Chapter 849 The Greatest Treasure

Huo Long’s three-thousand-meter body charged toward the Earth Dragon. Its size was already very large, but compared to the Earth Dragon, Huo Long seemed like a malnourished child attacking a large man.

At the same time as Huo Long flew out, Lei Long followed. That wasn’t Long Chen’s order; it had flown out on its own to help Huo Long.

Huo Long and Lei Long immediately coiled around the Earth Dragon’s neck. Their runes circulated, tightly clenching, attempting to strangle it.

Long Chen knew that even the Double Dragon Destruction wouldn’t necessarily be able to cause any effective injuries to the Earth Dragon. So he had them fight while preserving their energy in search of an opportunity.

Only now did Long Chen realize how foolish he had been to challenge an eighth rank Magical Beast, and one that was a ruler amongst eighth rank Magical Beasts at that. They fundamentally weren’t existences he could challenge.

The Earth Dragon roared furiously, trying to shake them off. Its throat was the thinnest part of its body, and it was the only place the two of them were able to wrap around and threaten it with. The Earth Dragon’s runes suddenly lit up, and a terrifying pressure descended. Seeing that the Earth Dragon was just about to throw off its restrictions, Long Chen jumped in fright.

“Wilde, hit it again!” Long Chen shouted upon seeing that Wilde was still in his giant form. As soon as Wilde had struck the first time, he had felt like his power was retreating. He had just been about to put away the Barbarian Blood Bronze Body. But hearing Long Chen’s order, he hastily smashed his club down.

BOOM! The sound of bones breaking rang out. The Earth Dragon’s head was now completely deformed, but it still didn’t die.

Suddenly, rumbling came from the Earth Dragon’s body. Long Chen’s expression immediately changed. It was about to rely on the energy within its Neidan to heal.

Long Chen’s face turned green. Eighth rank Magical Beasts were truly too terrifying. If he allowed it to heal, then in its berserk state, it was unknown whether even the dragon scale could stop it.

The Earth Dragon had been blown into the distance by Wilde’s attack. Suddenly, Long Chen’s eyes brightened. He sent a message to Lei Long and Huo Long.

“Split the Heavens 2!”

Huo Long immediately let go of the Earth Dragon and dodged. Only Lei Long continued to tightly hold onto it. At this moment, Long Chen’s attack landed.

“How vicious,” muttered the Eastern Wasteland Bell.

The Earth Dragon had yet to stabilize after being struck by Wilde. Now it was once more sent flying.

As its stomach flipped into the air, it immediately struggled. As it struggled, near its tail, a hole was revealed. That… was the Earth Dragon’s anus. Because it had used too much force… it had opened.

At that moment, a blue fire dragon shrank down and squeezed through. The Earth Dragon let out a miserable roar that shook the nine heavens.

It immediately began to struggle on a new level. It crazily rolled back and forth, destroying the land. Its wings were like blades while its tail was like a whip, destroying everything around it.

Long Chen was horrified. He hastily rushed over to Wilde’s side. Seeing his weakened state, he pulled him away.

Long Chen had only just left when Lei Long finally couldn’t hold on any longer and was shattered. It transformed into lightning runes that returned to his arm. It clearly wasn’t able to hold back the Earth Dragon once it began this crazy struggle.

Long Chen flew into the distance. Wilde quickly took out a Magical Beast’s corpse and began to devour it. He felt like he was about to starve to death.

On the other hand, Long Chen was looking at the crazily struggling Earth Dragon in shock. This Earth Dragon was truly too terrifying. It had been consecutively heavily injured by Wilde but still possessed such power.

Suddenly, a muffled bang came from within the Earth Dragon’s body. It stiffened and then fell motionlessly to the ground.

Long Chen finally sighed with relief. Only now did he sense that his back was covered in sweat. Feeling the wind blowing on him, he felt like he was about to collapse.

Huo Long had managed to succeed. From an extremely crafty angle, it had broken through the Earth Dragon’s practically flawless defense. It had managed to charge into its body and directly devour its Neidan.

With its Neidan devoured, it was like a human whose heart had been crushed. It immediately lost the source of its power.

“Crap, crap, I need food!” Wilde suddenly roared and charged towards the Earth Dragon, his eyes red. His hunger made him feel crazy.

He grabbed its claw, but no matter how he pulled, the scales wouldn’t come off. In his urgency, Wilde directly opened his mouth and bit down on the scales.

Long Chen felt goosebumps. Those scales that even Treasure items could barely harm were being devoured by Wilde. But the scales were also too hard, and Wilde’s own mouth was bleeding. It seemed he didn’t notice that as he continued crunching down on the scales along with some of the Earth Dragon’s skin.

Just like that, Wilde knelt down and viciously bit into the exposed skin. That incomparably tough skin was also torn off, and then seeing blood leaking out, Wilde opened his mouth and began to drink it.

“Fuck, you can’t drink that! It’s poisonous!” Long Chen hastily shot forward, about to pull him away. But Wilde was too fast. He had already eaten his way into the Earth Dragon’s body. Half of his body was already inside its flesh, and Long Chen only managed to grab his leg.

It seemed Wilde had lost all sense of reason. No matter how Long Chen pulled, he just continued to bite the flesh inside, refusing to leave.

Long Chen found that funny as well as startling. But the Hidden Ground Gold Spider King’s poison was still present. Wilde would also be poisoned like this.

“Let him be. The Barbarian race only eats flesh. Anything that has meat and blood can be eaten. They aren’t affected by poison,” said the Eastern Wasteland Bell.

“What?” Long Chen was startled. They were unaffected by poison? What kind of constitution was that terrifying?

Just as he was dumbfounded, Wilde had already dug his way into the Earth Dragon’s claw, leaving behind only a bloody hole to show where he had entered. The sound of him eating could be heard from inside.

“Perhaps what you said was right. Your opportunities all lie within danger,” sighed the Eastern Wasteland Bell.

“That’s just what I’ve learned through my experience. The heavens are often unfair to me, and sometimes it seems that they even want to kill me. I need to get stronger, so I have to risk my life to gain more chips. Fuck, just talking about that is infuriating. The heavens birth all things. I never asked to be born. But since they birthed me, they can’t always be trying to take my life. Fuck, once I’m stronger, I’ll definitely overturn these idiot heavens!” Long Chen clenched his teeth.

“This thinking of yours is extremely heretical,” said the Eastern Wasteland Bell.

“Tch, if you had my experiences, you’d be even more heretical.” Long Chen shook his head. Only people who personally had to go through what had happened to him would understand his fury.

Suddenly, a blue light flew out from around the Earth Dragon’s tail. It transformed into a huge dragon that flew through the air.

Long Chen was delighted. Huo Long’s power had increased by quite a bit. Its size had increased by fifty percent now. That was an immense benefit.

Huo Long excitedly flew through the air, expressing its pride and power. Long Chen smiled, allowing it to be excited for a bit. Huo Long and Lei Long were like children in terms of intelligence.

Long Chen jumped onto the Earth Dragon’s head. He slashed Flying Rainbow at a seam between bones, making sure it was completely dead so that it wouldn’t suffer any longer.

The Earth Dragon’s life energy was shockingly powerful. Its head had been smashed, and its Neidan had been devoured, but it had still been alive. But that kind of living was just torment. This blow of Long Chen’s was his mercy.

After resolving that, he almost habitually put the corpse away when he remembered Wilde was still in its claw. He swept out his divine sense and was speechless. In just a short time, Wilde had consumed all the flesh in the claw.

That was an eighth rank Magical Beast’s flesh. The amount of energy in it was terrifying to imagine. But Wilde had already eaten several tons without being satisfied.

However, several tons of flesh was nothing when it came to the Earth Dragon’s huge body.

“Go check the other Earth Dragon. That’s where your greatest harvest is. According to your combat power, you should have definitely lost this battle and died. But you won, so your harvest is big enough to make others red-eyed,” sighed the Eastern Wasteland Bell. The Eastern Wasteland Bell wasn’t aware Long Chen had the dragon scale and could have escaped at any time, as the dragon scale had constantly been in the primal chaos space.

Long Chen’s eyes brightened. He rushed over to the peak of the mountain. He left this Earth Dragon for Wilde to eat.

This second Earth Dragon was two and a half miles long. That was a bit smaller than the first one, but still enormous. It was lying on the ground with no signs of life.

“It’s dead?” Long Chen found this strange. There weren’t any injuries on its body or any signs of battle. It was like it was sleeping.

“Huo Long!” In any case, it was a treasure. Once Huo Long devoured its Neidan, its power would once more increase. He called out to it.

But Huo Long didn’t come out. It said that this Earth Dragon didn’t have any energy in its Neidan.

“What? Senior, didn’t you say that this was the greatest harvest?” asked Long Chen.

Long Chen felt the Eastern Wasteland Bell in his spiritual space shake slightly. A ray of light suddenly appeared in the outside world and cut across the Earth Dragon’s abdomen. Its powerful defenses that Long Chen hadn’t been able to pierce were like paper in front of that light. A large gash appeared in the Earth Dragon’s abdomen.

Suddenly, four huge eggs rolled out. Long Chen’s eyes almost popped out.

“Earth Dragon eggs?!?!”

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