Chapter 869 The Coffins’ Formations

All they saw was that Yu Changhao’s face had disappeared. No, more accurately, it was hidden by a brick.

This metallic brick was perfectly inlaid on his face. It was right in the middle.

This brick was something Long Chen had obtained in an underground tomb in the Jiuli secret realm. It was made of an extremely hard metal. The majority of them had been given to Guo Ran, but he had kept a few for himself.

When he had dodged Yu Changhao’s attack, he hadn’t even thought about it. He had just randomly thrown it at him, using it as a concealed weapon. As a result, this scene appeared, leaving everyone dumbfounded.

“Leng Yueyan could cut your face to the bone, while I can crush your face to your bone. But I didn’t expect your face to be even bigger than a brick. No wonder you dare to spout such big words,” said Long Chen coldly, standing with his hands clasped behind his back.

With great difficulty, Yu Changhao pulled the brick out of his face. It revealed his square-shaped face.

“Long Chen, if I don’t kill you today, then I won’t be Yu Changhao!”

Everyone was startled. This Yu Changhao was too powerful. Even though his face had been completely deformed, he still let out a heaven-shaking roar. Golden lines appeared on his body, and a terrifying pressure erupted. His wings spread and then slashed toward Long Chen.

Yu Changhao had truly gone berserk. He was using one of his core divine abilities. With his Golden Wing Blood Falcon’s bloodline, this attack’s power was horrifying.

Long Chen’s heart shook. Seeing the runes circulating on his wings, Long Chen didn’t dare to receive it head-on. He hastily shifted to the side.

A terrifying golden light shot by his body. An ear-piercing sound rang out in the air as if the void was being pierced.


That light pierced straight through a wall. The wall was instantly blown to bits, and a rumbling sound continued. It was unknown just how far this attack was going.


Just as everyone was horrified by Yu Changhao’s attack, space began to shake. Countless runes began to appear, causing everyone to jump and raise their defenses.

Those runes released terrifying spatial fluctuations. The world seemed to instantly become heavy as a great pressure descended on them.

“Heavens, they touched the mechanism! The formation is about to be released!” People let out startled cries as they saw the light barrier over the hill begin to dim.

It grew dimmer and dimmer, and in the end, it exploded like glass. A wild aura surged over them.

“The treasures have appeared!” Everyone hastily charged into the small hill.

Now that the treasures had appeared, Long Chen and Yu Changhao no longer had any desire to fight. They also charged toward that hill. Long Chen also noticed that once that light barrier had disappeared, the formation preventing magical arts had also disappeared.

“Long Chen, let’s split up,” said Yue Xiaoqian. She was already impatient to find her target.

Leng Yueyan had told her the general location of what she needed. She directly rushed off.

Long Chen nodded. This was also good. If they were together, it would make them appear too conspicuous. If they found a true treasure, it was all too easy for others to get jealous and bring trouble for them. Not revealing wealth was the way of the king.

Long Chen cursed Leng Yueyan inside. Before leaving, she had only told Yue Xiaoqian something, but not him. Truly unjust. Long Chen trusted that Leng Yueyan’s Voidpiercing Eyes had seen through many secrets, but she refused to share them with him.

Once Long Chen rushed over to the hill, he suddenly found that the hill also seemed to be rushing toward him. It was growing bigger and bigger.

Originally, it was just a hill ten meters tall. But only now when they were flying toward it did everyone realize that it was a huge mountain with a diameter measured in the tens of thousands of miles.

Primal chaos lingered around the mountain. An ancient and desolate aura filled the air, giving it an extremely ancient feel. Large mounds covered the entire mountain.

At this time, the cultivators to move first had already reached the mountain. One expert had just arrived in front of one of the mounds and reached toward the coffin.

The coffins had also grown with the mountain, but they still looked like ordinary coffins. They hadn’t changed a great deal.

That person had only just touched the coffin when countless runes on the coffin lit up, releasing a multicolored light. That person didn’t even get a chance to make a sound before he was blown into a blood mist.

“What?! There are more protective formations here?” Seeing that scene, everyone was horrified. They hastily summoned their Cries of the Heavenly Daos, forming layers of protection before they approached the coffins again.

One coffin was pushed open by a Corrupt expert. A soft light surged out, causing everyone to look over. But it was empty inside.

“It’s empty? Someone definitely came before us and took the treasure.” These coffins were all nourishing treasures. If the treasures inside them were taken away, according to reason, new ones would be put in. But once the Immemorial Path had been shattered, there had been no one to look after them. So it was very likely there were empty ones.

Thinking of that, suddenly, quite a few people rushed toward the coffin that had killed someone.

“Scram! This coffin is mine! I’ll kill whoever comes over!” Suddenly, a large man from the ancient races appeared. He waved his spear imposingly.

He was an innate rank three Celestial. Everyone came to a halt. There was a high chance that a treasure resided inside this coffin. But in front of an innate rank three Celestial from the ancient races, they didn’t dare to continue. They could only try to test their luck elsewhere.

Seeing that no one dared to approach, the ancient race expert slowly touched the coffin. The coffin immediately spat out a multicolored light at him.

He shouted icily, erupting with all his power, blocking the light. He pushed against the coffin’s lid.

Everyone’s expressions changed. That coffin’s lid was heavier than a mountain. It only budged bit by bit. Furthermore, it moved according to a set frequency, only slowly revealing the slightest opening after several breaths.

A desolate aura immediately erupted from that slightest opening, changing the ancient race expert’s expression. The space around him was pressing in on him, seeming to want to crush him.

“OPEN!” he roared, resisting that force. He brought out his full power, trying to see what was inside.

But no matter how he tried, that lid only moved according to a set slow speed. It took over ten breaths before a half-a-foot crack appeared.

“It’s a set of armor!”

From that crack, they finally saw the treasure. That armor should be an extremely powerful Treasure item from the runes and the aura of primal chaos that circulated around it.

Everyone’s eyes immediately turned red. These were Treasure items! And after going through the nourishing of these coffins, their spirituality had to be extremely high. Many of the people here didn’t even have the qualifications to possess a Treasure item yet.

That ancient race expert took a full incense stick’s worth of time before managing to open the coffin by a foot.

He was already impatient and felt that this was already enough. He no longer bothered pushing against the coffin. Instead, he reached in to grab the armor.

But what he didn’t expect was that as he stopped pushing the lid, it suddenly slammed shut.

“AH!” He let out a miserable scream as his arm was squeezed off. A portion of it was now within the coffin. The speed at which the coffin had closed had been too fast for him to react.

As soon as that person was injured, two others rushed over. They were covered with fur and should be from the same race as him. The two of them were previously guarding the outer perimeter. But now they came to give him a hand. With them working together, they quickly opened the coffin again. The rank three Celestial seemed wary and took out a long pair of pliers, carefully reaching it into the coffin to take the armor.


The pliers had just entered the coffin when the lid once more instantly shut. Those Enchanted-level pliers were blown apart, and his own hands turned bloody. The two helping him were sent flying, vomiting blood.

Everyone’s heart shook. It seemed they had to obediently follow the rules of this place and completely open the coffin before taking what was inside.

Although everyone had entered, they had all been watching this fellow as an experiment. What happened to him proved that they had been right to wait. The lessons he had taught them paved their own paths.

Long Chen walked around the entire mountain. There were tens of thousands of coffins scattered randomly throughout the mountain.

He also saw where Yue Xiaoqian was. Since she had known the origin of these coffins, she should also know how to open them. There shouldn’t be any problems.

At this time, all the experts finally set into motion, choosing their own targets. They were smart people, first rushing to the side of the coffin. If no runic attack appeared, then those coffins had to be empty and there was no need to waste time. They moved on.

Yu Changhao had already set into motion. But Long Chen was surprised to see Xue You with his eyes closed. However, his third eye was open, seemed to be sensing something.

“Fuck it, although my luck’s bad, if I don’t do anything, even being lucky wouldn’t have any use.” Long Chen cursed inside and rushed toward the peak of the mountain. There were slightly fewer people there.

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