Chapter 857 Your Soul is Light, So There’s Destiny (Teaser)

“Yes, not bad, not bad.” Seeing Huang Junmo prostrating himself toward him, Long Chen felt entirely content.

He really was an evil person. By saying not bad, he meant Huang Junmo was obedient, but he didn’t say anything else. So Huang Junmo didn’t dare to get up.

“Senior, disciple only accidentally-”

“There was nothing accidental about it. This lord was the one who drew you over. I’m prepared to give you some good fortune!” said Long Chen.

“Many thanks, senior!”

“Do you know why I released a manifestation to draw you over?”

“Disciple doesn’t know.” Only now did Huang Junmo realize the light he had seen had been released by this divine general. His guard lowered by quite a bit.

“Look down and look at your shadow.”

Huang Junmo looked down. Under the light of the runes on the eight stone doors, there was an extremely faint shadow around him.

“Those who enter the divine palace will be illuminated by immortal light. The shadow is a projection of the soul. That shows whether you have a destiny or not. Those with dense souls have no affinity, but those with light souls do. Your soul is light, very light. Pft, cough, so you have an affinity...

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