Chapter 844 Killed With a Single Smash

A whistling qi wave shattered the ground and ruined the mountains. This was a terrifying power that no one had ever seen before.

The Blood Python expert hastily brandished his whip to block. But in front of that huge club, his whip was like a child’s toy. He had no ability to resist and was blasted into bloody mist.

As for the golden whip, it was unknown how far it was sent flying. Everyone, including Long Chen, felt their hearts skip a beat. This scene was too terrifying.

“A descendant of the Barbarian race? What a pure bloodline… How could this be possible?” muttered the Eastern Wasteland Bell to itself.

“Run!” Ji Changkong was the first to flash into motion. He was terrified of Wilde and he hastily fled. This kind of power wasn’t something a human could resist.

The Blood Python expert had been an innate rank three Celestial with a Treasure item. But he was killed in one blow, without the slightest ability to resist.

That made him completely terrified. That was absolute power, a power that was impossible to resist. If he still didn’t run, then he would have to be suicidal.

“Want to leave? Leave your life behind first!” Long Chen snorted. As soon as Wilde had attacked, he had felt that the other two might flee, so he had already started forming hand seals.

“Raging Flame Prison!”

Countless flame runes suddenly appeared around the two of them. However, Long Chen’s expression changed.

He had forgotten that his Earth Flame had already used up all its energy, and as a result, the Raging Flame Prison was clearly formed slower.

When it had begun to surround the two of them, cracks had appeared. Ji Changkong rushed to one of those cracks without even hesitating.

As for the Fullmoon expert, he also fled with his full power. He could tell that this was a terrifying magical art, and once he was trapped, he would be doomed.

“Sorry, I’ll need to borrow your body for a moment.” Ji Changkong suddenly sent a kick at the Fullmoon expert. The Fullmoon expert was startled and instinctively blocked.

His expression suddenly changed. He finally realized Ji Changkong’s sinister goal. “Ji Changkong, you are courting death!”

But his furious roar had no use. Ji Changkong had already used the stepping force to increase his speed and pierce out through the crack within the flame prison. In the blink of an eye, he disappeared in front of everyone.

While Ji Changkong flew away, he felt like he was forgetting something. However, he couldn’t remember. It was only a few days later that he suddenly recalled that he had seen that giant previously.

He didn’t know that after Wilde had attacked once, he had fallen from the sky powerlessly, his body returning to his original size. After just one attack, he had used up all his energy. There was no way for him to attack again.

The Fullmoon expert was now trapped within the Raging Flame Prison. That attack from Ji Changkong had made him too slow to escape, and now there was no opening to be found.

Seeing Ji Changkong flee, Long Chen felt a bit helpless. If the Earth Flame had retained just half of its power, the Raging Flame Prison would have formed much quicker, and Ji Changkong wouldn’t have been able to escape.

But at least he had caught one fish, so it wasn’t bad. It was just that his flame energy was too weak now. As a result, he had needed to draw more energy from the world. If he did that too fast, it would cause an imbalance in the energy, which would not only cause the prison to fail to form, but also create a backlash.

The Fullmoon expert crazily attacked the flame prison, but it was like a multilayered net. No matter how he attacked, he wasn’t able to break the runic chains formed from the world’s flame energy.

Long Chen formed new hand seals, and an incantation filled the air. It was like the chanting of gods, sacred and divine. He had activated the Nirvana Scripture.

Following that, the world’s flame energy surged toward him, and a sea of runes appeared behind his body. Those runes contained endless flame energy.

That sea of runes was something he had used to resist the Cry of the Heavenly Daos back in the Pill Tower. Only now did he realize just how badly he had been mistaken about its power.

This Nirvana Scripture was extremely mysterious, and its power seemed limitless. Even if he had no flame energy left, even if he had no power at all, as long as he began to chant it, endless flame energy would surge toward him.

Only when he activated the Nirvana Scripture would Long Chen feel like the heavens’ cared for him. The world’s flame energy felt so intimate to him.

As the Nirvana Scripture circulated, boundless energy entered the Raging Flame Prison. It began to grow stronger, and even Long Chen’s Earth Flame began to slowly recover.

The Raging Flame Prison began to shrink, pressing a terrifying heat toward the Fullmoon expert.

He was horrified. He found that no matter how he resisted, he was unable to stop the encroachment of the flame energy. Even his spiritual yuan was being ignited. It wouldn’t be long before he was burned to death.

“Long Chen, release me! Quickly release me, otherwise, your sect, your family-”

“Fuck off!” Long Chen raged. This was the kind of thing he hated hearing the most, people threatening to destroy his sect and family. Originally, he had been planning on slowly roasting him, but now he couldn’t wait.

Flame Prison Deathblow!

The flame prison rapidly shrank, becoming just a foot wide. The Fullmoon expert didn’t even have a chance to make a sound before being turned to ash.

All the spectators were terrified. They had personally seen two of the ancient races’ strongest experts being killed. They practically couldn’t believe their eyes.

It had to be known that the ancient races had countless inheritances and countless experts. Furthermore, they were very protective. Now that Long Chen had killed the two of them, he had provoked an immense disaster.

The flame prison disappeared and a broadsword fell from the sky. A figure suddenly rushed over, grabbed it, and fled.

This person was clearly extremely crafty. He had timed everything perfectly. Long Chen was in an exhausted state, so the chance of him obtaining it was extremely high.

However, he had only just grabbed it when countless golden scales flew over. He was instantly turned into mincemeat.

Long Chen smiled coldly. He wanted to take advantage? How could it be possible for such a good thing to happen? He never worked for free. The treasure he had worked so hard for couldn’t land in someone else’s hands. Long Chen naturally wouldn’t be merciful to someone trying to snatch what was his.

Originally, there had also been several others lying in wait to take advantage. But now seeing Long Chen suddenly take out this many soul items, they all felt a chill.

Grabbing the broadsword, Long Chen smiled. This work really hadn’t been for nothing. Now that he had obtained this broadsword, everything was worth it.

The broadsword was six feet long and was to be used with both hands. It was four inches wide and one and a half inches thick. Its weight was not bad. Long Chen guessed it was at least over three million pounds.

Although it was still too light for him, it was much more comfortable than using Flying Rainbow. Flying Rainbow was truly too light. He wasn’t able to use any of his power.

Swinging the broadsword, space trembled. Long Chen was delighted. With this heavy weapon, his battle power had increased by quite a bit.

He had only just put it away when he saw quite a few people flying away in a certain direction. He was first startled, but then he realized that was the direction the Blood Python expert’s whip had flown.

However, Wilde’s attack had reached a level of power that was out of a human’s understanding. No one knew how far that whip had flown.

The battle here was over. There was nothing more to see, nor was there any way to take advantage. So these people suddenly thought of that priceless Treasure item. They began frantically rushing over. If their luck was good, they could pick up a treasure for nothing.

Although Long Chen was in a weak state right now, that immense battle had intimidated them all. Even the rank three Celestials didn’t dare to attack Long Chen. They all left.

Some people were unwilling and continued to watch in secret, but Long Chen ignored them. He ran over to Wilde’s side and was startled to see that he was pale-white.

“Wilde, what’s going on? Are you injured?” Long Chen supported him, investigating his body. It was only natural that after using such immense power, he would receive a powerful backlash.

“Brother Long, I can’t hold on any longer…” said Wilde feebly.

“Don’t mess around! You’ll be fine!” Long Chen cut him off.

“Brother Long… I really can’t hold on… I’m going to die from hunger. I need food…” said Wilde urgently.

“What the fuck?!” Long Chen was speechless. Originally, he had thought that Wilde was heavily injured. But he had just used up too much energy and needed food.

The source of Wilde’s energy was meat. Currently, Wilde was so hungry that he had an urge to swallow his own arm.

Long Chen hastily looked through the primal chaos space. He saw a Magical Beast’s corpse that had only been half-devoured by the black soil. Half of it was still above the ground.

He hastily tore off two of its legs. That was a seventh rank Magical Beast, a Six-Horn Gold Bull. A single leg was like a small mountain.

Seeing those two legs, Wilde immediately pounced. He tore into them, directly devouring huge mouthfuls. Watching that, Long Chen felt a chill. He turned away, unable to watch.

But he noticed that when Wilde began to bloodily eat the bull’s legs, a few of those hidden spectators disappeared silently.

A seventh rank Magical Beast’s flesh was something that even Enchanted items would have a difficult time piercing. But Wilde was easily eating it. The most terrifying thing was that no one knew just where this flesh was going after he had consumed it. Was Wilde’s stomach a spatial bag?

After consuming those two legs, Wilde was slightly better off. He finally had the energy to speak. Long Chen asked him how he had come here.

Wilde said that it was Guo Ran who had found him and brought him to this place. Once he had arrived here, he had been incredibly excited. He had immediately treated this forest as his own home, constantly eating.

“What about Li Qi and Song Mingyuan?” asked Long Chen suddenly.

“They… they…” Wilde didn’t dare to look at Long Chen.

Long Chen immediately thought of something and shouted, “Don’t lie to me! Tell me the truth!”

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