Chapter 842 A Beauty’s Head

That was a head, a human head. And it was a beauty’s head. Those eyes were filled with unwillingness and rage, as well as humiliation.

The owner of this head came from the same sect as Long Chen. She was acclaimed as one of the Xuantian Dao Sect’s Four Heavenly Geniuses, the only woman amongst them, Zhong Wuyan. She had actually been killed.

Although Zhong Wuyan definitely hadn’t had a good relationship with Long Chen, and the two of them could even be counted as enemies, seeing her head in front of him still infuriated Long Chen. His killing intent unconsciously began to brew.

“I’m pleased to see you like this. You should know, I spent a great deal of effort to get this girl for you. I don’t mind telling you, I didn’t just kill her, I also enjoyed her before killing her. Regretfully, this woman might be beautiful, but once her clothes were off, she didn’t have any of the feeling of a woman. However, I still clenched my teeth and went through with it. Hehe, and in the end, she really was an amazing woman, hahaha…” laughed Ji Changkong, as if he were reminiscing.

“Good. You’ve succeeded in infuriating me. Congratulations.”

Lightning suddenly circulated around Long Chen, and he turned into a bolt of lightning shooting toward Ji Changkong. Ji Changkong was startled that Long Chen would suddenly attack without accumulating any power. Before he could react, Long Chen’s sword was already piercing his chest.

He was startled. This was his first time seeing such explosive strength, and he rapidly retreated.

BOOM! The front of Ji Changkong’s robes exploded, revealing a golden soft armor on his body. But there was a large hole in that armor now. His blood slowly flowed out.

He was both startled and enraged. If he hadn’t retreated fast enough and had this armor to block the majority of the power, he might already be dead. This carelessness had caused him to walk right past the gates of hell. Cold sweat covered his back.

Rumble… Long Chen’s divine ring circulated and four stars floated in his eyes. His aura reached his peak. His sword once more slashed toward Ji Changkong.

“Brother Changkong, be careful. He is incredibly fast!” warned the Blood Python expert. At the same time, he once more began to brandish his whip, joining hands with Ji Changkong to fight Long Chen.

Ji Changkong finally recovered from his shock. With a furious roar, he summoned his Cry of the Heavenly Daos. Three-colored runes erupted, forming a fierce sea around him. Ji Changkong was also an innate rank three Celestial.

“Long Chen, you can die now!” A black spear appeared in Ji Changkong’s hands. Its runes lit up, and it released a powerful pressure that caused space to tremble. That pressure was something only a Treasure item could possess.


Long Chen’s sword slashed onto his spear. Terrifying power erupted as endless runes raged in the sky. Powerful shockwaves spread, shattering mountains and blowing dust into the air.

Long Chen was forced back, enraged. Ji Changkong’s spear was a heavy weapon. Its strongest aspect was in direct attacks, so for Long Chen to use Flying Rainbow against him put him at a disadvantage.

Flying Rainbow was a sword whose best aspect was its sharpness, but it was impossible for it to sever another weapon that had reached the Treasure item level. Furthermore, Long Chen wasn’t proficient in sword techniques. He wielded it but used his saber techniques.

Blooddrinker was in a critical moment. Long Chen couldn’t disturb it, or all its previous efforts would be wasted. He could only endure.

Long Chen was forced back, but he also borrowed that to dodge the Blood Python expert’s whip.

His wings suddenly shook, and his retreating figure came to a sudden stop. Long Chen used Split the Heavens against the Blood Python expert. He was the weakest here and the easiest to kill first.

Although his combat power was much weaker, his whip was extremely strange. If he used it in the right manner, it could lead to a sudden victory for them.

The Blood Python expert didn’t dare to receive Long Chen’s slash head-on. He hastily dodged to the side.

BOOM! The Sword Qi slashed onto the ground and straight through any mountains it met, cutting a long ditch.

“Careful! Qiankun Severing Spear!” Ji Changkong suddenly shouted and stabbed his spear to the space beside the Blood Python expert.

Long Chen had already appeared there without notice. Long Chen’s sword caused space to tremble, and the Blood Python expert realized he was also locked down by it; his soul almost fled in fright.

BOOM! Long Chen’s sword slashed onto Ji Changkong’s spear. His attack was blocked, allowing the Blood Python expert to escape.

But even so, for such a powerful attack to erupt right beside him, he immediately vomited blood and had half of his body crushed.

“Remote Heaven Grand Art!” Ji Changkong was extremely startled. Long Chen’s power had already far surpassed his expectations. He couldn’t hold back any longer, and he activated one of his trump cards.

The runic sea behind him began to surge, and then it entered his body. Ji Changkong’s face became covered in countless runes. It looked like centipedes were crawling over his face, making him appear frightening.

BOOM! It was like a gate had been opened within his body. A fierce power soared out of him, as if some beast was awakening within him.

“Long Chen, I’ll let you experience my true power!” roared Ji Changkong. His spear suddenly began to dance, transforming into thousands of spear-images that attacked Long Chen.

After this exchange, Long Chen was already aware that Ji Changkong was a brute power expert. He had used a secret technique to explosively increase his power. However, Long Chen was fearless. He suddenly changed his stance and held his sword with both hands. His four stars circulated as endless energy poured into his arms.

Sword Qi slashed through the air, and spear-images filled the sky. A terrifying power was clashing through the land. That sound was something that could be heard ten thousand miles away. It was a world-shaking battle.

There were actually quite a few experts stealthily roaming through the Ten Thousand Beast Forest. The vast forest definitely held countless natural treasures. If they were lucky, they might be able to capture an ancient Magical Beast as a housepet, or perhaps even capture their younglings or eggs.

However, they all knew that there were countless powerful Magical Beasts around them. They had to conceal their auras like thieves to avoid being noticed by those Magical Beasts. Although they were in groups, they still had to be careful. They weren’t afraid of one Magical Beast, but they had to be worried about a fight that had the potential to draw over the other surrounding Magical Beasts.

Just as they were carefully searching, they heard an explosive battle erupting. Furthermore, that aura was clearly not the aura of Magical Beasts fighting each other.

“Just who is so stupid as to fight here? Do they not want their lives?” Countless people sneered, feeling like whoever was fighting was too much of an idiot. This kind of battle would definitely draw over the Magical Beasts. It was suicide.

But those sneers quickly turned into shock. That battle’s aura was rapidly growing, and the pressure was growing more and more terrifying. Even from such a distance, their hearts were quivering.

“Heavens, what level of fight is this?!” After their shock, they all became curious and rapidly snuck over. As for the surrounding Magical Beasts, they were intimidated and constantly roaring, warning invaders not to intrude into their territory.

Magical Beasts might not be very intelligent, but they had their own instincts. When their opponent’s aura far surpassed them, they would shrink back.

None of the Magical Beasts dared to move. Even the people rushing through their territory were ignored. As long as none of them attacked, they wouldn’t attack either.

As a result, a huge mass of disciples quickly gathered on the edge of the battlefield. Once they arrived, they were all horrified.

There were three figures fighting intensely in the sky. Their Treasure items were releasing immense power. The ground was completely ruined, and the sky was quivering as powerful shockwaves erupted.

“Isn’t that Ji Changkong from the Eastern Wasteland’s number one gang? He’s claimed to be the Remote Heaven Gang’s number one genius.” Someone immediately recognized Ji Changkong because he was extremely famous.

“The other one seems to be the Blood Python race’s Lie Yan. He’s also claimed as the number one genius of his race.”

It was precisely because they recognized those two people that they were shocked. But it was the Corrupt experts that were silent. They had recognized the other person. That person’s name was like a nightmare to the Corrupt path.

“Who is that person? He’s so strong!” asked someone in shock. He saw that Ji Changkong and Lie Yan were working together, but victory or defeat was still difficult to determine. Even two against one, they were unable to do anything to their opponent. So just how strong did that person have to be?

“He’s Long Chen from the Xuantian Dao Sect. He’s said to be a legend. Three years ago, he was just a nameless brat, but he suddenly soared like a shooting star, becoming a monster within the Xuantian Dao Sect. It’s said that the word genius can no longer be used to describe him.”

This battle drew more and more people. But they all just watched from a distance, not daring to get closer. Even ordinary rank three Celestials didn’t dare to get closer. It was the difference in power that cowered them.

Up in the sky, Long Chen’s power was overflowing. His battle with the other two had reached a stalemate, becoming a battle of attrition.

Against the two of them, over eighty percent of his power was focused on Ji Changkong. There was no need to doubt his power. As for the Blood Python expert, he was originally injured and his spiritual yuan was low. However, he was very crafty and kept attacking Long Chen from behind Ji Changkong, not letting him get close.

Long Chen was sneering inside. Ji Changkong wanted to compete in terms of endurance with him? With his divine ring, he could maintain this tempo until next year. As long as he didn’t use any big moves, his spiritual yuan wouldn’t dip at all.

“Long Chen, you killed my Fullmoon race’s disciples! Hand over your life!”

Just at that moment, a furious roar shook the heavens. A figure charged into the battlefield, a huge broadsword slashing down.

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