Chapter 848 The Earth Dragon’s Power (Teaser)

Because the Earth Dragon was currently breathing fire, it didn’t realize that Long Chen’s gift had already reached it. Its attack lasted for three breaths, and the entire world around them had been incinerated. Steam streamed out of the vaporized ground.

“Time to take your medicine!”

Just like a human, after breathing out, the Earth Dragon took a deep breath in. As a result, that black medicinal pill was directly swallowed. In comparison to the Earth Dragon’s mouth, the giant pill was like a speck of dust.

But as soon as the giant pill entered its throat, it transformed into black liquid that rapidly spread throughout its flesh.

The Earth Dragon immediately sensed something was off. It opened its mouth, just about to spit out the black medicinal liquid.

“Split the Heavens 2!” Just at this moment, Long Chen’s full-strength attack viciously slashed onto its head. The Earth Dragon was struck with its defense down,...

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