Chapter 868 Who Let You Be a Poser

“Fuck off!”


A crisp sound rang out. Long Chen had been speaking with Yue Xiaoqian, and Yu Changhao suddenly attacked him. Long Chen instinctively slapped him across the face in his fury.

Originally, Long Chen had already been stifling his anger because of Leng Yueyan. Now this idiot had come to release his own wrath. How could Long Chen’s slap possibly not be vicious? Yu Changhao’s face immediately deformed, and he flew back at almost twice the speed.

He slammed into a huge stone pillar. As a result, it was blown to bits.

That stone pillar had runes supporting it, making it extremely sturdy. It was clear just how hard Yu Changhao had crashed into it.

This attack caused everyone to become sluggish. Yu Changhao had just been injured by Leng Yueyan. That was still reasonable, as Leng Yueyan was extremely famous.

But now he was facing Long Chen. Before he could even get close to him, he was sent flying by a slap in the face. And it was clear he hadn’t even had a chance to block.

A face slap was an extremely humiliating thing. Normally, only someone who was several times stronger, or even dozens of times stronger, would be able to use it against someone.

This slap not only caused Yu Changhao to become dizzy, but it also caused everyone else to be dumbfounded. This was just too shocking.

They didn’t know that Long Chen’s face-slapping art had been trained thousands of times through the faces of countless experts. It had already reached a kind of divine realm. For Yu Changhao to try to defeat Long Chen in one move to erase his humiliation, this sorrowful ending was only natural.

“Long Chen, I will tear you apart piece by piece!” Yu Changhao suddenly soared into the air, his face twisted in a sinister expression. He shot toward him.

“Xiaoqian, you provide support for me. I’ll teach this birdman a lesson.” Long Chen stamped on the ground and shot up, smashing a fist at Yu Changhao.


Their two fists collided, causing a powerful explosive sound. The entire ground rocked, startling everyone.

“What power! What monstrous physical strength!”

With the formation here, in this forbidden zone, no magical arts could be used, nor could they draw in the world’s energy for their own use. This collision was entirely from the power of their physical bodies.

The Feather race was an ancient race. Their bodies were extremely powerful, and they were famed even within the ancient era. Amongst the Eastern Wasteland’s ancient races, the power of their physical bodies could be ranked number one.

“You want to tear me apart piece by piece? Then today, I’ll pluck all your feathers off one by one!” Long Chen’s voice was like thunder, and another fist once more smashed toward Yu Changhao. In truth, part of his fury stemmed from Leng Yueyan.

Without having had a place to release the fury she had given him, he used Yu Changhao to vent. With Yu Changhao having said that he was his prey before the opening of the Immemorial Path, there were multiple factors causing his fury to soar.

“Today, I will definitely kill you!” Yu Changhao was also infuriated. Today had been too stifling for him. He had been injured by Leng Yueyan just now. If he was quibbling, he could say that Leng Yueyan had taken advantage of her speed to catch him off guard. But Long Chen’s slap in the face had been too resounding. It hadn’t just slapped across his face, it had also slapped across his heart and also his arrogant soul.

Yu Changhao became covered in Blood Qi that formed a layer of light. It wasn’t a magical art, but his core energy.

“Spirit Blood?” Long Chen was startled. Did Yu Changhao also possess Spirit Blood?


Their two attacks once more collided. Long Chen felt his blood flipping within him. This time, Yu Changhao’s power was extremely monstrous.

He was a bit surprised, but Yu Changhao was even more surprised. Long Chen’s guess was correct; this truly was the power of his Spirit Blood. But his Spirit Blood wasn’t pure and couldn’t compare to Leng Yueyan’s.

He was only able to use a portion of his Spirit Blood’s power. Just that little bit was enough to allow his power to multiply and normally make him unrivaled.

But today, in terms of absolute power, he had run into his match. Long Chen’s own power was shockingly great, and he wasn’t able to get the slightest advantage.

Having failed to get an advantage with this attack, his fists opened to become claws. His fingers were like hooks. He rapidly stretched his claws toward Long Chen’s shoulders at a crafty angle. He clearly excelled in close-range fighting.

Furthermore, at this moment, his claws became a faint golden color, and a layer of light appeared on them.

Long Chen took half a step back, just barely dodging. But what he didn’t expect was for the claws to suddenly extend. They instantly reached his shoulders. Long Chen hastily gave up his attack and shot back. Dots of blood appeared on his shoulders.

“What a bizarre attack!” The experts present couldn’t help being horrified. How could a person’s arms suddenly grow half a foot longer?

“Yu Changhao is the Golden Wing Blood Falcon’s descendant. His physical body is extremely powerful, and with the power of his bloodline, his physical body is comparable to Treasure items. For Long Chen to fight him barehanded is suicide!” sneered one of the ancient race experts. He clearly didn’t think Long Chen could keep himself alive in front of Yu Changhao.

Although he had previously slapped him in the face, that was just an accident. It didn’t represent that he truly had the ability to fight Yu Changhao.

“Bird claws? They’re pretty good.” Long Chen looked at his blood and snorted. Circulating his primal chaos bead, his injuries instantly healed. “Watch how I slap you.”

Long Chen shot forward, his left hand streaking toward Yu Changhao’s face. That infuriated Yu Changhao, and his claws reached out, one from above and one from below. As long as he managed to grab Long Chen’s arm, he would instantly tear it off.

Yu Changhao sneered when he saw that Long Chen wasn’t able to see how strong this move of his was. His arm was just about to fall into a deathtrap. He could already see the sight of Long Chen screaming miserably as his arm was torn off.


Yu Changhao’s claws had only just touched Long Chen’s arm when a strange hand that seemed to move straight through space viciously slapped across his face.

The sound was too resounding; it made everyone’s eardrums shake. Yu Changhao had been too focused on tearing off Long Chen’s arm, and he had neglected Long Chen’s divine face-slapping technique. The main thing was that he was just too confident in his claws.

The result proved that the majority of those who drowned knew how to swim. Yu Changhao’s overconfidence led to his downfall. Long Chen’s slap contained all his power, and Yu Changhao’s face caved in. The sound of bones breaking caused people to feel a chill in their hearts.

Yu Changhao shot back like a cannonball. He smashed into a wall, and the entire underground cavern shook.

“Heavens, what is going on?” Everyone was horrified. This sudden turn of events had come out of nowhere. They had just seen Yu Changhao’s leap in power. Just as they had thought he would easily defeat Long Chen, he had been slapped in the face again, but this time by ten times the power. People had even seen his face caved in as he had shot back. This attack had been too vicious.

They felt their scalps turn numb. This was the result when Yu Changhao with his incredibly powerful physical body was struck. If it had been anyone else, this kind of power would have definitely caused their head to blow to bits.


Shattered rocks erupted as Yu Changhao flew out of the rubble.

“AHH!” He let out a furious roar. He had already reached a berserk state.

“Ah your mother. Who would want to hear you singing!”


Yu Changhao had just flown out and roared to release his fury. But his roar was cut short by another slap.

Long Chen had long since expected this idiot to do something to express his anger once he flew out. That was precisely what these arrogant idiots often did. He had been waiting, and as soon as Yu Changhao appeared, he had already shot forward to slap him. This kind of attack with no killing intent was the hardest to sense.

Yu Changhao was once more sent flying. But this time, Long Chen had sent him in a certain direction. He was shooting toward the hill.

Yu Changhao flew towards the hill like a shooting star, and everyone let out a startled cry. That formation did not allow others to touch it. That previous rank three Celestial had been exterminated by the formation, and even his Treasure item had been destroyed.

Hearing their startled cries and sensing an immense feeling of danger, Yu Changhao knew that the results would be too miserable to imagine if he really struck this light barrier.

The runes on his wings erupted with light, and he forcibly stabilized. He just barely managed to stop a few feet away from the light barrier. He hastily shot away, distancing himself from it.

Only once he was further away did he feel slightly safer. Regretfully, due to that sudden crisis, he had forgotten that there was an existence even more terrifying than that light barrier rushing toward him right now.

By the time Yu Changhao recalled Long Chen’s existence, his elegant long hair was caught in both of Long Chen’s hands. Long Chen pulled, and a hard knee smashed into Yu Changhao’s arrogant nose.

“Who let you be a poser… who let you be a poser… who let you be a poser…”

Loud bangs resounded throughout the air. In front of everyone’s shocked gazes, Long Chen’s knee continuously slammed into Yu Changhao’s nose.

“DIE!” Yu Changhao suddenly let out a furious roar. His wings were like two sharp blades that slashed toward Long Chen.

Long Chen’s heart shook. His wings possessed a power that caused his heart to pound. He hastily released Yu Changhao, viciously kicking him in the chest and using that power to retreat. At the same time, he viciously flung out a brick. 


Yu Changhao’s wings slammed together, causing heaven and earth to shake. But his attack had missed.

He had only just stabilized himself. But when everyone saw his face, they were dumbfounded.

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