Chapter 859 The Usage of the Immemorial Altar Lamp

Long Chen pressed his hand on the ancient lamp. An ancient rune lit up, and when Long Chen blew on the wick, a light red flame flew out, instantly enveloping half of the room.

What startled Long Chen was the fact that the Gadfly-Ant Corpse Devouring Insects were instantly turned to smoke when they were enveloped by those flames. They vanished.

Long Chen and Yue Xiaoqian were astonished. They looked at the shabby ancient lamp. Who would have thought that it possessed such terrifying power?

“Amazing! I struck gold this time!” Long Chen was delighted. As expected, this ancient lamp was an absolute treasure.

However, after getting excited, he suddenly found that the wick had dimmed after this attack. He jumped in fright.

“It’s fine. As long as it doesn’t get contaminated with the Blood Qi of cultivators, it will never completely extinguish,” said the Eastern Wasteland Bell.

“So… does that mean I can’t use it against enemies?” asked Long Chen.

“You can use it against enemies that aren’t cultivators. For example, Magical Beasts. The lampwick of this Immemorial Altar Lamp was refined through the life essence of supreme experts. Inside are their blessings. The Immemorial Altar Lamp isn’t a killing device. In truth, it’s a priceless cultivation assisting treasure. Once you reach Sea Expansion, it can help you cultivate faster, and your qi sea will grow to ten times the size of others. Even in the ancient era, it was an extremely rare treasure. A sect could build their entire foundation around it. And it’s not just useful for the Sea Expansion realm. At the Foundation Forging realm, if you have its assistance, your immortal platform’s foundation will be incomparably stable. Long Chen, you truly did obtain an amazing treasure this time. It seems your fortune has taken a turn for the better,” praised the Eastern Wasteland Bell.

His fortune had taken a turn for the better? Long Chen refused to believe it. All he believed was that good things required a matching strength to protect. Otherwise, even if you obtained it, it would be taken by others. The loss and regaining of the Immemorial Altar Lamp was a good example.

During this critical moment, Huang Junmo had revealed immense battle power. Long Chen realized that if he had fought with him all-out on Insect Island, he most likely wouldn’t have been his match.

Because Huang Junmo was an assassin, he was specialized in killing his opponents in one shot and in  one-on-one combat. Most likely his abilities had been restricted by the fact that he was facing an endless sea of insects, which was the only reason he was forced to flee.

Hearing that the Immemorial Altar Lamp couldn’t be used to face enemies, Long Chen couldn’t help being disappointed. Such a powerful killing tool couldn’t be used to kill. That was too irritating.

“If the Immemorial Altar Lamp kills too many experts, their resentment will be absorbed by it and extinguish its core. Then it will become trash,” said the Eastern Wasteland Bell.

Long Chen immediately thought of how those insects on Insect Island had drawn cultivators near the lamp before killing them. So their goal really had been to extinguish the wick.

“Put away the Immemorial Altar Lamp for now. It has absorbed too much resentment and needs to rest. As for your Earth Flame, it’s in slumber and can’t help expel that resentment. It’s not good to use for now. I’ll teach you how to use it to help your cultivation later.”

Long Chen solemnly put the lamp away. This treasure was too precious. It was his greatest harvest since arriving on the Immemorial Path and would be the foundation of the Dragonblood Legion’s future rise.

“Let’s go. Little Mo has already helped us open the door. We can’t fail to live up to his kindness!” laughed Long Chen.

“Who is Little Mo?” asked Yue Xiaoqian.

“It’s that good person who helped us kill all those insects,” laughed Long Chen.

“Long Chen, you really are evil!” Yue Xiaoqian also couldn’t hold back a laugh. Long Chen had long since told her about what had happened with Huang Junmo. This time, he had been conned miserably by Long Chen.

Not only had he lost so many of his treasures, but he had also fled with only half of his life. It was unknown whether he would directly go insane from anger once he stopped running.

The two of them entered the passageway and were shocked to find quite a few bodies of Gadfly-Ant Corpse Devouring Insects inside.

However, they weren’t true insects but the results of their molting. Those elite insects that had come out in the end obviously had to have experienced some kind of metamorphosis to possess such power. They had been comparable to seventh rank Magical Beasts.

A disgusting stench came from the passageway, but Long Chen and Yue Xiaoqian endured it. If they closed their pores and stopped breathing, it would cause their spiritual perception to sharply drop. In such a dangerous place, such an action was foolhardy.

“No wonder!”

The two of them walked in three hundred meters when they saw multiple channels ahead. Each channel was so long that they couldn’t see the end. That was why there had been so many insects. All these channels had been filled with the insects.

“How curious. After this many years of no food or water, how did these insects survive?” wondered Long Chen.

“Gadfly-Ant Corpse Devouring Insects are a special corrupt insect. Legend has it they are one of the poison insects that the Corrupt God raised with his own body. With the Corrupt God’s blessing, they can survive forever. Although that’s just a legend that can’t be trusted, there really is a special rune on their backs that can absorb Death Qi. Although this place is sealed and they can’t leave, those runes can still absorb Death Qi from outside despite the restrictions. Whether it is flying birds, roaming beasts, or even the insects in the ground, as long as they die, they will release Death Qi. The Gadfly-Ant Corpse Devouring Insects absorb that Death Qi to grow and breed. Furthermore, their most terrifying aspect is that they can enter a state of quasi death, and in that state, the amount of energy they use is essentially zero. So in theory, their lifespan is unlimited. Even if they survived since ancient times, it’s still reasonable,” explained Yue Xiaoqian.

“Xiaoqian, you really are erudite!” praised Long Chen. He really had to prostrate himself in admiration towards her learning. Even if he exhausted himself to death, he would never be able to catch up to her.

“Haha, I’m the one who has to admire you. You really know how to babble: ‘The Immortal Dao is transcendental, while all living things have mundane troubles; destiny exists in the mortal world, and priceless treasures belong only to the fated.’ Huang Junmo wasn’t the only one who believed it, even I believed it. At that time, I really thought you were the incarnation of a god. You really are dislikable!” said Yue Xiaoqian a bit resentfully. She felt that she was foolish for falling for it.

Long Chen couldn’t help but laugh. Talking about reasonable things wasn’t his strong point. But when it came to spouting nonsense, he had never been afraid to compete with anyone.

“Tell me, how did you come up with such a random name?” Yue Xiaoqian was a simple and pure person. She felt there was definitely a problem with Long Chen’s name, but she didn’t know what.

Huyou Niyadenidaye? That really wasn’t something he could explain. Curse words weren’t anything to be proud about. Long Chen shook his head. “It was just a random name I came up with. It doesn’t have any meaning.”

“No, you’re definitely lying,” said Yue Xiaoqian, looking into Long Chen’s eyes. “You can’t trick me. You definitely had some kind of meaning behind them. Niyade, nidaye? Nidaye as in your uncle?”

Long Chen immediately began to sweat and nodded. “Alright, it’s just your uncle, nothing else. Look, we’re at another fork. Take a look and choose which path we should take.”

Long Chen really didn’t want to keep talking about this topic. He had also experienced how difficult Yue Xiaoqian was to deal with. She had a kind of innate spiritual perception that allowed her to tell when people were lying. That was awkward.

“This way.” 

The two of them continued onwards, insect molts cracking beneath their feet. They had already made four turns, and seeing this twisting cavern, they finally understood why there had been so many insects.

“We’ve arrived.” They finally reached the end of the channel. There was a three-meter door of light in front of them. Long Chen thought about it and decided to let Yue Xiaoqian enter first.

This kind of danger of the unknown was something he should have tested first, but with his bad luck, it really wasn’t advisable for him to do that. So he had Yue Xiaoqian go in first.

Once Yue Xiaoqian entered, he followed right behind her. As soon as he entered the light door, he let out a startled cry.

As soon as he was in, he found that he was floating in water. He hastily closed all his pores, afraid that something was wrong with the water.

But Long Chen found that Yue Xiaoqian was incomparably excited. He asked, “This is the peak grade Heaven Source Extract?”

Yue Xiaoqian nodded. She took out a small jade vase. Its runes lit up and the liquid around them began to pour into it. It was clearly a spatial storage object.

As the water level descended, Long Chen realized they were in a square space three hundred meters wide and twenty-five hundred meters tall. At the center was a giant stone stalactite.

“Heavens, there’s so much peak grade Heaven Source Extract. Long Chen, am I dreaming?” Yue Xiaoqian couldn’t believe it.

“It’s real. I’ve encountered the same thing. Back then, I almost thought that it was a bathing place,” laughed Long Chen. Thinking of his ignorance back then, he felt a burst of embarrassment.

“Long Chen, you really are my lucky star!” Yue Xiaoqian was extremely emotional now, and she tightly hugged Long Chen. This peak grade Heaven Source Extract was of the utmost importance to her original devil race. It could raise their overall talent without any drawbacks. It was practically a divine elixir.

Obtaining all this peak grade Heaven Source Extract, she was incomparably excited. She drank a bit right there and then, immediately feeling completely refreshed. Even her Spiritual Strength increased, making her so excited that she seemed like a happy child.

Once she calmed herself down a bit, they returned to the original plaza with the eight gates. The other seven gates also had Heaven Source Extract as their ultimate rewards, but their quality was worse.

Furthermore, each channel behind each gate was also filled with Gadfly-Ant Corpse Devouring Insects. For them, risking danger by fighting against all those insects wouldn’t be worth it.

The two of them left the underground cave. They had a brief rest while Yue Xiaoqian used the Heaven Source Extract to increase her power.

Long Chen found that Yue Xiaoqian’s energy was very special. It was different from any other cultivator’s energy that he had ever seen.

But that peak grade Heaven Source Extract was able to purify and increase that strange energy inside her. It was like a treasure just for the original devil race.

Once she woke up from her meditative state, Long Chen offered her a certain thing. “Here, have a fruit!”

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