Chapter 863 Riddle (Teaser)

In that mural, the humans had just defeated the winged devils and were celebrating. They had gathered to kowtow in front of a group of people.

There were men and women in that group. They were standing in the air, sacred and holy, graceful and grand. The shocking thing was that there was a mark on their foreheads.

That mark was indistinct, but Long Chen could see that it was extremely similar to the one that appeared on Yue Xiaoqian when she released her core energy. Even the feeling he got from it was similar.

“Xiaoqian, are they your original devil race’s members?” asked Long Chen.

“I seem to be able to sense a familiar aura from their bodies, especially from those race marks on their foreheads. Even if they aren’t members of the original devil race, they should have a relationship with us. But look, in that era, the human race was so respectful to us, practically worshipping us. If they are really members of the original devil race, how could the original devil race have ended up being the public enemy of the entire world?” A...

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