Chapter 854 Secret Troubles (Teaser)

Within a verdant little valley in a mountain range, there was a brook of fresh water. Perhaps it was this brook that gave the valley its life.

Long Chen and Yue Xiaoqian were sitting on a boulder beside the brook. The fresh water streamed past their feet, and the babble of the water refreshed their minds, allowing them to feel a rare moment of tranquility on the Immemorial Path.

Yue Xiaoqian stuck her hands into the water, feeling the water stream past her fingers. There were actually some nameless little fish swimming by their feet, causing her to laugh.

Long Chen was sitting beside her, smelling her fragrance, and listening to her fairy-like laughter. He could rarely relax like this. Looking at her beautiful figure, Long Chen unconsciously became stupefied.

“Long Chen, why don’t you take off your shoes and put your feet in the water? It feels really nice,” said Yue Xiaoqian. Seeing him just staring at her,...

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