Chapter 866 Digging Holes and Filling Mounds

Long Chen was unable to figure out this beautiful killing goddess. But in the end, he and Yue Xiaoqian still decided to follow her.

There was a hill with a diameter of around thirty meters. It looked like a fake mountain, as there were little mounds on it. In front of those mounds were coffins.

Long Chen couldn’t help but find this curious. Coffins should have been buried underground. Why would they be left outside? That made no sense.

“How strange. Long Chen, what do you say? What is going on here?” Leng Yueyan suddenly turned back.

Long Chen was just about to answer with how the hell was he supposed to know, when he suddenly smiled. “I know. But why do I have to tell you?”

Leng Yueyan was startled. She hadn’t expected him to know such an ancient secret. At first, she wanted to say something, but seeing that he appeared hostile, she chose to stay silent for a moment.

“If you tell me, I will forever protect one of your secrets,” she said suddenly, glancing at Yue Xiaoqian.


“I, Leng Yueyan, disdain lying,” she said indifferently. That voice was full of her arrogance.

“Alright, that’s what you said. You better keep your word…” Hearing Long Chen’s words, although the others didn’t dare to get closer, they perked up their ears. After investigating for this long, they still hadn’t managed to solve this riddle.

“In truth, burying coffins usually requires three people to be most efficient. One person digs the hole, one person buries the coffin, and one person fills the mound. According to my vast experience, just from one small clue, the truth reveals itself to me. I would be so bold as to conclude through my careful analysis that…” said Long Chen.

“Conclude what?” Leng Yueyan didn’t say anything, so it was Yue Xiaoqian that urged him on.

“That on that day, the person in charge of burying the coffin didn’t come to work. So one person dug the hole, one person filled the mound, but then the coffin was just left outside,” said Long Chen with absolute certainty.

Everyone’s expressions became odd. They all glared at Long Chen. What kind of dogshit logic was this? Having been listening so carefully, they felt like they had been duped.

“Long Chen, do you believe me when I say I’ll kill you right now?” Leng Yueyan’s expression finally became a bit angry. In all her memories, this was the first time someone dared to try to dupe her.

“Hm, did you make some kind of mistake? Didn’t you just say that if I told you, you’d forever protect one of my secrets? I’ve already told you my deduction, but you immediately became hostile. Hmph, it seems that I recall a certain someone saying something like I, Leng Yueyan, disdain lying? What, you regret it so quickly?” said Long Chen, even imitating her tone. But his imitation was a bit exaggerated, and instead of seeming like a killing god, he seemed like an effeminate man.

Everyone felt a chill. Long Chen really was crazy. Even if he wanted to die so badly, did he have to provoke Leng Yueyan?

Seeing Leng Yueyan’s unchanging expression finally become angry, Long Chen felt refreshed inside. After being stabbed, he hadn’t been able to retaliate. Now they were even.

But he was still on guard. If Leng Yueyan really released her anger, who knew how crazy she would become?

“Hahahahaha…” But contrary to all expectations, Leng Yueyan laughed. Her laughter was beautiful, but somehow gave people an uncomfortable feeling, like they were being summoned by a death god.

“Hehe, don’t be so petty. It was just a joke,” laughed Long Chen. He finally experienced how shameless and refreshing it was to attack others while not letting them take offense.

Just like how Leng Yueyan had stabbed him and acted like it was a joke, he had finally succeeded in counterattacking.

“Truly worthy of being the man I’ve taken a fancy to. You’re much more brazen than others. More and more, I'm looking forward to our battle. Be careful, because the next time we speak, your head might be in my hands. Then there wouldn’t be anything fun to play,” said Leng Yueyan, her sapphire eyes sparkling.

“Truly worthy of being the woman I’ve taken a fancy to. You’re much more beautiful than others. More and more, I’m looking forward to our battle. Be careful, because the next time we speak, I might have already subdued you to make you warm my bed. Hehe, then we’d have something fun to play.”

Long Chen laughed. Originally, he had just been talking randomly, but when he spoke of subduing Leng Yueyan, his heart began to pound. That was something far too challenging but also enticing.

Yue Xiaoqian looked from Long Chen to Leng Yueyan. She suddenly realized something and smiled slightly. “Don’t fight. Let me explain. This is a kind of empty coffin blood burial. These coffins are empty, with the corpses buried underground. The bottom of the coffins have evil suppressing runes that prevent the corpses from being contaminated. According to legend, in the ancient era, the devil races’ souls continued to exist even after they died. They become a form of energy that can’t be extinguished with martial might. To have them completely die required formations to exhaust their energy. However, these coffins are also a bit different from those. Their front is narrow while their back is wide. They are the very rarely seen item nourishing empty coffins.”

“Item nourishing empty coffins? I have heard of that. People suppress devil corpses within the burial mound, while the coffins extract their energy to nourish the item inside the coffin,” said Leng Yueyan.

Hearing this, everyone was shocked. Using a devil corpse’s essence soul to nourish items would make the items much stronger.

However, this hill was covered by a layer of light. It was a formation, and they had been trying things for a long time without managing to open it.

Previously, there had been a rank three Celestial with a powerful Treasure item, and he had tried to charge his way in. As a result, the formation had directly killed him. Even the Treasure item had shattered. No one else had dared to be impulsive after that.

“Xiaoqian, you really are amazing. I find you’re a combination of beauty and smarts. The heavens blessed you with both fairy-like beauty and a god-like wisdom. Clearly, the heavens were worried that your aspects would be disharmonized,” praised Long Chen.

Yue Xiaoqian smiled bashfully. Although her veil covered most of her face, just what was revealed was enough to topple cities. All women liked having their beauty praised, especially by the person they liked. But having it done in front of this many people, she glared at Long Chen.

“Long Chen, you bastard, are you trying to curse me for only having an empty shell and no head?!” raged Leng Yueyan. Killing intent surfaced from her, one that it made it seem like space was freezing.

Everyone jumped but Long Chen smiled. “Beauty, you’re overthinking it. Please don’t take a random comment as a personal attack.”

His voice was extremely calm, but his meaning was very obvious. Yes, he had done that intentionally. Everyone had to praise his guts. He was a true man.

Not everyone had the courage to tease a killing goddess. Even those from the Corrupt path had to admire him. But their admiration contained some mockery, as well as delight in his misfortunate. They wished Leng Yueyan would kill him right here and now.

“Just wait.” Leng Yueyan glared at Long Chen for a moment before ignoring him, continuing toward the mountain.

Long Chen dithered more and more, maintaining a somewhat safe distance.

This mountain was covered in mounds, thousands of them. But each one of them was only the size of a palm.

“Xiaoqian, what could be inside these coffins? Do these coffins have their own spaces?” asked Long Chen.

Before Yue Xiaoqian could reply, Leng Yueyan said, “You don’t even know about spatial formations, but you still dared to come out adventuring? The fact that you could live until today is a miracle. Having a brain is a good thing. I just wish everyone had one.”

“You!” raged Long Chen.

“Long Chen, this big sister is right. This defensive barrier is a spatial formation. In truth, this is a huge mountain, and when these coffins aren’t in compressed space, they will also grow larger. They just look small now,” said Yue Xiaoqian.

Long Chen hadn’t come into contact with many spatial formations, and as a result, Leng Yueyan had immediately found a foothold to strike back without Long Chen being able to retaliate. Who asked him not to have vast enough knowledge?

Suddenly, Leng Yueyan closed her eyes and formed hand seals. A powerful pressure suddenly erupted from her. Her robes and hair danced, making her look like an immortal.

But at the same time, endless Blood Qi filled the air. The aura made people want to prostrate themselves before her. Long Chen’s heart shook as this aura was very familiar. It was a sign she was about to use her Spirit Blood.

Although she didn’t summon that illusory figure, this aura was definitely the aura of her Spirit Blood.

When Leng Yueyan reopened her eyes, runes were sparkling within them. A ray of light shot into the light barrier.

“What terrifying Voidpiercing Eyes. She’s actually capable of clearly seeing everything inside!” Yue Xiaoqian let out a startled cry.

Everyone was shocked. Leng Yueyan was terrifying. Just using her eyes, she could cause the formation to shake unsteadily. Even a powerful force was erupting from the light barrier. Those who had never seen her before finally realized how terrifying this legendary person was. Just the slightest bit of her power could kill them.

“A pity. There’s nothing in here that I want.” After a moment, Leng Yueyan retracted her aura. Her eyes dimmed and everything returned to normal. However, she was clearly a bit weary. That probing of hers had to have been extremely taxing.

Leng Yueyan glanced at Long Chen, and suddenly she extended her hand. An azure light shot toward Yue Xiaoqian.

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