Chapter 850 Blood Incinerating Lion Flame

“Yes, these are the Earth Dragon’s eggs. Your luck was actually excellent this time. This was a pair of Earth Dragons, and the mother dragon died. Fortunately, the eggs inside it have already fully formed. Even though the mother dragon died, the eggs still incubated,” said the Eastern Wasteland Bell.

Long Chen was delighted. This Earth Dragon was not the outside world’s Earth Dragon where they possessed impure bloodlines and could only grow to the sixth rank.

But since these were the eggs of eighth rank Earth Dragons, they would also mature into eighth rank Earth Dragons. Most importantly, with a Beast Tamer like Meng Qi, they would get the best growing conditions to bring out all their potential.

“Haha, gold, I’ve really struck gold this time!”

Long Chen couldn’t help but laugh. Meng Qi could have one and Tang Wan-er could have one. That was a must. As for that little fellow Guo Ran, this was definitely a divine item for showing off. If he didn’t give one to him, he would call his boss petty. After all, he was the general of the Dragonblood Legion. Even if it was just for appearances, he had to have a powerful mount.

As for the last one, Long Chen suddenly thought of Little Snow.

Within the spiritual space, Little Snow let out a quiet growl. It actually understood Long Chen’s intention and declined.

Long Chen had been thinking of leaving one egg for Little Snow to eat. There might be a one in ten thousand chance it could help him break through. Long Chen wouldn’t hesitate to pay any price for Little Snow to continue advancing.

“Fine, then I’ll put them away first and we can talk about it later.” Long Chen put away the four eggs as well as the corpse. Just as Long Chen was feeling completely satisfied, Huo Long suddenly sent him a message.

“There’s something you need in the cave?” Long Chen was startled. Although Huo Long’s intelligence wasn’t high, it was still able to communicate simple thoughts to him.

Long Chen carefully examined his surroundings. The top of this mountain was flat and very large. There was an open space dozens of miles wide.

In the center, there was a shaft that led straight down. That shaft was a hundred meters wide. Originally, Long Chen had thought it would be the Earth Dragon’s lair. But now that he thought about it, that didn’t make sense. With the Earth Dragon’s huge body, there was no way it would fit.

With Huo Long’s reminder, Long Chen became curious. His wings flapped and he slowly flew down.

The shaft went straight down. Everything was extremely stable. Even after the terrifying battle outside, this mountain still hadn’t collapsed.

Long Chen descended several miles. He hadn’t just reached the heart of the mountain, but he had even descended underground. However, he still wasn’t at the end.

As he fell down, he realized what it was that Huo Long wanted. As he went deeper, a fierce heat came closer.

Suddenly, a wave of heat erupted from underground. This shaft was like a chimney, allowing the fire to explode from below.

Long Chen hastily circulated his flame energy, protecting him. At the same time, he stabbed his broadsword into the wall, using it to stay stable.

“No wonder the two Earth Dragons would make this place their home. As flame attribute Magical Beasts, they were absorbing this flame energy to cultivate.”

Once he was over ten miles underground, the space suddenly widened. Looking around, Long Chen was dumbfounded.

This place was actually a huge lava pool hundreds of miles wide. With each wild surge of the lava, powerful heat waves that could roast an ordinary Celestial would blast out.

Suddenly, the lava erupted. A wave of it crashed toward Long Chen. He snorted and slashed his broadsword, breaking the wave.

After he broke the wave, a roar rang out. A huge figure flew out of the lava.

It was a lion formed out of flames. When it appeared, the heat coming off of it immediately turned this underground world indistinct. That heat caused space to twist chaotically.

“An Earth Flame!” Long Chen let out a startled cry. In this world, only Earth Flames possessed such terrifying flame energy. It was practically powerful enough to destroy heaven and earth, incinerating anything that it touched.

Furthermore, this Earth Flame was extremely condensed, to an even greater degree than Huo Long. The flame lion let out a furious roar and charged at Long Chen.

At the same time, a roar came from Huo Long. Its huge body shot over and enveloped the flame lion.

What startled Long Chen was that Huo Long was immediately broken apart with a single blow from the flame lion. “How powerful! Huo Long isn’t its match!”

However, an Earth Flame did not possess a body of flesh and blood. When its body was broken, it transformed into runes that once more condensed into a flame dragon, continuing to attack the flame lion.

But Huo Long’s huge body was as weak as paper in front of the flame lion. It wasn’t able to receive a single blow.

“Senior, can you help me suppress that Earth Flame?” asked Long Chen to the Eastern Wasteland Bell.

This Earth Flame Beast was too powerful. If this continued, it wouldn’t be long before Huo Long couldn’t hold on any longer. And without Huo Long’s protection, Long Chen wouldn’t stand a chance against this flame lion.

“That is simple for me, but I must warn you: if I do that, it will cancel out the karma of me taking your reward from the trial. Other than that, for freeing me, I can help you out once in a life and death situation. But once I do, the karma between us will be over. I can’t randomly help you. We are on completely different levels; you understand?” said the Eastern Wasteland Bell.

Long Chen smiled. “Don’t worry senior, I’m not such a greedy person. Nor will I depend on others.”

The main problem was just that the flame lion was too powerful. Huo Long was unable to even trap it. Otherwise, he wouldn’t even need to ask the Eastern Wasteland Bell. As long as Huo Long could have trapped it for a single moment, he could have pulled it into the primal chaos space. Long Chen trusted that the primal chaos bead was definitely capable of subduing it.

“There are many kinds of Earth Flames. Your Earth Flame is called the Blue Underground Flame. In truth, its ranking isn’t very high. It isn’t even in the top hundred. The Blood Incinerating Lion Flame in front of you is much better. It’s ranked ninety-sixth. My advice would be for you to subdue the Blood Incinerating Lion Flame and then feed your current Earth Flame to it. That would get you the most benefits.”

Long Chen shook his head. “Just like Little Snow, I don’t think of Huo Long as a helper or a weapon, but a companion who fights alongside me. As long as it doesn’t abandon me, I won’t abandon it. You can consider that foolish, but I’m used to that foolishness. I can’t change this fault of mine, so please go ahead!”

Long Chen understood what the Eastern Wasteland Bell was saying. The Blue Underground Flame’s innate ability wasn’t very high. There was no value in raising it, so it was better to switch it with the Blood Incinerating Lion Flame.

However, what Long Chen was after wasn’t to increase the profit as much as possible. He couldn’t toss aside companionship for profit. Although he knew the Eastern Wasteland Bell’s suggestion was the right one, because he was Long Chen, he couldn’t do it.

Seeing that, the Eastern Wasteland Bell didn’t get angry. In fact, although he found such a thing very foolish, he also found it likable. It was its first time seeing such a person.

A broken bell appeared in the air. Although the bell was incomplete, a majestic aura filled the air. A will that could subdue the world appeared.

A single speck of rust fell from the Eastern Wasteland Bell’s surface, revealing an immortal character. In that instant, Long Chen was shocked to find that the world seemed to suddenly become still. Time and space were frozen.


A golden wave flew out of the bell, slamming into the flame lion. The flame lion instantly exploded, becoming runes.

Those runes were then rapidly condensed into a ball by some inexplicable energy. Huo Long directly swallowed that ball and then returned to Long Chen’s arm.

The Eastern Wasteland Bell disappeared. Huo Long had also disappeared. Everything had disappeared. The world returned to normal, as if everything that had just happened had just been an illusion.

Long Chen shook his head, only now recovering from his shock. He finally understood just how terrifying the Eastern Wasteland Bell was.

It was in a broken, half-dead state, but it was able to subdue this terrifying Earth Flame, seemingly without expending any effort.

He gulped. This was a legendary divine item. It was truly powerful. If it was at its peak, wouldn’t it be powerful enough to destroy the entire world?

But such a terrifying existence had ended up in such a miserable situation. Just what secrets were hiding behind this? Long Chen couldn’t ask, as even if he did, the Eastern Wasteland Bell wouldn’t answer.

“It has devoured the Blood Incinerating Lion Flame and descended into slumber. It will take a while for it to absorb all that energy; after all, the Blood Incinerating Lion Flame is many times stronger than it. On the other hand, if you had allowed the Blood Incinerating Lion Flame to devour it, not only would its battle power have rapidly increased, but it would have been able to fight very quickly. Ah, old people really talk a lot!” The Eastern Wasteland Bell suddenly mocked itself.

“Many thanks for your good intentions, senior. I’m just too stupid and obstinate. I can only live like this for the rest of my life,” laughed Long Chen, comforting the Eastern Wasteland Bell. Although he hadn’t listened to it, he still accepted its intentions.

“Fine, although I find this character of yours a bit inconceivable, it seems this kind of a character makes it easier for you to win other people’s trust. It’s not necessarily a bad thing. Let’s go; this Blood Incinerating Lion Flame was your greatest gain here, and once Huo Long awakens, you’ll get a pleasant surprise,” said the Eastern Wasteland Bell.

Long Chen nodded. He truly had gained a great deal. In fact, he even felt like his own luck wasn’t that bad. 

The Earth Flame had released a wave of flame energy every now and then from here. His guess was that the mother dragon had been too weak while incubating eggs, but she had forcibly absorbed the flame energy to cultivate. After all, that flame energy only came every now and then, so it was very precious to the Earth Dragons. But in her weakened state, the encroachment of the flame energy must have disrupted her aura, shattering her Neidan and causing her to die.

Once he returned atop the mountain, Long Chen suddenly saw a group of people around the Earth Dragon’s corpse. He frowned and quickly rushed over.

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