Chapter 860 Arming the Alliance

When Yue Xiaoqian ate the fruit, she was stunned as she suddenly noticed that other than her core energy, another kind of energy had appeared within her body.

When she circulated that energy, not only was she not restricted by the world, but she even received a kind of blessing from it that increased her own power.

“Long Chen… what fruit is this?!” Yue Xiaoqian was completely shocked. How could there be such a heaven-defying existence in this world?

“I call it a Heavenly Dao Fruit. It’s one of my secrets, so please keep it from others,” said Long Chen.

“I swear I won’t tell anyone. I won’t even tell my mother,” said Yue Xiaoqian solemnly upon seeing how serious he was.

“Xiaoqian, I’m sorry. It’s not that I don’t trust you, but this Heavenly Dao Fruit is too important. I have no choice but to be cautious,” said Long Chen.

“I know, and I understand. Thank you for sharing such an important secret with me,” said Yue Xiaoqian gratefully, holding Long Chen’s hand.

He nodded. As long as Yue Xiaoqian didn’t bother him with how he had such a thing, he was at ease. “Then how are your gains?”

Yue Xiaoqian stood and formed a hand seal. A huge image appeared behind her. That image seemed to be a flower, but not a flower. It looked like a cross between a flower and a leaf. It was extremely bizarre.

A powerful aura erupted out of Yue Xiaoqian, soaring straight into the clouds. At the same time, space began to rumble around her.

“What a powerful aura!” Long Chen was startled. Yue Xiaoqian was extremely powerful. This was just her initial control over her new Heavenly Dao energy, and she was clearly unfamiliar with using it. However, this aura showed that she was even stronger than he had thought.

Yue Xiaoqian pointed her finger three times, and three rays of Sword Qi shot out.

Three holes appeared in a distant mountain. It then collapsed, shocking Long Chen.

In just a few breaths, Yue Xiaoqian had managed to release such an attack with an unfamiliar energy. Her comprehension abilities were almost terrifying.

“Amazing, absolutely amazing! Long Chen, I can actually control the outside world’s energy now! When I run into enemies, I don’t have to worry about exposing myself anymore!” said Yue Xiaoqian excitedly. Although she was veiled, her smile had turned her eyes into beautiful crescent moons.

Long Chen nodded. This result was excellent. If he could obtain more Heavenly Dao Fruits, then more of the original devil race’s experts could roam the Martial Heaven Continent.

“Xiaoqian, how much of your true power can you release with the Heavenly Dao energy?” asked Long Chen. This was an important point.

“Around eighty percent.”

“Just eighty percent?” Long Chen couldn’t help being disappointed.

“That’s already amazing. This Heavenly Dao energy is even better than what I originally thought. When I tried it, I found that other than my core divine abilities, many of the techniques of my original devil race can be used with it. Although their effect is slightly lower, we don’t need to be so helpless when fighting now. Furthermore, other than our strongest core divine abilities, even some magical arts can be used without revealing our devil mark. It’ll be extremely safe.

“Previously, we had to rely on devil cores to deceive the Heavenly Daos. We couldn’t fight outside, because once we did, it would exhaust our core energy, and we wouldn’t be able to replenish it without returning to our Skyscraping World. The more we used, the more dangerous it would be.

“That’s also why I always ran when I encountered enemies. Against those Blazing Wolf race’s experts, I really had no way to handle them. It was fortunate that you came, or I might have been exposed. But now I can use Heavenly Dao energy, and I can replenish it whenever I want. It feels delightful!” Yue Xiaoqian’s excitement still hadn’t lessened in the slightest.

She had always been unable to fight back against enemies. That was extremely depressing. But now she was finally free of it.

“Then that’s good. Is there anyone else from your race that entered the Immemorial Path with you?” asked Long Chen.

“Yes. This time, thirty-seven of us entered. They’re all our race’s elites,” said Yue Xiaoqian.

“Can you find them?”

“We have a secret art to communicate.”

“Good. Then I’ll give you some Heavenly Dao Fruits, and you distribute them. Otherwise, it’ll be too dangerous for them,” said Long Chen.

“You have more?!” Yue Xiaoqian was startled. How could he have so many heaven-defying fruits? “Okay, I’ll immediately gather them.”

Yue Xiaoqian suddenly formed hand seals, and a mark appeared on her forehead. That was the Devil character. But that Devil character had a faint golden glow to it, and it appeared sacred and hallowed. When it lit up her face, she seemed like an immortal.

Six hours later, someone new arrived. It was a handsome man with shoulder-length hair. He flew in front of Yue Xiaoqian and bowed according to an extremely ancient etiquette. “Greetings sacred daughter, greetings senior Long Chen.”

Yue Xiaoqian returned the etiquette and said, “It’s been hard on you. Did you run into any dangers?”

“Thank you for your care. Disciple only ran into some minor troubles with nothing worth mentioning.”

Seeing that Long Chen was a bit dumbfounded, Yue Xiaoqian smiled and said, “You don’t need to find it strange. Everyone in the original devil race recognizes you now.”

“Many thanks senior Long Chen for your benevolence. Otherwise, there would have been no way for us to leave the Skyscraping World and serve our race!” That person once more bowed toward Long Chen.

Long Chen felt extremely awkward. He hastily cupped his fists in return. That strange bowing form was extremely particular, and he wasn’t able to imitate it.

Yue Xiaoqian laughed, “Long Chen, you don’t need to be so courteous.”

Long Chen nodded and directly gave that person a rank two Heavenly Dao Fruit. That person glanced at Yue Xiaoqian and saw her nod before he received it.

The second person quickly arrived after the first. Then the third and fourth. Long Chen was startled by this efficiency.

In just one day, the majority of them had already gathered. They had to have some kind of secret technique that allowed them to cross the wider abysses, or there was no way they could have gotten here so quickly.

Once everyone was gathered, there were only thirty-two of them. Sadness appeared in Yue Xiaoqian’s eyes. Those other five people had clearly fallen.

“Sacred daughter, don’t be aggrieved. They died for the race, and they were our honorable warriors!” comforted a woman.

Yue Xiaoqian nodded. The reason why she was so sad was because those fallen warriors hadn’t died because they hadn’t been as strong as their opponents. They had died to keep the secret of the original devil race, dying because they hadn’t revealed their true power.

To not be exposed, they had chosen to die. That was what made Yue Xiaoqian feel the worst. They were true warriors worthy of respect.

Three days later, all of them had consumed the Heavenly Dao Fruits and become rank two Celestials. They all had another kind of energy in their bodies that made them incredibly excited. Their gratefulness towards Long Chen reached a new level.

“Long Chen, do you want them to travel alone again or come with us?” asked Yue Xiaoqian.

“Staying with us is too dangerous.” Long Chen shook his head. Although they were all experts, his enemies were too powerful. They hadn’t reached that level yet.

Although they had consumed the Heavenly Dao Fruits and used the peak grade Heaven Source Extract, they weren’t on the level of Yue Xiaoqian. Thus, they couldn’t fight alongside him.

“Before you leave, I want to say a few words. If you do run into danger, use your full power to kill your way out. Even if that exposes your identity, it’s fine,” said Long Chen.

“Long Chen…” Yue Xiaoqian and the other original devil race’s members were all startled.

“Since we’ve chosen to be allies, I treat you as my brothers and sisters. Your lives are the most precious. Even if you have to expose yourself, that’s not important. The most important thing is for you to live. Even if the heavens collapse, I will be there to help you carry them. Your lives aren’t able to impact the big picture, so don’t pointlessly sacrifice them. Alright, you can all go. I wish you good fortune!”

Huge waves rose in the hearts of the original devil race’s members. Although his voice was calm without immense passion, it revealed his confidence. At the same time, the care within his voice warmed their hearts.

They once more bowed toward him and went in their own directions. They needed to find more opportunities and resources for their original devil race so that they could grow.

“Thank you, Long Chen.” Yue Xiaoqian’s eyes were slightly reddened. She also didn’t want her people to die, but she didn’t dare to say the same words that he had. She didn’t possess that confidence.

“You’ve thanked me so much, are you really not going to consider giving your heart to me?” teased Long Chen.

“A nice thought.” Yue Xiaoqian lightly hit him and turned away, wiping away her tears. She was completely red.

After some light teasing of a beauty, Long Chen opened his map. The two of them were currently in the middle section of the eastern region of the Immemorial Path.

If they continued forward, they would reach another huge block that was almost the same size as the Ten Thousand Beast Forest. But this huge block was actually a castle.

That area was a trial region that had to be traversed in order to get deeper into the eastern region. However, it could no longer be referred to as a trial region, as it had completely broken down. It was the only huge ruins in the eastern region.

“Xiaoqian, let’s go. I’ll bring you to a very lively place.” Long Chen smiled. He could run into many ‘friends’ there.

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