them were killed in an instant. Even their hasty defenses were unable to block Long Chen’s power.

Currently, Long Chen was no longer holding back. He was prepared to undergo a slaughter. These ancient races were too arrogant, and since they wanted to kill him, he definitely wouldn’t be merciful.

Only four of the attackers managed to survive his attack. Those four were all innate rank three Celestials.

Although his attack had come suddenly, with their immense power, they had managed to brunt the impact of his attack. But they were still filled with a lingering fear.

Without accumulating any power, Long Chen was capable of releasing such a terrifying attack. This had already surpassed the scope of their understanding.

Long Chen swung his broadsword, resting it on his shoulder. His body was covered in flowing lightning. “You want to kill me? I’ll welcome you at any time. As long as you feel like your throat is hard enough, come as you please!”

“All of you, get out of the way! Let me kill this arrogant fellow.” Yu Changhao flapped his wings and flew toward Long Chen. Runes circulated on his wings, summoning a sharp light that suddenly shot toward Long Chen. It was actually the same move as before.

“Arrogant? This counts as arrogant? I’ll show you what real arrogance is.”

Long Chen sneered, his aura circulating. His black robes began to float without any wind. His primal chaos bead circulated and the power of his four stars erupted. His broadsword slashed down, releasing a ray of Sword Qi.

BOOM! A raging qi wave erupted.

“What?!” Everyone was shocked to see Yu Changhao’s terrifying attack be shattered by Long Chen’s sword.

What was going on? Previously, Long Chen clearly hadn’t dared to receive that attack. But now he easily broke it? Was this supposed to mean that Long Chen had been holding back before?

“Where are you looking, idiot?”

Yu Changhao couldn’t believe his eyes. One of his core attacks had been destroyed with just brute force. Just as he was stunned, a hand viciously slapped across his face. By the time he reacted, he was struck.

Yu Changhao shot back like a shooting star in front of everyone. He slammed into the ground, forming a huge crater. Even the surrounding coffins were buried.

“Disobedient son of a bitch, does being slapped feel extremely comfortable to you?” sneered Long Chen, swinging his hand.

“Long Chen was definitely hiding his power. How sinister.” This was what most people were thinking.

In truth, Long Chen truly had been concealing his power. When he had fought against Yu Changhao previously, that formation might have stopped his magical arts, but it didn’t stop his Nine Star Hegemon Body Art.

It was just that Long Chen didn’t want to become everyone’s target so early. Enduring for a bit to make a fortune was the way of the king. But halfway through his fortune, he had been noticed by others. Now there was no point in enduring any longer. He immediately released the power of the eighth star transformation and twelfth Heavenstage.

Suddenly, the ground exploded and a pillar of light soared into the sky. Yu Changhao appeared, a huge illusory figure behind him. A golden rune lit up on his forehead, and a terrifying pressure came from him, one that caused the space around him to twist.

“Long Chen, die!”

Yu Changhao’s wings suddenly pointed to the sky. Everyone was horrified to see the void tear.

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