Chapter 845 Time to Refine the Sea Merging Pill

“They refused to stay with me and left on their own. They told me to keep it secret,” said Wilde. He wasn’t able to lie to Long Chen.

“Those two bastards, they really are asking to be slapped.” Long Chen couldn’t help being enraged. Weren’t they just causing trouble for no reason? This was the Immemorial Path. Rank one Celestials were just cannon fodder here.

Without Wilde’s protection, if they ran into any trouble, the chances of them surviving were very low. But if they had been with Wilde, he could have given them the Heavenly Dao Fruits and have them immediately advance to rank three Celestials.

Long Chen’s expression was ugly. He looked at the two new Heavenly Dao Fruits in the primal chaos space, which had come from the Blood Python expert and the Fullmoon expert. Originally, he had been full of delight. But that delight was ruined now when learned that Li Qi and Song Mingyuan had gone off on their own. Their chances of surviving in the Immemorial Path were extremely remote.

“Brother Long, Li Qi said that they couldn’t always rely on you. They want to be able to be responsible for themselves. They can’t always be holding you back.” Seeing Long Chen’s frightening expression, Wilde only dared to open his mouth after a long moment.

Hearing this, Long Chen’s heart softened and he couldn’t help but sigh. Living in this world sometimes made him feel so helpless. On the cultivation path, no one could forever advance through other people’s help. They had to rely on themselves.

Long Chen could make it more convenient for them, but in order to grow, they needed to rely on themselves. The price of growth was often having to face death.

Their choice wasn’t wrong. Long Chen suddenly felt that the one in the wrong was him. Caring too much could instead slow down people’s progress, limiting their room for personal growth.

But although he understood that principle, he couldn’t follow it. He couldn’t watch as his brothers faced such dangers while standing completely aloof.

But from Li Qi and Song Mingyuan’s viewpoint, Long Chen treated them as his brothers, and they also treated him as their brother. When Long Chen faced countless powerful experts, when he crossed mountains of blades or seas of fire, they had to have been feeling the same thing he was feeling.

And they must have been feeling it even worse than him, because they didn’t have the power to protect him. They would feel useless, ashamed of their own inferiority.

Perhaps it had been precisely because of that torment that they had been so brazen as to ignore his orders and also bet on their own lives, looking for their own opportunities to get stronger.

Long Chen sighed. He felt so powerless, as well as angry. As he gradually got stronger, his luck got progressively worse. When he wanted treasures, he needed to put in ten or even a hundred times more effort than others.

“Senior, does karmic luck really exist?” Long Chen suddenly asked the Eastern Wasteland Bell this question. He very much wanted to know the answer.

“Of course. Geniuses are products of heaven and earth condensing their karmic luck into certain people. They are blessed by the heavens, and from birth, it is fated that their luck will be better than others. They are heaven and earth’s favorites,” replied the Eastern Wasteland Bell.

“Then what am I? The trash they picked up?” asked Long Chen.

The Eastern Wasteland Bell was silent for a moment. “In truth, you yourself should know the answer as to why your luck is so lacking. There’s no need to ask the question if you know the answer. In this case, there are many things that relate to some secrets. I can’t say them. If I did, it wouldn’t be good for you or me. All I can tell you is that it is fated that you will not be able to live off luck. You’ll have to rely on power to fight for what you get, and nothing will be given to you for free.”

Long Chen bitterly smiled. As expected, against an existence that had existed for countless years, his thoughts were practically laid bare. No words were able to trick it into revealing information it didn’t want to give.

“Then what I want to know is, how do I kill experts that are supported by karmic luck?” asked Long Chen. He felt like he was about to go crazy. Killing those people required way too much work, and there were always all kinds of interference.

“All you need to remember is that in front of absolute power, everything else is nothing. As long as you are strong enough, you can ignore karmic luck. Think about your Barbarian friend. Just how many people could block that attack of his? So in front of overwhelming power, karmic luck is also useless. The existence known as karmic luck will only display some sort of use when two people’s power is about the same. Once the difference is too great, karmic luck isn’t able to do anything,” said the Eastern Wasteland Bell.

“Absolute power…” Long Chen’s eyes brightened. He finally understood the crux of the problem. To put it frankly, he still wasn’t strong enough. If he was so strong that he could surpass the restrictions of the Heavenly Daos, karmic luck would be nothing.

“Many thanks for your pointers, senior,” said Long Chen.

“Don’t be so courteous. To tell you the truth, I hope for you to quickly get stronger. Those two people you killed had exceptionally pure Spiritual Strength, and it was all absorbed by me. It was very helpful.”

“Don’t worry, my enemies fill this entire world. There are so many that I can’t even kill them all,” laughed Long Chen. But that laughter was also full of helplessness.

Those arrogant idiots relied on the favoritism of the world to bully him, the unlucky bastard. Long Chen predicted that this opening of the Immemorial Path wouldn’t be too peaceful.

Long Chen once more chatted a bit with Wilde. Just what was that immense power he had released in that battle?

Wilde said that this was a technique he had awakened back when Cang Ming had been killed. Previously, he hadn’t realized it. But then he had encountered a terrifying Magical Beast in the Immemorial Path. In his fury, he had unconsciously grown into his giant form and killed that seventh rank Magical Beast.

Only then did he get a feel for his giant form. In truth, he had already activated it back when Cang Ming had died, but he had been in too much of a muddleheaded state back then. Once he had awakened, he had forgotten about it.

The second time, he had activated it while clearheaded. But after killing the seventh rank Magical beast, he had become incredibly hungry. He had directly consumed that seventh rank Magical Beast, but it still hadn’t satisfied him. Beset by hunger, he had begun hunting for food all over.

On the way, he had encountered attacks from the Corrupt path. They were all killed by him. But Wilde remembered Long Chen’s words. Unless he was starving to the point that he was about to die, he couldn’t eat humans.

Later, he had found quite a few Magical Beasts to allay his hunger. Then with Guo Ran’s help, he had found Li Qi and Song Mingyuan. They had traveled together for a while.

Once Guo Ran had brought them together, he had left to travel on his own. But then Li Qi and Song Mingyuan had also left.

After that, Wilde had settled down here. Since ordinary seventh rank Magical Beasts could be killed with a single smash of his club, living here meant there would be plenty of tasty food for him.

“Don’t you know how to use a spatial ring? Why didn’t you store any food?” asked Long Chen. But then seeing Wilde’s upset expression, he immediately shut his mouth. This fellow had definitely forgotten that spatial rings could store things.

Long Chen thought to himself that the fact that Wilde could live to this day really was a miracle.

He gave Wilde a spatial ring with huge space inside it. It was dozens of miles wide and should be enough to store quite a few Magical Beasts.

The regretful thing was that Wilde had smashed the Blood Python expert with so much power that other than that whip, everything else on him had been destroyed.

Furthermore, when Long Chen had used the Flame Prison Deathblow, the world’s energy had been very berserk, turning the Fullmoon expert to dregs. His spatial ring had also been destroyed.

“Let’s go hunting.” Long Chen brought Wilde away. He summoned Little Snow and went deeper into the forest. On the way, he gave Little Snow a Heavenly Dao Fruit. “Little Snow, you should eat this fruit.”

Little Snow shook his head, refusing to eat it.

“Haha, you’re overthinking it. This is the Heavenly Dao Fruit from that fellow that bullied you. They injured you, so you can eat this to vent your resentment,” persuaded Long Chen. Little Snow was saying that eating it was just a waste.

In truth, he only had two rank three Heavenly Dao Fruits that had come from innate Celestials. But he wanted to see if they could have a special effect on Little Snow. Although it was precious, although his hope was extremely remote, he still wanted to test it.

A complicated expression appeared on Little Snow’s face, but in the end, he wasn’t able to change Long Chen’s mind. He consumed the Heavenly Dao Fruit.

Regretfully, it still had no effect. Long Chen laughed and comforted Little Snow, saying that he had vented his anger, teasing him.

But in truth, his heart was heavy. Despite that, he continued teasing Little Snow, trying to make him happier. Right now, Little Snow had just recovered and couldn’t fight. But he could help them track some Magical Beasts.

Ten days later, with Little Snow’s assistance, Long Chen and Wilde had killed dozens of seventh rank Magical Beasts. Of course, only five of them remained in Wilde’s spatial ring. The rest had all been eaten by him.

There was no way around that. Wilde told Long Chen that the giant form he had summoned was called the Barbarian Blood Bronze Body. It exhausted his Blood Qi, so after using it, he would be indescribably hungry, as if he was about to die. He only made up for that Blood Qi once he consumed dozens of Magical Beasts. 

After making up for the loss, they continued hunting. The recovered Wilde was incomparably terrifying. Ordinary seventh rank Magical Beasts were killed without being able to resist.

Once, the two of them had encountered a Silver Armored Lion Eagle. It was an extremely powerful Magical Beast, with silver scales and wings, giving it both great defense and speed. It was practically an equal match for Meng Qi’s Redeye Sacred Blood Phoenix.

But Wilde had smashed it with a single club, making it dizzy. Then Long Chen had taken the advantage to directly cut off its head with a single slash of Flying Rainbow.

Long Chen was truly amazed by Wilde’s power. He was the embodiment of the expression ‘only people that know how to eat have energy’. Furthermore, he found that Wilde’s luck was truly excellent. That random bone club he had found was definitely a treasure.

The Eastern Wasteland Bell said that it was the leg bone of an elephant. Its original owner should have been a King-level Magical Beast. This bone possessed its natural runes, which made it one of the most primitive King items.

Once there were close to fifty Magical Beasts in Wilde’s storage ring, Long Chen stopped hunting with him. He had Wilde continue hunting with Little Snow to keep up with his energy consumption.

As for him, he found a quiet mountain cave and took out his pill furnace, as well as the newly-obtained Seven Stamen Seaheart Fruit.

“Hehe, it’s time to refine the Sea Merging Pill and increase my power,” laughed Long Chen, a trace of excitement in his voice.

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