Chapter 867 Trying to Show Off But Failing

Long Chen was startled, thinking Leng Yueyan had attacked Yue Xiaoqian. But that azure light was just a spiritual imprint, and it didn’t possess any offensive power.

Yue Xiaoqian extended a hand and caught it. The light disappeared, but Yue Xiaoqian was delighted. “Many thanks, big sister!”

Leng Yueyan shook her head. “Although there’s nothing I need inside, I still owe you a favor. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have recognized what these coffins were. I, Leng Yueyan, dislike owing favors. Now that I’ve returned it, we’ll be enemies the next time we meet, because next time, I will cut down this fellow.”

After saying that, Leng Yueyan walked away in front of everyone’s uncomprehending gazes. She clearly was intent on leaving.

Long Chen also didn’t comprehend it. Leng Yueyan had clearly told Yue Xiaoqian something, but for her to leave just like this surprised him.

Seeing her leave, everyone relaxed. With her here, the pressure was just too great, especially in this region where magical arts were forbidden. Her speed was too shocking, and without magical arts, they wouldn’t even have a chance to run.

“Hahaha, I didn’t expect this place to be so lively. Even some legendary figures have appeared. Looks like my luck isn’t bad.” Suddenly, a thunderous laugh rang out from the sky. A large figure with wings floated down slowly.

“Yu Changhao?”

Everyone was startled. The only people that naturally had wings in the Eastern Wasteland were the Feather race. Furthermore, this person’s incredibly powerful aura meant he had to be their number one expert, Yu Changhao.

Yu Changhao floated within this forbidden zone, as his wings were not formed through a magical art. In this region, perhaps he was the only one capable of flying.

Once he arrived, he stopped right in front of Leng Yueyan.

Leng Yueyan paused and icily looked at him. “Scram!”

Yu Changhao didn’t get angry. In fact, he laughed. “As expected, you’re just like the legends. I’ve long since heard the grand name of the arrogant god-like Devil Empress Leng Yueyan. Excellent, you’re very much to my taste. Only a woman like you is worthy of me subduing.”

Leng Yueyan examined Yu Changhao and shook her head. “I’m not interested in a man like you. Get out of my way. I still have things to do, and I’m too busy to kill people!”

Yu Changhao was slightly surprised. Although he had long since heard that Leng Yueyan was incomparably arrogant, he hadn’t expected her to treat him like he was nothing.

“A wild horse is the best. Hehe, then let me see whether I can subdue you or not!” Yu Changhao snorted and extended a hand toward Leng Yueyan’s chest. He was originally three hundred meters from her, but as he moved, he suddenly appeared before her. Almost nobody was able to see how he had done that.

“Your speed’s not bad, but it’ll still not enough,” said Leng Yueyan indifferently. Suddenly, her bone blade slashed through the air.

Her terrifying speed made it look like she was directly cutting through space. People even saw the space around her sword twist.

That wasn’t from a magical art, but something that would happen when something’s speed was pushed to the pinnacle. When Leng Yueyan had attacked Long Chen, no one had seen it clearly since they hadn’t been expecting it. It was like it had ended before starting.

This time, they had long since been waiting with rapt attention. But even so, they were only able to see that blade’s image flash for a moment. They were fundamentally incapable of tracking her sword with their eyes.

Leng Yueyan’s sword was slashing straight toward Yu Changhao’s throat with her terrifying speed and at a crafty angle. Yu Changhao, who had long since been prepared, snorted. He continued with his claw, while his other hand reached toward her sword.

Leng Yueyan’s mouth curled into a smile of ridicule. When he saw that smile, Yu Changhao finally had a bad feeling. But as a peak expert, he had confidence in his move.

Just as his hand was about to touch her bone blade, countless tiny runes appeared on his palm. That wasn’t a magical art, but his bloodline runes. They were also his core runes. This formation did not strip him of those.

This was one of Yu Changhao’s most effective moves. Countless experts had fallen to this move. He had absolute confidence in it, which was why he dared to block Leng Yueyan’s bone blade with his bare hand. Even if it was a Treasure item, he had confidence in stopping it within one breath’s time.

That was enough to determine victory or defeat. This was a move he had tempered through countless battles and the lives of countless experts.

His hand caught Leng Yueyan’s sword. Yu Changhao was delighted, thinking to himself that Leng Yueyan was only at this level. As expected, rumors were always exaggerated. He smiled.

But that smile quickly disappeared, because he was horrified to sense fluctuations constantly coming from the bone sword. His hand only caught it for a moment before it slicked through his grasp as if it was covered in oil. It was impossible for him to hold it.

Leng Yueyan’s slash turned into a pierce. Her bone sword was now piercing straight toward his head.

Yu Changhao was horrified. He had no choice but to stop his attack. The hand grabbing the bone blade fiercely pulled away, causing her attack to deviate.

But just at that moment, he found that the bone sword began to release an absorptive force. It pulled him in closer. Leng Yueyan seemed to have long since expected all of this, and the moment he tried to pull her sword away, she used that opportunity to escape his grasp. Even with Yu Changhao’s quick reactions, he still staggered forward half a step.

“Not good!”

Just at that moment, the soft absorptive force from the bone blade disappeared. It slashed straight toward his head. If this attack struck, half his head would be sliced off.

The wings behind Yu Changhao’s body suddenly lit up, and he shot back. It was like something had fiercely pulled him from behind.

This happened incredibly quickly. It was over in the blink of an eye. People felt like their vision had merely blurred for an instant before everything became still.

Yu Changhao was back in his original position, three hundred meters from Leng Yueyan. It was like that exchange hadn’t even happened.

Leng Yueyan sheathed her bone blade and indifferently said, “You want to subdue me with just this little ability? I have to admire your courage. Your speed is insufficient, and your battle techniques are also not good enough. Perhaps by relying on your core energy, you can fight me for a short while, but you don’t even have a ten percent chance of defeating me. Letting you see some of your own blood can count as an admonishment for your arrogance. If I didn’t have more pressing matters, this world would no longer have a Yu Changhao.”

Leng Yueyan’s icy voice was beautiful, but it caused everyone to feel a chill. They saw a stream of blood coming from Yu Changhao’s forehead.

Yu Changhao had managed to block her fatal attack, but he had still been injured. From that injury, it was possible to see bone. If he had just been the slightest bit slower, he would be dead.

Just as everyone was filled with shock, Leng Yueyan stamped lightly on the ground and shot into the sky.

Once free from the formation, a pair of runic wings appeared on her back. Her scarlet dress danced in the wind, making her look like a goddess. Her sapphire eyes locked onto Long Chen. “Long Chen, you’re the man I care about the most. Don’t disappoint me. Next time we meet, I hope you can block my attack.”

After saying that, Leng Yueyan’s wings flapped, and she disappeared in front of their gazes.

Crazy, absolutely crazy. Long Chen raged to himself. Just how had he brought such a crazy woman upon himself?

“Xiaoqian, what did she say to you?” Long Chen asked Yue Xiaoqian secretly using a spiritual message. This kind of spiritual message was something that could only be used between two people that trusted each other.

If they were strangers, both parties wouldn’t want to accept the spiritual message. If someone had evil intentions, they could use a spiritual attack during the transmission while the other party’s guard was down.

As for that azure light Leng Yueyan had shot out, it was a different kind of spiritual message. Yue Xiaoqian had been able to safely accept it.

“That big sister said-”

“Don’t call her big sister. She’s just a crazy woman, and my enemy. Don’t get tricked,” warned Long Chen. Yue Xiaoqian had pitifully little experience. It was best if she didn’t mistake Leng Yueyan for an ally. After all, Leng Yueyan was a vicious character. Being merciful to her was suicidal.

“Okay. She told me that there is something I need within one of these coffins,” said Yue Xiaoqian.

“Her Voidpiercing Eyes are said to be able to pierce through all fabrications to see the truth. Perhaps she really did see something. Although she’s crazy, there’s not much of a problem when it comes to her trustworthiness,” said Long Chen.

“She isn’t tricking me. I am extremely sensitive to other people’s lies, and that sense is unrelated to cultivation base. I’m sure,” said Yue Xiaoqian.

“Alright, then we’ll trust her this once. But even if we know this, it’s useless. With this protective formation, we can’t go in.” Long Chen couldn’t help but curse Leng Yueyan inside. If she wanted to be a good person, she should have acted good all the way until the end. If they weren’t able to get through his formation, what she had told them would be useless.

Just as Long Chen was wondering how to get through this formation, the others finally recovered from their shock at Leng Yueyan and Yu Changhao’s exchange.

Although that had been a simple exchange, it had contained the essence of battle, the essence of the Martial Dao. There was a great deal that could be learned from it.

Yu Changhao also only recovered from his shock now. He had never expected Leng Yueyan to be this powerful. He was also furious.

His previous words had truly been too arrogant. Now he had fallen into this miserable state in front of countless elites. It could be said that he had lost all his face.

At this time, Yu Changhao saw Yue Xiaoqian whispering to Long Chen. It was unknown whether it was because of what Leng Yueyan had said just before leaving, but his fury immediately erupted.

“Die!” Yu Changhao’s wings lit up as he shot toward Long Chen with incredible speed. One of his claws reached toward his throat.

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