Chapter 843 Giant Body

Long Chen was startled. This attack was coming from behind him. Even before the attack came, he sensed a powerful wind, and the space around him had been solidified.

Furthermore, he was also facing Ji Changkong and the Blood Python expert from the front. There was no way for him to dodge, nor was there a way for him to block with his sword. With an icy snort, he summoned golden scales and formed a barrier around himself.

The thick wall of scales was blown apart. That was well within Long Chen’s expectations as his goal was only to weaken this attack.

He had just blocked the Blood Python expert’s whip as well as Ji Changkong’s spear. But at this moment, his left hand suddenly reached back, covered in thunderforce. In front of those hidden spectator’s shocked gazes, he grabbed the tip of the broadsword.

“Is he crazy?! He’s grabbing a Treasure item with his bare hand?!?!” That was a Treasure item! Once it released its power, it could directly crush him. Did Long Chen not want his life any longer?

Long Chen caught the broadsword, and only then did he get a look at who was attacking him. It was a large, stocky man with a horn on his head.

Long Chen suddenly recalled that he had seen this person before. Back then, he had been the one leading the Fullmoon race’s experts before the Immemorial Path had opened.

On Insect Island, he had truly killed Fullmoon disciples and Giant Eagle disciples. But the rest of those people had later died on Insect Island to that sea of insects. He didn’t know how this person was aware of this fact.

However, he also couldn’t be bothered to quibble, nor would he refuse to admit it. The hand holding the broadsword suddenly pulled back.

The Fullmoon expert was also an innate rank three Celestial. Seeing that Long Chen dared to grab his Treasure item with his bare hand and actually dared to pull it away, he was infuriated. His power surged out. He was just about to activate his Treasure item’s power to kill Long Chen.

But just as his spiritual yuan was about to pour into his weapon, Long Chen’s Flying Rainbow slashed toward his wrist. That sharp aura gave him a chill.

He immediately realized that Long Chen intended to snatch his Treasure item. If Long Chen’s sword landed on his wrist, then even if he circulated his spiritual yuan to block, it would still be severed. Long Chen would then easily take his Treasure item.

He immediately became dumbfounded. His sneak attack had failed, and now he had landed in this kind of situation in the blink of an eye. He didn’t even know what to do.

He instinctively poured his spiritual yuan into his broadsword, hoping to activate its power before Long Chen’s sword could reach him.


Flying Rainbow severed his wrist. But Long Chen’s left hand, and even his entire arm, was blown apart. His bones were revealed.

The Fullmoon expert hadn’t been as fast as Long Chen. But a portion of his spiritual yuan had still entered his broadsword. An immense power had blown apart Long Chen’s arm.

His left arm was now a pulp. But the Fullmoon expert’s hand had also left his body along with his broadsword.

Long Chen tried to grab the broadsword, but it was shockingly heavy, too heavy to hold it with his injured arm. It hadn’t recovered from the impact, and he was actually unable to keep hold of the broadsword. It began to fall.

He was just about to chase after it when golden light shone behind him. The Blood Python expert’s golden whip released a piercing light, blocking his movement.

Furthermore, Ji Changkong’s spear was stabbing toward his back. Long Chen had no chance to grab that Treasure item and could only raise his sword to block.

With their help, the Fullmoon expert hastily grabbed back his broadsword and hand. Activating his Heavenly Dao runes, he reattached his hand.

His fury had soared to a new level. Their ancient races possessed a secret art that allowed them to distinguish the killers of their clansmen. They would all be infected by a special aura that only the ancient races could sense. So denying it didn’t have any use.

He had just been drawn over to the battle when he sensed that aura from Long Chen’s body. So he had immediately attacked, wanting to kill him in one blow. One reason was that he wanted to avenge his fallen clansmen, while another was because the ancient races also had good relationships among themselves. This way, he could get a favor from the Blood Python race.

He had thought that even if he didn’t kill Long Chen in one blow, he would still be dead in just a few exchanges. But there truly had only been one exchange, and in this one exchange, his hand was severed. Furthermore, that was in a situation where he was the sneak attacker. This severed hand was an immense humiliation.

He could sense the shocked gazes from countless spectators. He could even feel them thinking that the grand Fullmoon race’s number one junior expert was actually so useless.

“Long Chen, I will kill you and your entire family!” The Fullmoon race’s expert roared, countless runes lighting up his body. His body started to rapidly expand, and his muscles began to bulge with explosive power.

BOOM! Long Chen had just forced back the Blood Python expert and Ji Changkong when the Fullmoon expert’s broadsword whistled toward him.

Long Chen was startled. This Fullmoon expert was extremely powerful. But then seeing the horn on his head, he realized he was perhaps related to the ancient rhinoceros Magical Beast.

Even blocking with his full power, he was still sent flying. Long Chen snorted. If it weren’t for the fact that Flying Rainbow wasn’t his kind of weapon, how could he lose in terms of power?

“Double Dragon Destruction!”

Long Chen was in the midst of flying back, while the other three were rushing toward him, wanting to kill him in one surge. But he suddenly raised his hands and two huge dragons soared out, roaring. A powerful aura crashed down on them like waves crashing against the shore.

The three of them were horrified. They hadn’t expected Long Chen to possess such a powerful attack. They sensed an immense threat from these two dragons.

“Fullmoon Slash!”

“Remote Heaven Bloodcry Spear!”

“Blood Python Overflows the Earth!”

The three of them didn’t dare to hold back. They released their strongest moves and space began to rumble.


The four attacks collided, forming a huge ball in the air. The inside of that ball was full of fierce powers colliding together, which then suddenly exploded.

It was like the void had erupted, and a harsh light filled the air. When everyone’s sight recovered, they were horrified to see that Long Chen and the others were already fighting again.

“What kind of monsters are they?! Even after such a terrifying blast, they still weren’t injured?!”

“Perhaps they weren’t injured, but their auras are clearly weaker. It probably won’t be long before they run out of power,” said one expert. Everyone hastily sensed their auras and found out that they really had weakened by quite a bit.

Long Chen hadn’t been holding back with his attack. He had directly summoned Lei Long and Huo Long’s true bodies. With this one attack, not only had he released all their power, but it had also taken a great deal of his spiritual yuan.

The two of them returned to his arms to rest. Just at this moment, Long Chen raised his sword, about to release the second form of Split the Heavens.

“To dare bully my brother Long, I’ll smash you to death!”

Suddenly, a furious roar rang out. It was like the roar of a heavenly god. A large figure rushed over.

“Wilde!” Long Chen had never expected that Wilde would appear.

He was three meters tall, looking like a small giant. As he rushed over, the ground constantly shook. His speed was actually greater than them flying.

He stamped on the ground and shot up like a cannonball. The ground shattered, but he appeared in front of Ji Changkong and the others in an instant.

“Where did this idiot come from? Scram!”

The Fullmoon expert saw that Wilde didn’t summon his Heavenly Dao runes, nor did he release any Battle Skills. He furiously slashed his broadsword at Wilde.


Wilde raised his bone club. As a result, he was sent flying and smashed into the ground by the Fullmoon expert. A small crater appeared on the ground.

Long Chen was startled. He was just about to go see if Wilde was injured when he shot back up, roaring, “Now it’s my turn. Let me handle him!”

The Blood Python expert sneered. He shot toward Wilde, his whip growing to become three hundred meters, coiling around him.

Long Chen knew Wilde didn’t specialize in fighting in the air. Jumping up like this to fight meant he couldn’t use any power. Furthermore, this child was too foolish. It seemed he thought he had to jump up to their height in order to fight. As a result, by the time he reached their height, he had no more power left. That was why he was forced back by the Fullmoon expert.

Up in the air, he had no way to release his power. And instead of jumping with extra power, he was jumping exactly to their height. After all this time, his muscles had grown, but his intelligence hadn’t improved in the slightest.

Long Chen was just about to summon the golden scales to help him when Wilde suddenly let out a bestial roar. In front of everyone’s appalled gazes, an ancient mark lit up on Wilde’s forehead. His body instantly grew ten times larger.

Everyone, including Long Chen, felt their scalps turn numb. Was he still human? How could he become such a giant?

It wasn’t just Wilde that got larger; even the bone club in his hand grew proportionately. It couldn’t even be called a club anymore. It was more like a huge pillar.

At thirty meters tall, Wilde was an absolute giant. Up in the air, his huge bone club smashed toward the Bone Python expert.


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