Chapter 862 Ancient Murals (Teaser)

Yue Xiaoqian didn’t even look. Her sword slashed out behind, cutting the figure in two. It rapidly merged with the ground.

“The shadow ghouls are getting stronger and stronger, as well as more berserk. Injuring them isn’t difficult, but killing them would exhaust quite a bit of soul energy. It’s not really worth it,” said Yue Xiaoqian.

“Then it’s fine. You save your energy. If any shadow ghouls appear, just leave them to me.” Long Chen smiled.

As expected, they had only gone a few more miles when another figure shot at them from a crack in the ground.

A bolt of lightning flew by and struck it, turning it into smoke. That shadow ghoul was killed in one attack.

“What terrifying thunderforce. It even contains an aura of annihilation. That’s something only heavenly tribulation lightning could possess. Is your lightning…” Yue Xiaoqian was shocked.

“Nothing can be hidden from you. Yes, my thunderforce was gathered from tribulation lightning.” Long Chen found that Yue Xiaoqian was too learned. There was nothing she didn’t know.

“How is that possible? How could a human control heavenly...

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