Chapter 871 Crazily Snatching Treasures

Long Chen was startled and hastily turned to look. At the foot of a mountain, an open coffin was releasing an evil aura. Black light soared into the clouds.

Xue You was behind that coffin, filled with excitement. Several Corrupt experts were guarding him, not letting others do anything to him.

“It’s actually a corrupt weapon!” Long Chen was startled. That aura was too evil, and it gave him a bad feeling.

Suddenly, a bone claw flew out of the coffin and floated in the air. It was pitch-black, and that evil aura grew stronger, as if a bloodthirsty fiend had been released.

“Not good. That’s an Evil Dragon’s claw. Such a weapon is extremely rare. Rumor is that Evil Dragons were expelled from the dragon race due to their sinister and brutal tendencies. As for the lifeforms related to dragons in the outside world, the legend is that they are nonsense caused by the Evil Dragons. They constantly mated with various life-forms, creating all kinds of hybrids with the bloodline of the dragon race. Although that kind of bloodline was very low grade, because they are related to dragons, it was said that their mating caused endless trouble in ancient times.

“They ended up infuriating experts, and they were hunted down. From then on, Evil Dragons went almost extinct, but these are just stories and no one can be sure. However, even if they were killed down to the last, those hybrids created because of them continued to mate, and there was no way to kill them all.

“That Evil Dragon claw has such a powerful aura, so it shouldn’t be from a hybrid. It should be from a true, pure-blooded Evil Dragon,” said Yue Xiaoqian.

At this time, that dragon claw flew into the air, seeming to want to fly away on its own. But it was blocked by what appeared to be countless formations. As for Xue You, he opened his third eye, and a ray of black light enveloped the bone claw. He seemed to be trying to communicate with it.

“Long Chen, he’s your enemy. You should stop him, or he’ll obtain a powerful weapon,” prodded Yue Xiaoqian.

Long Chen shook his head. “That fellow isn’t an idiot. He has so many guards, and over seven of them are rank three Celestials. Furthermore, they’re holding tiles. Those are clearly tiles to worship their dead ancestors. They should have long since prepared a formation. The reason why they only opened the coffin after this long was because they were making those preparations. Even if we went over, we probably won’t be able to break through their defenses. Instead, we’d be jumping into their trap.”

Only now did Yue Xiaoqian notice the tiles in their hands. Those weren’t any nonsense tiles for their dead ancestors like he said, but formation tiles. Furthermore, they seemed to be extremely high level and required several people to activate at the same time. Its power had to be great.

Although Long Chen was normally a scoundrel without a proper thought in his head, and he could even be unbearably crude, Yue Xiaoqian had to admire that he could see through their trap with a single glance.

“Ignore them. Let’s continue working to get as many treasures as possible. We’re in a race against time,” said Long Chen. He began flipping through coffins again, and Yue Xiaoqian learned from his example. She could also accurately find the coffins that contained treasures.

As long as they opened the slightest crack in a coffin, the Eastern Wasteland Bell would be able to take out what was inside. The two of them worked rapidly, like two thieves trying to gather all the treasures before running.

Quite a few people found this odd, thinking they had to be stupid. Even after that many coffins, they hadn’t found any treasures they wanted?

In the beginning, most of them thought Long Chen’s luck was bad, and he didn’t know how to pick good coffins. Perhaps he was getting empty ones every time.

But then they saw that when he opened the coffins, a burst of light would erupt. That clearly showed that there were treasures in those coffins. But he just opened them a bit before leaving.

So then people assumed he was looking for a specific treasure. After all, completely opening a coffin took a great deal of time, but just checking one merely took a few breaths of time.

People sneered inside, thinking that his greed would cause him to obtain nothing in the end. Looking at them rapidly flipping through coffins, their gazes were full of ridicule.

Yu Changhao had now opened his third coffin. Unlike Xue You, he relied purely on luck. On the third coffin, he found an amazing treasure. When he opened the coffin, golden light erupted and no one was able to see what was inside.

His runes lit up with a blinding light, and he spread his wings. A powerful pressure descended, locking onto the treasure and trying to put it away.

Treasure items had their own item spirits, and item spirits had their own wills. If someone weak wanted to subdue them, they would struggle and try to escape at the first moment.

Ordinary Treasure items didn’t have intelligent item spirits. But the stronger the Treasure item, the smarter the item spirit and the more they wouldn’t want to be restrained by someone else.

So the Treasure item Yu Changhao had found had to be an incredibly powerful one. The disturbance brought endless envy from others, but no one dared to do anything to him.

On one end, Xue You was trying to communicate with the Evil Dragon bone claw, while here, Yu Changhao was trying to subdue this Treasure item. But to subdue such a treasure was extremely difficult. After all, Treasure items were for Foundation Forging experts. They were just at the peak of Xiantian.

Yu Changhao and Xue You had found their own targets, while others were all doing their best to find such powerful existences as well. Some people had found two Treasure items already, but the Treasure items they found were only of ordinary quality.

Even after going through the nourishing of the coffins, their item spirits weren’t very intelligent. The innate quality of the Treasure items had to have restricted their growth.

Some people felt like they finally understood why Long Chen was choosing to go through so many coffins. He was clearly looking for the strongest possible Treasure item.

Opening coffins took time, and wanting to subdue a powerful Treasure item also took a great deal of time and energy. Now everyone came to a sudden comprehension and began searching for stronger Treasure items.


Suddenly, a rank three Celestial found a sickle in the coffin. As soon as the coffin opened, the sickle tried to escape. The rank three Celestial grabbed it and refused to let go. As a result, the sickle’s runes lit up, and its power directly blew the rank three Celestial to bits.

The experts weaker than that rank three Celestial all felt a chill. If they wanted a powerful treasure, they had to have corresponding power. Otherwise, they would be the same as that person. Dead.

Just after that person perished, another person was killed by a blood-colored spear he had been trying to subdue. As a result, that spear killed him and transformed into a ray of light that flew away. It was so fast that no one else had time to try and stop it.

Two experts died just like that, and two Treasure items flew away. Everyone awoke from their greed. Before you could think about getting a treasure, you had to make sure you could keep your life.

Some experts even became too afraid to test their luck on their own. They formed small groups so that they could have a greater chance of keeping a treasure.

As a result, Righteous experts sought out fellow Righteous experts, Corrupt experts sought out Corrupt experts, and ancient race experts sought out ancient race experts. Everyone found their companions, as otherwise, it would be too dangerous.

After forming their temporary alliances, they began a search for stronger Treasure items. Once they found one, they would work together to suppress it, and it would go to the first person who had noticed it.

As for the person that found the treasure, they had to work with the others afterward and could no longer search for their own.

The ancient race experts and Corrupt experts simply formed a vocal agreement. But the Righteous experts required extremely vicious poison oaths before they began working together. That made the ancient race experts and Corrupt experts sneer disdainfully.

Of the seven hundred experts, close to half of them were from the ancient races. They were the strongest group here.

Not only did they have the numbers advantage, but they also had eight innate rank three Celestials and over twenty ordinary rank three Celestials.

As for the remaining experts, although the Righteous experts outnumbered the Corrupt experts, they were clearly inferior when it came to quality. Other than a peak expert like Xue You, the Corrupt path also had four innate rank three Celestials and seven ordinary rank three Celestials.

The Righteous path was comprised primarily of rank two Celestials and a dozen rank one Celestials. It was unknown how they had lived to get so deeply into the Immemorial Path.

The Righteous path didn’t even have a single innate rank three Celestial on their side. They only had two ordinary rank three Celestials. In the others’ eyes, they were just a flock of sheep.

As for Long Chen, he truly was powerful. Perhaps he would stand on the side of the Righteous path, but so what? Yu Changhao had previously released one of his core attacks, and Long Chen hadn’t dared to receive it. That meant he was afraid. They were clear that once the time came, they would kill all these idiots with their loud oaths.

Long Chen ignored them. He never worried about anything that wasn’t his business. If he didn’t properly use the Eastern Wasteland Bell while he could, he wouldn’t be Long Chen.

With Yue Xiaoqian’s help, he obtained a treasure every few breaths. He didn’t care what level these treasures had. In front of the Eastern Wasteland Bell, they were nothing. No matter how amazing the Treasure items were, they were little kids in front of the Eastern Wasteland Bell. They didn’t even dare to bare their fangs.

Treasure items were handed into his spiritual space one by one, and they had already piled into a small mountain. There were over two hundred of them.

Furthermore, there were quite a few amazing existences amongst them. They had powerful fluctuations, but in front of the Eastern Wasteland Bell, they didn’t dare to do anything. Otherwise, Long Chen didn’t know how much effort it would take to suppress them all.

The hours passed one by one. After six hours, Long Chen had obtained over five hundred treasures. Suddenly, a terrifying fluctuation disappeared.

“HAHAHA!” Wild laughter rang out from Yu Changhao’s mouth. A golden armor appeared on his body, covering him entirely.

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