Chapter 852 Once More Running Into Her

“This Earth Dragon was killed by me. If you don’t want to die, you’ll hurry up and fuck off.” Long Chen ignored his threat.

“What a joke. You can kill an eighth rank Magical Beast? If so, you would have long since proclaimed yourself the hegemon of the Immemorial Path. Since you want to die, I can only help you out.” The Wind Leopard’s experts refused to believe this Magical Beast was killed by Long Chen. That was simply impossible.

They were filled with killing intent. Their movements were as fast as lightning, and they all shot at Long Chen at the same time. Their fingers had steel-like claws growing out of them. Runes sparkled on them, and their sharpness was comparable to Treasure items. They immediately attacked together, aware that Long Chen was powerful due to what had happened right before the Immemorial Path had opened.

Long Chen snorted and slashed his broadsword. He found that after he had reached the twelfth Heavenstage, his spiritual yuan had grown by several times. With his powerful spiritual yuan, it took him no time at all to use Split the Heavens. He could use it like it was an ordinary saber blow. A huge ray of sword-light slashed down on them.

BOOM! Those Wind Leopard experts’ expressions immediately changed. It was clearly a random blow from Long Chen, but it had locked all of them down. They hastily defended. But as a result, blood filled the air. Those claws that could compare to Treasure items were like rotting wood in front of Long Chen’s sword.

Only one person survived and fell back, vomiting blood with his arms disfigured. He was completely shocked and unwilling to believe this.

He was a rank three Celestial, and an innate one at that. There was no need to doubt his power. But he wasn’t even able to receive a single blow from Long Chen.

In truth, he really was powerful. If Long Chen wanted to defeat him, it would take some effort. Even if he didn’t summon the battle armor, he would at least need to summon the divine ring.

Regretfully, this guy had looked down on Long Chen too much. Seeing that it was just a random blow from him, he also hadn’t used his full power, thinking that it was just a testing move.

As a result, he lost out immensely. He was just about to summon his Cry of the Heavenly Daos, but Long Chen didn’t give him that chance.

Like a phantom, Long Chen appeared right in front of him. His sword pierced directly through this guy’s head.

The thunderforce on the broadsword directly destroyed his soul. He was killed instantly.

“If I didn’t kill the few of you, I wouldn’t have even been able to sense that I have gotten stronger.” Long Chen pulled out his broadsword and sighed emotionally. As soon as he had advanced to the twelfth Heavenstage, Little Snow had brought him to fight an Earth Dragon. The Earth Dragon was too terrifying and had completely suppressed him. To Long Chen, it felt like he hadn’t gotten any stronger at all. Now that he had killed an innate rank three Celestial in just two moves, he finally experienced his strength.

That made his confidence, which had been shaken by the Earth Dragon, become completely solid. 

“Wilde, get up.” Long Chen slapped the broadsword against the Earth Dragon’s foreleg. A ten meter space had been eaten by Wilde. He was like an ant that had eaten a flat space for himself and then fallen asleep.

This was also why the Wind Leopard experts had failed to move the Earth Dragon’s corpse into a spatial ring despite trying so hard. The space in spatial rings was static, and it was impossible to bring in living things. 

As for life rings, they were comparatively precious and small. Only alchemists used such small and mostly impractical life rings.

Wilde was within the Earth Dragon, so they were naturally unable to bring it into a spatial ring. Even when they died, they couldn’t understand why they hadn’t been able to bring it in.

After Long Chen made a loud racket, Wilde finally woke up and ate his way out of the Earth Dragon. He didn’t even know when he had fallen asleep.

“All your cells have been activated!” Long Chen let out a startled cry upon seeing Wilde.

There seemed to be a mysterious energy around Wilde that caused space to circulate around him. This happened without him even doing anything.

Furthermore, now that all his cells were activated, they had begun automatically absorbing energy from the air for him.

“How do you feel?” asked Long Chen.

“Really good, like I’m overflowing with energy. I also don’t feel as hungry as before,” said Wilde excitedly.

Previously, even when Wilde was stuffed with food, he was still hungry. This was one of the rare times he was actually full.

Long Chen nodded. One reason for this was because Wilde had just eaten. An eighth rank Magical Beast’s flesh was full of energy. The other reason was that all his cells had awoken. Some kind of mysterious technique seemed to have been activated, and they automatically drew energy out of the air to make up for his consumption.

In other words, as long as Wilde didn’t do anything, he wouldn’t have to exhaust so much energy. He wouldn’t have to be constantly asleep to reduce his exhaustion like before.

“Wilde, you should keep this Earth Dragon. Now you can feel free to move around even without meat to eat. However, you are different from others and need meat to cultivate. You should stay in this forest. When you have time, go out to hunt; when you don’t have time, just eat the Earth Dragon. With your current pace, you could eat this Earth Dragon for a full year. Remember to leave its skin. That can be used to equip the Dragonblood warriors. I’ll leave now to take a look at some other places,” said Long Chen.

“Brother Long, you’re going to go?” asked Wilde.

Long Chen’s heart warmed. Although Wilde’s foolishness gave Long Chen a great deal of trouble, no matter how strong Wilde became, he was still that pure child he had met in the Phoenix Cry Empire. His temperament had never changed, and he still treated him as a big brother.

“Yes, I have to go. One reason is that I have to see if I can find more resources to equip the Dragonblood warriors, and another reason is to see if I can find our people. Only then will I be at ease. As for Song Mingyuan and Li Qi, I trust their decision. They should have eaten the Heavenly Dao Fruits that Guo Ran gave them, which should have increased their chance of surviving. If they can survive, then they’ll definitely become amazing experts after experiencing this.

“You should just stay here. As long as you don’t provoke an eighth rank Magical Beast, you’ll be safe. I’ll have Guo Ran come find you when I need you.” Long Chen patted Wilde’s shoulder and then left in front of his unwilling gaze.

Wilde’s constitution was too special. Long Chen had tried all the medicinal pills and secret arts he knew, but they had all been ineffective. Wilde could only get energy from meat. Now that Wilde’s cells had all been activated, he didn’t know what would happen. But he could accept that things would go naturally.

As for Wilde’s safety, Long Chen didn’t bother worrying over that. Although Wilde was normally foolish, he was extremely sensitive toward danger. Otherwise, there would have been no way for him to survive once Cang Ming had been killed.

Furthermore, when Wilde summoned the Barbarian Blood Bronze Body, Long Chen had to ask himself if he could even block a single blow. Wilde had incomparable power and was impervious to poison. Long Chen was completely confident in him staying here.

Long Chen went on his way. He was currently already close to the core of the Ten Thousand Beast Forest. But in the end, he decided to detour around the core region.

That was because as soon as he approached the core, he encountered another eighth rank Earth Dragon. This region was perhaps filled with eighth rank Magical Beasts. With his luck, perhaps he would even run into a ninth rank Magical Beast.

A single Earth Dragon had cost Long Chen one of his trump cards and had required Wilde’s assistance. In the end, he had even been forced to use a grand anus-piercing art via Huo Long to break the Earth Dragon’s flawless defense. If he had been lacking any of them, he would have only been able to miserably flee.

Now he had no Wilde, no Huo Long, and no poison pill. If he encountered an eighth rank Magical Beast, he would have no chance. And in the worst case, if he ran into one with low intelligence like an insect Magical Beast, the dragon scale wouldn’t be able to stop them. Then, even his life would be at risk.

Bypassing the core region, Long Chen ended up with quite a few harvests. He killed quite a few seventh rank Magical Beasts, and their corpses were all tossed into the black soil as nutrients.

Those huge trees from the Spirit World continued to grow. They were already three miles tall, and that was their final limit. Long Chen was delighted by how much life energy these trees could contain. As long as he wasn’t killed in one blow, he would be able to recover from any injuries. He wouldn’t have to be afraid of a long, intense battle.

Seven days later, Long Chen finally reached the end of the Ten Thousand Beast Forest. It was truly huge. The Immemorial Path was truly shocking.

Long Chen began approaching the main path again. That main path had more trials and more opportunities. Of course, there were also more disciples there, and more danger.

After a few hours of travel, he arrived at a barren mountain range. It was practically the opposite of the Ten Thousand Beast Forest. It was completely barren, and there was some kind of strange air here that made him feel uneasy.

He was traveling through this place when he heard the sound of metal clashing. He was startled. Was the main path so exciting? As soon as he arrived, there would be a good show to watch?

Long Chen hastily went over to see what looked like several Righteous disciples attacking a woman. Seeing that woman, Long Chen shook. He was filled with delight.

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