Chapter 847 Eighth Rank Magical Beast, Earth Dragon (Teaser)

Long Chen saw a distant ‘mountain’. His heart pounded.

That was a huge, three-mile-long Earth Dragon. This so-called Earth Dragon was actually just a large lizard. It had two horns on its head, making it appear sinister and terrifying. It also had a pair of wings, but it wasn’t able to fly. It was covered in golden scales from top to bottom, and currently lying at the peak of a mountain. Seeing Long Chen and the others arrive, it let out a thunderous roar.[1]

“That’s clearly an eighth rank Magical Beast!” Long Chen gulped.

Little Snow let out a quiet growl.

Long Chen was speechless. “Even if I’ve advanced, I’m not a match for an eighth rank Magical Beast! Are you joking?”

Little Snow actually thought that he could handle an eighth rank Magical Beast now that he had advanced. Long Chen didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Little Snow really had overestimated him. It wasn’t as if he had advanced to Sea Expansion. How could he dare to challenge an eighth rank Magical Beast?

That was equivalent to a human Foundation Forging expert. Furthermore, seeing...

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