Chapter 865 Suppressing Everyone Present

Leng Yueyan’s arrival caused a formless, murderous aura to fill the entire space. It was like this space had become a bloody hell because of her arrival. The atmosphere instantly became tense, and those with weaker wills began to sweat.

Her arrival shocked everyone present. But her gaze was only on Long Chen. “Good, worthy of the man I’ve taken a fancy to. In such a short time, you’ve improved so much. However, with just this little power, wanting to subdue me and making it so I can’t even fight back is impossible.”

No one dared to make a sound. Leng Yueyan’s aura was too powerful, powerful to the point that even breathing was difficult.

Long Chen immediately felt awkward. He really had screwed himself up, bragging right before being exposed. He felt like he had slapped his own face, and not lightly.

Seeing her sapphire eyes locked onto him, he felt like his face was burning. He raged, “So what? I want to subdue you; do you have any objections?”

His words caused everyone’s hearts to shake. Subdue Leng Yueyan? Just how many times would his head be severed on that night? Although Leng Yueyan was peerlessly beautiful, the icy killing intent coming from her made it so that others couldn’t feel her beauty in the slightest. In fact, they weren’t even able to treat her as a woman. She was more like a killing goddess.

Leng Yueyan merely smiled. “No objections. If you want to subdue me, it’s no problem. I just hope you don’t let me kill you before that day.”

Leng Yueyan suddenly fell from the sky. Originally, she had been descending slowly, but once she crossed a certain boundary, the wings behind her disappeared. No magical arts were permitted here.

She landed on the ground. Everyone around her immediately fled, as if being near her was like standing before the gates of hell.

Even Xue You fled, hiding further away. He held his sword, his guard raised. He was clearly terrified that Leng Yueyan would kill him. In this region, he was unable to use his magical arts, so he would be at an immense disadvantage.

The only comforting thing was that Leng Yueyan didn’t even look at him. But it was also extremely infuriating that she would only look at Long Chen.

Long Chen acted calm on the outside, but he had already made his preparations for an immense battle. He didn’t dare to be the slightest bit careless in front of Leng Yueyan.

Leng Yueyan was thirty meters away from Long Chen. That was a safe distance to him, as magical arts were forbidden.

“Oh… you…” Leng Yueyan suddenly glanced at the veiled Yue Xiaoqian with shock.

“Not good! She has Voidpiercing Eyes!” Long Chen’s heart skipped a beat.

“Long Chen, her Voidpiercing Eyes have already seen through my identity!” said Yue Xiaoqian to Long Chen.

“Don’t be afraid. The worst case is that we’ll have to kill everyone here!” Long Chen made his determination. If Leng Yueyan exposed Yue Xiaoqian, he wouldn’t hesitate to pay any price to kill everyone here.

Leng Yueyan’s Voidpiercing Eyes caused the two of them to feel extremely uneasy. If they were exposed here in front of others, they would immediately be attacked by everyone.

Yue Xiaoqian was most afraid of implicating Long Chen. For her, the worst case was leaving the Immemorial Path and forever staying in the Skyscraping World. But Long Chen would be hunted down on the Martial Heaven Continent no matter where he went.

“Do you know what you’re doing?” Leng Yueyan looked at Long Chen indifferently. But she wasn’t speaking. Instead, she was mouthing her words so only Long Chen and Leng Yueyan could know what she was saying.

“Of course. I hope you can protect this secret,” responded Long Chen in the same manner.

“Hmph, that’s impossible. I don’t want to deal with troublesome things. If you kill her right now, I can consider keeping your secret.” Leng Yueyan stared at Long Chen, seeming to see through his inner heart.

“No one can kill her unless they step over my corpse. If you refuse to keep it secret, then I’m sorry, but I can only kill you.” Long Chen raised his broadsword.

Yue Xiaoqian’s eyes were wet. His simple words caused her to feel the warmth of being protected. She also raised her sword. If Long Chen were to attack, she wouldn’t mind using her core energy to kill everyone here. She didn’t want to implicate him.

“Hahaha, not bad, not bad, truly worthy of being the man I’ve taken a fancy to. I like this stubbornness of yours.” What Long Chen and Yue Xiaoqian hadn’t expected was for Leng Yueyan to suddenly laugh, and her laughter sounded happy.

The others weren’t able to understand what was going on. Seeing them draw their weapons, they had thought Leng Yueyan would immediately attack them. But now she suddenly laughed. They found it inconceivable.

Long Chen couldn’t help being delighted. But he didn’t dare to say it out loud. Looking at Leng Yueyan, he suddenly said out loud, “I find that you’re growing more and more beautiful.”


Leng Yueyan laughed. Her laughter was especially beautiful when combined with her sapphire eyes. Even Yue Xiaoqian became absent-minded for a moment.

Suddenly, Leng Yueyan shot at Long Chen, her bone sword stabbing toward his heart. Her speed was absolutely incomparable.


Long Chen hastily blocked with his broadsword. It was fortunate the broadsword was wide enough, so even caught off-guard, it managed to block Leng Yueyan’s attack. Long Chen was knocked back several steps, his blood leaping within him.

“If I’m like this, do you still feel I’m beautiful?” Leng Yueyan resheathed her sword after that one attack. It seemed she was teasing him, as if she had just made a joke to him.

“You really are mentally ill!”

Long Chen was startled and infuriated, and he couldn’t help but curse. Leng Yueyan’s attack had been incredibly quick and vicious. If he had been struck, it really was possible he would have been killed without even having a chance to heal.

She had been so amicable and laughed, but she turned hostile in the blink of an eye, wanting to take his life. Everyone was silent. Only Long Chen’s furious roar continued to echo.

Everyone felt a chill. Even Xue You was no exception. When Leng Yueyan had attacked, it was like it had happened in an instant. Before they could react, it was already over. It was too fast.

The name of the Devil Empress Leng Yueyan was even more illustrious than Xue You. There were no experts who didn’t know it. Now seeing her terrifying speed, they turned pale.

With such speed, even if they were on guard, they wouldn’t be able to block. It could be said that other than a few experts that could be counted on their fingers, Leng Yueyan could kill anyone she wanted here without wasting a second move.

Furthermore, it was also shocking that Long Chen could block this attack. His reaction was also monstrous.

They didn’t know that Long Chen had already fought a life and death battle against Leng Yueyan. He was a bit familiar with her moves, and it was only because of his instinctive reaction that he had managed to block it.

Seeing Long Chen roaring furiously like an angry lion, Leng Yueyan smiled. “Didn’t I just stab you once? You don’t need to be so petty. Look, there are so many people there, but I don’t bother stabbing them. That proves that in my eyes, you’re different from them!”

“Fuck off! Go stab them then and see if they’ll be so magnanimous!” raged Long Chen.

His words caused everyone to turn green. They once more fled like startled rabbits. They were now basically on the border of this space. Inside, they cursed Long Chen to death.

Yue Xiaoqian was shocked. She had never seen such speed. Leng Yueyan could attack without making any signs, meaning her attack had come essentially before she had even thought about attacking, the opposite of an ordinary person. This attack exceeded her understanding.

“I’ve already said it was just a joke. If I really wanted to kill you, I would tell you beforehand. Can you still not resolve your temper? However, your reactions and power really are not bad. Only by getting stronger can you think of picking up girls. Not bad, not bad, did anything happen between the two of you?” Leng Yueyan looked from Long Chen to Yue Xiaoqian, her sapphire eyes sweeping over their bodies.

“Does that have a damn thing to do with you?!” raged Long Chen. He still hadn’t calmed down from his fury. He thought Leng Yueyan had failed to live up to his confidence. This was a kind of deception, which made it hard for him to accept.

He suddenly had an urge to release all his power and have a fight with her. But she was smiling innocently, making it so he couldn’t attack. The feeling of not being able to release his anger was stifling.

Having Leng Yueyan’s gaze sweep over her body, Yue Xiaoqian suddenly turned red, fury in her eyes.

“Oh, you’re still a virgin? It seems your relationship hasn’t developed to that point. Regretful, regretful. Oh, Long Chen, who would have thought that you’re also a virgin?” Leng Yueyan suddenly looked at Long Chen with shock.

“Fuck off, just who is a virgin? I have countless experiences with women and am a seasoned veteran. In fact, others nicknamed me the Adamantine Golden Spear. Do you even understand what the expression that young women like older men means?” raged Long Chen. In this era, calling men virgins was a kind of insult.

“Long Chen, don’t be so crass!” Yue Xiaoqian reddened.

The distant experts looked at them oddly. They felt like the world was going crazy. This was the legendary Devil Empress that killed people without blinking, the Leng Yueyan that had walked a path of broken bones? Why did it seem more like they were flirting?

“Tch, I won’t lower myself to your level. I’m going to go see what treasure is inside. If you aren’t afraid of me suddenly killing you, you can come with me!” said Leng Yueyan. Just like that, she began walking toward the center.

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