Chapter 870 Top Grade Dragon Tiger Heavenly Explosion Pill

Near the peak, there were fewer coffins, so there were also fewer people. Long Chen randomly picked a coffin. Feeling its powerful defenses, he knew this one hadn’t been opened.

Long Chen personally experienced just how heavy the lid was as he pushed. However, it still wasn’t enough for him to use the divine ring. It popped open slightly.

As it slowly opened, the light within it erupted. Immortal spiritual qi came from within. He knew this spiritual qi had been purified by the coffin’s formation to nourish the weapon. This spiritual qi had been accumulating for countless years now.

But before Long Chen could really feel this special spiritual qi, it disappeared as if it had been devoured.

“Good stuff. This is something I need,” said the Eastern Wasteland Bell with a pleasantly surprised tone.

“Senior, how about we work together?” Long Chen’s eyes suddenly brightened.

“Little fellow, what evil idea are you thinking of now? Let me warn you, I owe you a single favor, so I can only help you once. That way, the karma between us will be resolved. Don’t get any crazy ideas involving me. I refuse to be affected by karma,” warned the Eastern Wasteland Bell.

Long Chen laughed mischievously, having already expected this response. Although he didn’t know what exactly this so-called karma was or why the Eastern Wasteland Bell was so worried about it, he had his own plans.

“Senior, just think about it. I can open the coffins, and because of my work, you’re absorbing such pure spiritual qi to nourish yourself. You keep saying you’re afraid of karma, but it’s because of my work that you’re getting benefits. That isn’t in accordance with the Heavenly Daos. Reaping without sowing isn’t acceptable, so you’ll still be affected by karma like that. That’s not karma I’m trying to give you, but karma you’re infecting yourself with,” said Long Chen.

“Now that you put it like this, that really does make sense,” said the Eastern Wasteland Bell.

“So I think it’s better if we work together to get what we both want based on the principles of equality. Then neither of us will be affected by karma,” said Long Chen.

The Eastern Wasteland Bell was silent for a while. It obviously wasn’t so easily fooled. But in the end, it wasn’t able to find anything wrong with Long Chen’s words. It would only make sense if it helped to get what it needed. That would be the only way to not invoke karma.

“Alright, you open the coffins, and I’ll take out what’s inside. But pay attention to safety. I’m only in charge of taking away what’s inside, and in order to not let the Heavenly Daos sense me, I won’t help you out if any difficulties arise because of this. Unless you’re on the verge of death, I won’t do anything,” warned the Eastern Wasteland Bell. Even though it had agreed to cooperate, it was still cautious.

“Good, then I definitely won’t disappoint you.” Long Chen was delighted and he hastily continued pushing that stone coffin.

Once the opening was half-a-foot wide, an imperceptible fluctuation stretched into the coffin and then disappeared. Even Long Chen didn’t get a chance to see what had been inside.

Suddenly, a spear appeared in Long Chen’s spiritual space. It was pitch-black and emitted a powerful pressure that would make people's hearts shiver.

“This is a Treasure item. Through the formation, it’s been nourished for countless years, increasing its power by a great deal. It can count as a high grade Treasure item,” said the Eastern Wasteland Bell.

Long Chen was delighted to obtain a Treasure item this quickly. He directly went to four other coffins. But they were all empty, and no spiritual qi was emitted from inside. 

On his fifth try, he encountered a coffin that hadn’t been opened yet. When he slowly opened it, he saw a rabbit inside.

“Top grade pill?” Long Chen was startled. This pill was a foot tall and looked just like a rabbit. But as an alchemist, he smelled the specific scent of a medicinal pill.

Most medicinal pills circulating throughout this world were split into low, middle, and high grade. For high grade pills, each extra pill ring greatly increased the medicinal effect.

But above high grade pills were top grade pills. The easiest way to distinguish a top grade pill was that they could transform. Top grade pills had their own special spirituality. Once they formed, they would draw pill lightning tribulation, just like a human cultivator’s tribulation. Pills that went through such tribulation would have even greater spirituality.

Different pills refined by different people would all transform into different shapes. Some would transform into creatures, some would transform into plants.

Long Chen had only just gotten a glance at the rabbit when it disappeared. When it reappeared, it was in his spiritual space.

That rabbit had already become a jade-like pill. There was an image of a small rabbit moving on top of it, looking as if it were alive.

“Amazing, a top grade Dragon Tiger Heavenly Explosion Pill!” Long Chen was startled. This was a kind of self-destructive medicinal pill. Once a Sea Expansion expert consumed it, if they didn’t immediately explode, they would be able to release over ten times the power.

The main ingredients of this pill were the Evil Dragon’s blood and the Berserk White Lines Tiger’s Neidan. They both contained extremely berserk energy, and even an innate rank three Celestial would immediately explode if they tried consuming it in the Sea Expansion realm. There was no way they could bear that powerful medicinal energy.

Furthermore, after so many years of nourishing, this pill’s energy had almost reached perfection. Its power was even more terrifying than a normal one.

Long Chen hastily found a jade case to store it in. An Evil Dragon was something he had heard of, but it had long since gone extinct in this world. This pill was perhaps one of the last of its kind, and it was extremely valuable.

Once he put away the pill, Long Chen decided to directly spread his divine sense to all the coffins around him.

“Fool, do you not want your life?! The coffins have formation runes that will injure you if you try to probe them with Spiritual Strength,” scolded the Eastern Wasteland Bell.

Originally, it had felt that Long Chen was a mature and steady person. But as soon as he obtained two treasures, he became perturbed.

“Hehe, don’t worry senior, I’m not so foolish. I don’t need to extend my divine sense into the coffins. Just from the outside, I can tell if the coffins have been opened before or not,” laughed Long Chen. How could he be so stupid as to stretch his divine sense into such terrifying coffins? His divine sense didn’t go into them. Instead, he was circulating the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art to sense danger.

The empty coffins did not have any defenses, so he naturally wouldn’t sense any danger from them. But those coffins from which he could sense some slight danger were very likely ones that had never been opened.

The facts proved that the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art would never disappoint him. He opened three coffins in a row, and none of them had been opened before. Long Chen obtained a ring, a soft armor, and a sword from them.

The ring was a storage tool, but it wasn’t a spatial storage tool. It stored energy, and once activated, it could release a shocking and instantaneous attack.

He obtained five treasures in a row, causing him to feel like flowers were blooming in his heart. This was his first time feeling like his luck wasn’t so bad. He even felt like his luck really had taken a turn for the better.

The other experts were also doing their best to open coffins. What these people didn’t know was that originally, one person could only open one coffin. Once the treasure was taken out, the coffin’s runes would transform into a transportation formation and send them away.

But Long Chen and the others hadn’t entered through proper channels. It was only by chance that they had destroyed the core formation that had controlled everything. All those transportation formations had lost effect now, allowing them to crazily search for treasures.

Rather than saying Long Chen’s luck was good, he should have given Yu Changhao the credit. It was he who had managed to open this treasure house for everyone through sheer chance.

“Long Chen, we should act low-key. We’re going too fast and drawing too much attention. Be careful of other people’s greed,” warned the Eastern Wasteland Bell.

For others, fully opening the coffin took two incense sticks’ worth of time. Only then would it not immediately close. Once the treasures were taken, the coffins would slowly close. Right now, people had only just finished taking their first treasure, but Long Chen was on his seventh.

Although Long Chen was only opening the coffins slightly, while the Eastern Wasteland Bell took the treasures and absorbed the spiritual qi, others were unable to see that. Thus, quite a few people found this strange.

Each time, Long Chen would spend over ten breaths pushing open the coffin by just a crack. Then he would run to the next. That action was too strange.

“It’s fine. Don’t you see me shaking my head every time? That’s to mislead them into thinking that whatever inside was garbage and didn’t satisfy me, so I’m not wasting time. Let’s continue. Time is treasure, and we can’t waste any.”

Long Chen continued working. After going through another two coffins, Yue Xiaoqian arrived next to him.

“Xiaoqian, how was it? Did you get anything? Or did that crazy woman trick you?” asked Long Chen.

Yue Xiaoqian was full of delight. “She didn’t trick me. This is extremely important to my entire race. I’m extremely grateful to her-”

“No, don’t be grateful. Next time, she’ll probably want to cut off our heads. Quick, help me out. Let me tell you what to do…”

Long Chen wanted her to open the coffins he pointed out, while he opened his own. In front of her startled eyes, the treasure inside the coffin disappeared. She didn’t even know what to say.

With Yue Xiaoqian helping, their efficiency doubled. In less than two hours, they had obtained over a hundred treasures.

Just as Long Chen was working rapidly, a terrifying and evil aura erupted.

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