Chapter 848 The Earth Dragon’s Power

Because the Earth Dragon was currently breathing fire, it didn’t realize that Long Chen’s gift had already reached it. Its attack lasted for three breaths, and the entire world around them had been incinerated. Steam streamed out of the vaporized ground.

“Time to take your medicine!”

Just like a human, after breathing out, the Earth Dragon took a deep breath in. As a result, that black medicinal pill was directly swallowed. In comparison to the Earth Dragon’s mouth, the giant pill was like a speck of dust.

But as soon as the giant pill entered its throat, it transformed into black liquid that rapidly spread throughout its flesh.

The Earth Dragon immediately sensed something was off. It opened its mouth, just about to spit out the black medicinal liquid.

“Split the Heavens 2!” Just at this moment, Long Chen’s full-strength attack viciously slashed onto its head. The Earth Dragon was struck with its defense down, and it smashed into the ground.

After that attack, Long Chen was finally horrified. That was his full-strength attack, but it only managed to break a portion of its scales around the slash. It was unable to cause any fatal damage. In fact, it wasn’t even able to cause a flesh wound. That kind of defense was too terrifying.

However, he had achieved his goal with this attack. As long as the poison circulated throughout the Earth Dragon’s body, he trusted that even if the poison couldn’t kill it, it would greatly reduce its battle prowess.

That was the Hidden Ground Gold Spider King’s poison. It was extremely potent, to the point that the spider king’s poison sac had had three layers of protection around it. Once its poison was released, even the spider king would be poisoned to death. Thus, it could be seen just how strong that poison was.

After releasing this attack, Long Chen immediately flew into the air. He didn’t need to do anything now. He just needed to wait for the poison to spread.

The Earth Dragon shook its head repeatedly, roaring furiously. It was breathing fire, trying to expel the poison.

Regretfully, its flame energy came from its Neidan, not its stomach. It was unable to stop the poison from spreading.

Seeing this scene, Long Chen was relieved. Like this, even though he had lost a trump card, he would at least not have to use the dragon scale. Even if he couldn’t kill it, he would be able to leave safely.

“What?” Up in the air, Long Chen suddenly saw another huge figure at the edge of his sight. He dropped from the sky and almost called out to Wilde to run.

That was because he saw that at the Earth Dragon’s original location, another Earth Dragon was lying on the ground. It was slightly smaller than the one he was fighting against, but still enormous.

“Don’t worry about that one. It’s dead,” said the Eastern Wasteland Bell.

Dead? Long Chen sighed with relief. His cold sweat had drenched his back. If he had to face two Earth Dragons, then there wasn’t the slightest chance of winning.

From up in the sky, he had also gotten a better view. He saw that there was also a cave where the Earth Dragon had been. It was unknown what was inside.

“Little fellow, you really are sinister enough. That poison pill of yours won’t be able to kill the Earth Dragon, but it will weaken its power by around seventy percent,” said the Eastern Wasteland Bell. It hadn’t expected Long Chen would have such a method.

“Sinister enough? Hehe, I’ll take that as praise. And seventy percent? Hehe, that’s even more effective than I had expected,” said Long Chen, delighted.

The Earth Dragon suddenly roared. The poison was spreading throughout its body, and it couldn’t stop it. In its fury, it opened its mouth, and a golden light shot toward Long Chen.

“Careful!” shouted the Eastern Wasteland Bell.

Long Chen jumped in terror, not expecting the Earth Dragon to have such a terrifying attack. That wasn’t its fire breath, but a kind of divine ability. 

The instant Long Chen sensed that feeling of crisis, he instinctively used the Lightning Body Blink to dodge to the side. The ray of golden light just narrowly missed his body.

But although it didn’t strike him head-on, just the shockwaves from it made him feel like a hammer had smashed into his body. His clothes were blown apart, and he wildly vomited blood. His body almost collapsed.

Long Chen was horrified. He hastily dodged and put on a new set of robes. He flashed through the air, not letting the Earth Dragon land a second shot against him.

“That is one of the Earth Dragon’s core abilities. Even a Foundation Forging cultivator would be killed if they were struck,” explained the Eastern Wasteland Bell.

Long Chen felt a burst of terror. That attack had been too powerful, and there hadn’t even been any sign of it coming. 

“Not good, that kind of attack will exhaust its core energy. That’s what Huo Long needs,” said Long Chen.

The Eastern Wasteland Bell was speechless. Long Chen kept saying that Leng Yueyan was crazy, but wasn’t he even crazier?

The best time to kill the Earth Dragon was the moment it had exhausted all its core energy. But Long Chen actually cared about the energy in its Neidan. He was the true madman.

Long Chen continued to weave through the air, not letting the Earth Dragon lock onto him and release that attack again. That would save its core energy.

Eventually, he got closer to the Earth Dragon, and it suddenly slammed one of its wings at him.

Long Chen was delighted to see that its speed and power had clearly dropped. That should be the effect of the poison.

He pushed the Lightning Body Blink to its peak, deftly dodging its wings, claws, tail, and breath.

Its body was huge, and with its power and speed drastically reduced, it wasn’t nimble. It was unable to threaten Long Chen.

Long Chen was like a fly buzzing around it. No matter how it attacked, it was unable to strike him. It roared in fury.

BOOM! Because of its fury, the Earth Dragon smashed both its wings down. As a result, dust blew into the air, and it tottered a few steps.

“A good chance!” Long Chen had been waiting for a long while now. His broadsword slashed down on its wing at precisely the moment it had lost balance.

The Earth Dragon was too powerful, and with its defense, his saber didn’t cause any damage to the wing. But the huge force made it lose its balance even more. It tumbled, rolling on the ground.

When it rose from the ground, it was a bit dizzy. One reason was due to the tumbling, while the other was due to the poison. Its reflexes were slowed a great deal.

“Raging Flame Prison!”

Countless flame runes rapidly formed a prison around the Earth Dragon. In its muddled state, it was easily caught.

Seeing that, Long Chen was delighted. After this much planning, he had finally created an opportunity.

It had to be known that with his current power, trying to trap an eighth rank Magical Beast like the Earth Dragon was practically impossible. While the magical art was forming, he needed the Earth Dragon to not move. Otherwise, if it struggled just as it was forming, in its weakest state, the flame prison would be brittle and easily broken by this powerful Magical Beast.

So in order to use the magical art, he had to first keep the Earth Dragon still for a moment. Originally, he had thought if he landed Split the Heavens on its head, there would have been a good chance of making it dizzy for half a breath while he used the Raging Flame Prison.

But the Earth Dragon’s power had far exceeded his expectations. It was a good thing that he had the poison pill to weaken it, allowing him to grasp this opportunity.

The flame prison had just appeared when chanting filled the air. Boundless flame energy surged into the flame prison.

The Earth Dragon crazily struggled while Long Chen circulated the Raging Flame Prison with his full power. However, the Earth Dragon was too large and powerful. It was like a bird cage made out of threads of gold was trapping a rooster. The flame prison seemed flimsy in front of the Earth Dragon, and it was constantly rocking. It was even a bit comical.

But Long Chen didn’t feel like it was comical in the slightest. His heart had risen into his throat. It really looked like the flame prison would break at any moment.

“Wilde, quickly hit its head!” shouted Long Chen. With the Nirvana Scripture, he was pouring his energy into the flame prison. He could only just barely keep it contained.

Wilde, who had long since been prepared, hastily rushed out. His legs stamped on the ground, and he shot into the air. His figure suddenly grew explosively, turning him into a giant thirty meters tall.

Although it was his second time seeing it, Long Chen was still awed. Wilde smashed his bone club down on the Earth Dragon’s head.

BOOM! Heaven and earth trembled. Blood splashed and the Earth Dragon crashed through the flame prison, flying into the distance.

“What?! It’s still not dead?!” Long Chen was shocked. Half of its head was now caved in because of Wilde’s attack. But then he suddenly realized that the Earth Dragon didn’t have a crystal core. All of its energy was located in its Neidan.

“Huo Long, it’s up to you now.” Long Chen waved his hand. The flame tattoo on his arm lit up, and a blue ray of light shot toward the heavily injured Earth Dragon.

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