Chapter 858 The Miserable Huang Junmo

The huge gate opened. A flood of countless Gadfly-Ant Corpse Devouring Insects surged out.

Originally, they had been in a hibernation state. But as soon as the gate opened, they were woken up. Seeing the astonished Huang Junmo, they immediately charged towards him, brandishing their hooks.

“Senior!” shouted Huang Junmo.

“Don’t be afraid. They’re just some insignificant Gadfly-Ant Corpse Devouring Insects. It’s just a minor trial to obtain my half-step divine item. With your power, killing them shouldn’t be difficult. Kill them!” encouraged Long Chen.

Huang Junmo thought about it and felt that it made sense. He had gone through quite a few trial regions, and any trial where you could obtain treasures had to have guards.

His sword danced in the air. Sword Qi formed an immense net. Any of those insects that touched that Sword Qi were blown apart.

“This person’s very powerful!” Yue Xiaoqian was startled. Huang Junmo hadn’t even released his full power, but just from this, she could tell his power.

“Good, just continue like this. These insects are nothing, and you’ll quickly kill them all,” said Long Chen. But these words were a bit less confident.

The huge room here had become a sea of insects now, and there was still an unending stream of them coming from the gate.

Most importantly, these latter insects had decorative marks on them. They should be comparatively stronger Gadfly-Ant Corpse Devouring Insects. Their powerful defense was comparable to seventh rank Magical Beasts.

When they arrived, Huang Junmo had no choice but to release his full power. His Sword Qi was incomparably sharp as he slaughtered them.

Even Long Chen couldn’t help being startled. Huang Junmo was truly powerful. Each movement of his sword was refined to the peak so that it saved energy.

The more powerful insects were also helpless to do anything to Huang Junmo. Long Chen continued to cheer for Huang Junmo, encouraging him.

But the flood of insects still didn’t end. Huang Junmo was completely submerged in them. Long Chen could only see some dim light flashed within that sea to judge where Huang Junmo was.

“Xiaoqian, it seems there’s even more than you said…” said Long Chen as he watched more and more insects fly out.

“I… I’m not sure why. Perhaps I only saw a portion of them, or maybe there’s more than one channel in there,” said Yue Xiaoqian with a bit of bewilderment.

BOOM! An immense ray of Sword Qi suddenly erupted, creating an opening amongst the sea of insects.

“Excellent, continue just like that. The Gadfly-Ant Corpse Devouring Insects are almost all gone. Once you pass this final wave, you’ll have won!” encouraged Long Chen.

Huang Junmo roared. It was unknown what secret art he had used, but that translucent sword in his hand suddenly blossomed with a blinding light. Endless Sword Qi erupted. Any insects that entered within three hundred meters of him were blown apart.

He rushed along the ground, slaughtering countless insects. He was incredibly fast and powerful.

As Huang Junmo slaughtered them, the ground was covered in the insects’ broken pieces.

“Not good!” Huang Junmo’s expression suddenly changed and he flew into the air. He found that the black blood of the insects contained poison. Just now, a bit of it had touched his robes, corroding a hole.

Up in the air, he became an easy target for the insects. They surged towards him. Because he flew up, Long Chen took up a shield to hide him and Yue Xiaoqian.

It went without saying that Huang Junmo was incredibly powerful. He was slaughtering more and more of the insects. Their broken pieces had piled into a mountain on the ground.

“Senior, how are there so many?!”

“Aiya, I’ve already said that this is the final wave. Hold on!”

Two hours later.

“Senior, how are there still so many?! I can’t hold on much longer!”

“Aiya, I’ve already said that this is the final wave. Hold on! Victory is within sight!”

Another two hours later.

“Senior, how are there still so many?!?! Is there even an end?! If this continues, I really won’t be able to go on!”

“Aiya, I’ve already said that this is the final wave! Hold on! Think of what it would be like to possess a half-step divine item. Wouldn’t it be like being completely reborn? Come, under my radiance, your heroism will be unrivaled, and your power will multiply.”

Even Long Chen was speechless. Six hours had passed, but more and more insects were coming out. Furthermore, they were even stronger. Their hooks were a golden color, and when Huang Junmo’s sword met them, it would only cause sparks to fly.

Long Chen and Yue Xiaoqian looked at each other with goosebumps. They really had underestimated these Gadfly-Ant Corpse Devouring Insects.

“Hahaha, didn’t I say that as long as you continued, there would be hope? Look, no more are coming out!” Long Chen finally saw the flood of insects come to an end.

But as soon as he laughed, he became dumbfounded. It was unknown what the Eastern Wasteland Bell was thinking, but it actually forgot its sound effects.

“Long Chen, it’s you!” Hearing Long Chen’s original voice, Huang Junmo immediately recognized him and roared with endless killing intent.

Since he was already exposed, he couldn’t be bothered to reproach the Eastern Wasteland Bell. He stood on the head of the statue and waved hello to Huang Junmo. “Hi, how are you?”

Right now, Huang Junmo was surrounded by ten thousand of the more powerful Gadfly-Ant Corpse Devouring Insects. That was the final wave, and their bodies were incredibly strong. Even Huang Junmo’s Treasure item sword had difficulty breaking their defense.

Just a moment before this, Huang Junmo had been hoping to ask this Great Spirit God’s seventh divine general Huyou Niyadenidaye to help him at a critical moment.

But now realizing that this great Huyou Niyadenidaye was Long Chen, his head suddenly became crystal-clear. He also suddenly realized the true meaning of Huyou Niyadenidaye.

Then thinking of the Treasure items that had been tricked out of him, he reached a level of rage that he had never experienced before. Unable to bear it, he coughed up a mouthful of blood.

“AH! Long Chen, I’ll kill you!”

Huang Junmo charged at Long Chen. But Long Chen was standing at the top of the huge statue, while he was near the bottom, surrounded by insects. Even after trying several times, he wasn’t able to break out of their encirclement.

In his fury, Huang Junmo was struck in the leg by one of the insects. It left behind a small cut.

That small cut began to rapidly grow, corroding at a speed visible to the naked eye. It reached the bone in just a moment.

Huang Junmo was horrified. But he was also a ruthless person, and clenching his teeth, he directly cut off his leg.

That leg turned into mush in just a few breaths after it left his body.

He had only just severed his own leg when he felt his left arm turn numb. His left hand had also been attacked.

Although it had just barely broken his skin, that terrifying poison was already starting to rapidly circulate.

“Do you see them?” asked the Eastern Wasteland Bell.

“Yes, I see them.” Long Chen nodded. He was looking above Huang Junmo’s head.

“Those are golden fate lines. Although this person seems to be in a crisis, his golden fate lines are still steady. That means that while this crisis looks extremely dangerous, it doesn’t threaten his life,” said the Eastern Wasteland Bell. It was currently using a special technique to allow Long Chen to see Huang Junmo’s golden fate lines.

Huang Junmo had no choice but to cut off his arm. He hatefully glared at Long Chen, but clenching his teeth, his translucent sword turned into a ray of light that pulled him away.

Wherever that light went, those insects would be blown apart. Over half of the insects encircling him were killed.

This was clearly Huang Junmo’s life-saving trump card. And it was an extremely powerful one as none of the insects were able to stop it.

“No wonder his golden fate lines didn’t even twitch. He still had such a terrifying trump card to fall back on. Hehe, many thanks for teaching me this, senior,” said Long Chen.

“Long Chen, the rest of the insects are coming towards us!” warned Yue Xiaoqian.

Currently, only a few of the elites of the Gadfly-Ant Corpse Devouring Insects remained. Their numbers had been greatly reduced thanks to Huang Junmo, and it would be extremely easy for them to handle the rest.

“Hehe, Little Momo really is useful,” laughed Long Chen. This was his first time feeling like Huang Junmo wasn’t so hateful.

Long Chen took out his broadsword. He knew that although these remaining elites were strong, killing them wasn’t too difficult. That was especially true since he specialized in brute force.

“Wait a moment. There’s no need to use foolish brute power to get rid of these remainders. Take out that ancient lamp. I’ll teach you how to use it,” said the Eastern Wasteland Bell.

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