Chapter 857 Your Soul is Light, So There’s Destiny

“Yes, not bad, not bad.” Seeing Huang Junmo prostrating himself toward him, Long Chen felt entirely content.

He really was an evil person. By saying not bad, he meant Huang Junmo was obedient, but he didn’t say anything else. So Huang Junmo didn’t dare to get up.

“Senior, disciple only accidentally-”

“There was nothing accidental about it. This lord was the one who drew you over. I’m prepared to give you some good fortune!” said Long Chen.

“Many thanks, senior!”

“Do you know why I released a manifestation to draw you over?”

“Disciple doesn’t know.” Only now did Huang Junmo realize the light he had seen had been released by this divine general. His guard lowered by quite a bit.

“Look down and look at your shadow.”

Huang Junmo looked down. Under the light of the runes on the eight stone doors, there was an extremely faint shadow around him.

“Those who enter the divine palace will be illuminated by immortal light. The shadow is a projection of the soul. That shows whether you have a destiny or not. Those with dense souls have no affinity, but those with light souls do. Your soul is light, very light. Pft, cough, so you have an affinity with this lord!” said Long Chen.

“Senior, don’t play around like that! You’ll expose me,” said Long Chen. Just now, the Eastern Wasteland Bell had almost laughed.

“Sorry, truly sorry! I’ll control myself,” apologized the Eastern Wasteland Bell. It hadn’t expected Long Chen to be so immoral. He was cursing him for being a bastard.[1]

“Cough, so only someone with a soul that is light has the affinity?” Even Huang Junmo felt like directly saying he had a light soul was strange.

“Correct. Those with light souls have an affinity with me and can obtain my treasure, allowing them to change the course of their lives,” said Long Chen.

“Change the course of their lives? Disciple doesn’t understand!”

“The course of your life, your destiny. My divine soul rests here awaiting the fated person. My sole duty here is to pass on my number one divine item, the Eight Desolation Six Direction Heaven Earth Splitting Qiankun Divine Sword[2] to someone who has an affinity with it. If such a person accepted it, I could finally return to my true body, my mission accomplished. As for who has the affinity, it’ll be up to you,” said Long Chen.

“Disciple still doesn’t quite understand. What do you want me to do?” asked Huang Junmo.

“There are eight doors here and immortal characters atop each door. You can take a look and tell me what you think.”

“I’m ashamed to say that I can’t even recognize a single one of those immortal characters,” said Huang Junmo.

Hehe, that was best. Originally, Long Chen had been afraid he would see through some clues.

He was immediately relieved and continued, “That’s fine. This lord will explain. These eight doors are called the Eight Immortal Ghost Doors. There is only one immortal door and seven ghost doors. Within the immortal door is my Eight Desolation Six Direction Heaven Earth Splitting Qiankun Divine Sword. The other seven ghost doors have no reward at all. Once opened, the natural energy around you will instantly kill you.”

Huang Junmo became covered in cold sweat. Just what kind of trial was that? Of eight doors, only one allowed you to live? That was just a deathtrap.

“I won’t say any more useless words. Although your soul is light, I can’t be sure you truly have a destiny with it. Everything will go according to the rules. You have three options now. First, choose one of these doors, leaving your life to fate. Second, leave. You can not choose one of the doors, and you’ll definitely survive. But you won’t obtain any treasure. The third option is to offer sacrifice. You can offer anything valuable you have to this lord. If its quality is high enough to make me ascend in satisfaction, I will give my Eight Desolation Six Direction Heaven Earth Splitting Qiankun Divine Sword to you.”

After saying that, Long Chen’s heart pounded. He thought of the treasure that Huang Junmo had snatched from him back then.

But Huang Junmo wasn’t so easy to trick. He was silent for a moment before saying, “May I ask senior, what level of weapon is your Eight Desolation Six Direction Heaven Earth Splitting Qiankun Divine Sword?”

“What level? Hehe, little fellow, are you looking down on this lord?” raged Long Chen.

“Senior, please stay calm! Disciple just wants to know!”

“Hmph, this lord’s Eight Desolation Six Direction Heaven Earth Splitting Qiankun Divine Sword was my peerless divine weapon from before I became a god. Although it is not a true divine weapon, it has already reached the half-step divine item level! To a little cultivator like you, this kind of martial weapon isn’t something you can imagine. With your current cultivation base, you can’t even guess how valuable a half-step divine item is. It’s already beyond the scope of your understanding.”

Huang Junmo was shocked. Half-step divine items only existed in legends. Although he had heard that the Martial Heaven Continent had divine items, those were just legends. They were far beyond his current level.

A half-step divine item was truly not something that someone of his level could obtain. However, people were always greedy.

“Disciple is willing to offer a sacrifice! This is a Treasure item, the Soul Suppressing Pagoda. Is it satisfactory?” Huang Junmo steeled himself and took out a refined little pagoda.

Long Chen was shocked. When it came to martial weapons, especially those on the Treasure item level, bells, cauldrons, and pagodas were the most difficult to forge. Those were the weapons that exhausted the most effort from the Forging Master, but their power was also the greatest.

In truth, Long Chen was extremely moved. But he said, “The energy is too low.”

“Energy? What does senior mean?” asked Huang Junmo.

Long Chen didn’t immediately reply. Huang Junmo took out a bracelet that was covered in marvelous designs that looked like strange beasts. Long Chen had an urge to immediately grab them. This bastard really had money. Compared to Huang Junmo’s Treasure items, his own wealth was garbage. Huang Junmo was the true rich fellow!

“Senior, this Treasure item is a precious accessory. Once the runes on it are activated, it can release an amazing attack. It is a rarely seen energy-storage Treasure item…” said Huang Junmo carefully.

“Garbage,” lied Long Chen.

Huang Junmo took out another four Treasure items, and each of them was an amazing item. Long Chen’s eyes turned blue with greed. Just how did this bastard have so much money? But for his ultimate target, Long Chen clenched his teeth.

“Senior, disciple is incompetent. Perhaps I cannot satisfy your requirement,” said Huang Junmo helplessly. When he thought about it, that made sense. Compared to a divine item, what he had was naturally garbage. However, he truly longed to obtain that Eight Desolation Six Direction Heaven Earth Splitting Qiankun Divine Sword.

“Looks like you aren’t the destined person. I’m also helpless. It seems I can only wait here, like a lamp slowly running out of oil!” sighed Long Chen.

“Wait a moment! Senior, disciple has something here. Does it satisfy you?” Through Long Chen’s reminder, Huang Junmo came to a sudden comprehension. He took out the lamp he had obtained on Insect Island. “This is an ancient lamp disciple obtained through fate. But I was never able to figure out its use, so I don’t know if you want it.”

Long Chen cursed. Fate? That had clearly been his, but he had stolen it. That counted as fate?

“This thing’s not bad. This should be what you wanted, correct?” asked the Eastern Wasteland Bell.

“Yes. This idiot stole this treasure from me. Now I can trick it out of him. My intuition tells me it’s something good. Senior, continue working with me.”

Long Chen once more began speaking to Huang Junmo. “It should be precisely this thing. To tell you the truth, I don’t really need your things. But this trace of my divine soul is lying in wait for the destined person to take my Eight Desolation Six Direction Heaven Earth Splitting Qiankun Divine Sword. I need enough items to let my soul become full so I can ascend to the Divine Realm. Otherwise, I’ll never be able to leave. This lamp of yours has already run out of energy. Even if I devour it, it still won’t offer me enough power. Unless…”

“Unless what?” asked Huang Junmo nervously.

“Unless you can offer a few more pieces of garbage as a sacrifice. Otherwise, once I give you my Eight Desolation Six Direction Heaven Earth Splitting Qiankun Divine Sword, I will have to stay here forever…” sighed Long Chen.

“Senior, that’s fine. If you need anything, just ask,” said Huang Junmo. For the Eight Desolation Six Direction Heaven Earth Splitting Qiankun Divine Sword, he was willing to offer sacrifice.

“That’s too embarrassing. It would make me feel like I was tricking my junior, a loss of status…” said Long Chen with ‘embarrassment’.

“Long Chen, you’re too shameless.” Even the Eastern Wasteland Bell wasn’t able to endure any longer.

Long Chen couldn’t be bothered to reply. That lamp was originally his. How was it shameless for him to take it back? So what if he was tricking him?

“Senior, look. Is this lamp with seven Treasure items enough for you?” Huang Junmo respectfully held out seven Treasure items.

“Sigh, child, you really have a good heart. If I still decline, I would feel sorry for you.” The seven Treasure items in Huang Junmo’s hands disappeared.

They appeared in his primal chaos space. It was the Eastern Wasteland Bell that had helped him take them away while he was in charge of where to put them.

“Aiya!” Long Chen suddenly let out a disappointed cry.

“Senior, what is it?”

“I’m actually still lacking just a bit before fully satisfying my soul,” said Long Chen helplessly.

Huang Junmo clenched his teeth and took out two more Treasure items. But those two Treasure items’ quality was not as high.

Long Chen estimated that even if Huang Junmo had more Treasure items, there wasn’t much of a chance that he would bring them out. He couldn’t go any further, or he would be seen through.

“Excellent, my soul is finally fully satisfied. I can leave whenever now. But before leaving, I’ll help you obtain my Eight Desolation Six Direction Heaven Earth Splitting Qiankun Divine Sword,” said Long Chen with great satisfaction. But his mouth was curled in an evil smile.

Yue Xiaoqian had been watching all this from beside him. Seeing that evil smile, her scalp turned numb. She could already think of the final result.

“Turn around and walk to the third gate from your left. Press the button, and press hard, or the gate won’t open,” said Long Chen.

Huang Junmo was delighted. He walked over to the gate Long Chen had indicated, and he pressed down hard on the button.

The gate slowly rose. Once it was open, Huang Junmo’s face instantly turned green.

[1] Bastard and light soul sound the same. 混蛋 vs 魂淡 So the title would also sound like You’re a Bastard, So There’s Destiny. And whenever he says he has destiny because his soul is light, it sounds like he has destiny because he’s a bastard.

[2] Eight Desolation and Six Direction are just ways of saying all directions (6: north south east west up down. 8: north south east west northeast northwest southeast southwest). Qiankun is another way of saying heaven and earth/universe. Heaven Earth Splitting refers to the creation of the world where Pangu split apart heaven and earth.

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