Chapter 840 Mercilessly Killed

The bloody mist floated through the air, its scent wafting into their noses. The Blood Python experts looked as though flames were about to explode out of their eyes.

They hadn’t expected Long Chen to really dare to ignore their warnings and kill one of their members right in front of them.

That was a provocation to all the ancient races. Their bloodlines were different, which was why they didn’t view humans as the same race. In fact, they even viewed them as an inferior race due to their arrogance.

But Long Chen never liked to indulge people for being stupid. He had already warned them, and they had actually wanted to kill Little Snow in front of him. Since they wanted to die so urgently, Long Chen could only help them out.

“Die!” The rank three Celestial roared and smashed his fist at Long Chen. Countless scales appeared over his fist, giving it immense power.

Long Chen also let out a punch, and both of them were forced back by the other. Long Chen was startled. As expected, this person really wasn’t an ordinary rank three Celestial. He was also an innate rank three Celestial, someone on the level of Xue You and the others.

The immense collision directly blew back the other Blood Python experts surrounding Long Chen.

“You mongrel-” Before one of them could finish speaking, Flying Rainbow struck like a bolt of lightning, piercing his head.

Long Chen activated Flying Rainbow’s runes, and its sharp aura completely erupted. Those Blood Python experts might have immediately raised their weapons to block, but they were still cut into mincemeat in front of Flying Rainbow’s sword-light.

Their weapons were all Enchanted items, while Flying Rainbow was a Treasure item. Furthermore, it specialized in sharpness. As a result, countless bits of flesh flew through the air.

This was a Treasure item’s power. All Enchanted items were garbage in front of it.

Previously, when he had fought Xue You and Leng Yueyan, he hadn’t been able to see this superiority. But now that he was fighting enemies that used Enchanted items, Long Chen was delighted to see his advantage.

“Bastard!” The rank three Celestial was completely infuriated upon seeing his comrades being slain. He suddenly took out a whip.

The barbed whip sparkled with a golden light. If someone were struck by it, then even if their body could handle it, a large strip of their skin would be torn off.

It didn’t seem like a weapon. Instead, it seemed more like a tool for torture. Looking at it would give a person chills.

Long Chen swung his sword, slashing it onto the whip. The whip was knocked back, but it wasn’t damaged. It was obvious that this was also a Treasure item.

That gave Long Chen a surprise. For a Treasure item to have been forged into this form, perhaps it had many unknown abilities. If he was struck, then even if he didn’t die, he would probably lose half of his life.

The rank three Celestial attacked three times in a row before Long Chen used his immense power to knock him back a step.

“Divine ring!”

“Four Star Battle armor!”

“Split the Heavens!”

An immense sword-image soared through the clouds and slashed down on the rank three Celestial.

The rank three Celestial was horrified. In the blink of an eye, Long Chen had suddenly pushed his power to its peak. It had to be known that a battle was a gradual process. Increasing your power too violently would damage your own meridians.

But against Long Chen, he had no time to consider that right now. A sensation of death washed over him. Clenching his teeth, his runes suddenly transformed. He seemed like a Magical Beast now, and his aura was pushed to the peak. His whip smashed down.


He vomited a mouthful of blood and shot back like a shooting star. He directly tore through a large mountain.

He had only just come out of the mountain when Long Chen’s second attack arrived.

The immense mountain was cleanly cut in two by Long Chen’s sword. His terrifying Sword Qi continued far into the distance.

At this moment, a figure appeared from the destroyed ground. The rank three Celestial was covered in blood, and his lower body had been destroyed. He appeared incredibly wretched.

“As expected, even amongst innate Celestials, there is an immense difference.”

This Blood Python expert’s aura was on the same level as Leng Yueyan and the others, but his actual battle power was a far cry from them. He was injured on just the second attack.

“Bastard, do you know the price of your provocation today?!” he roared.

Long Chen ignored him. He didn’t even know how many of these arrogant idiots he had killed. There was no need to reason with these people; that was just a waste of saliva. It was better to just directly hack them to death. His sword once more released a ray of Sword Qi. Long Chen wanted to kill him today.

Little Snow was safe within his spiritual space, but his body was now riddled with injuries. That net had been too immoral. Those countless barbs were impossible to remove without sacrificing a great deal of flesh.

At the same time as he was distressed, he was also furious. No matter what, this person had to be killed.

“Ancestral spirit, materialize!” The Blood Python expert roared and his runes formed a large illusory image. It seemed to be a serpent.

It was huge but very indistinct. Compared to the image Leng Yueyan had summoned, it was much more indistinct, and its aura was also much weaker.

However, his own aura also rose a level. His whip once more whistled toward Long Chen.

“I’ll make you pay a price for your arrogance!” he roared. His whip suddenly grew explosively, going from three meters to three hundred meters long. It was like a ribbon, attempting to wrap around Long Chen.

“As expected, there’s something fishy.” All these kinds of strange weapons had secret methods to use them. Although he had been suspicious, in a true battle, a sudden special technique could result in unexpected results.

This golden whip had some kind of mechanism that allowed it to retract and extend. It had thousands of variations, and it had special runes on its barbs.

Once those barbs struck flesh, the flesh would harden, almost like fossilization. Then when the barbs were slightly pulled, they would immediately pull out a large chunk of flesh.

Although Long Chen didn’t know that, he could sense an immense threat from it. He didn’t want to test how it would feel to be struck by its barbs.

The rank three Celestial’s techniques were extremely swift. By the time Long Chen reacted, he was already surrounded by the whip. It was too late to escape.

This was one of his trump cards, and it was extremely powerful. Until now, it had proved to have a wondrous impact against countless experts.

He had trained this move to the pinnacle and couldn’t be any better at using it. Whether it was his speed, timing, or angle, everything was controlled perfectly.

Suddenly, Long Chen was surrounded by countless golden scales. They formed an armor around his body.

The whip rapidly struck over and over. Sparks flew, but it was unable to damage these scales.

These scales came from the Hidden Ground Gold Spider King, a king amongst seventh rank Magical Beasts. They were natural soul items and incomparably sharp. Although their power was only comparable to Enchanted items, up until now, the only thing capable of destroying them was Leng Yueyan’s sword. This whip clearly hadn’t reached that level yet.

With the golden scales blocking for him, Long Chen escaped the whip’s entanglement. At the next moment, Long Chen’s sword came slashing toward the rank three Celestial.

The rank three Celestial was startled. Now he was stuck in an awkward position. His whip was too long, so he needed to block with something else.

He took out a huge shield. It was extremely thick and covered in runes. Its aura made it seem like a high grade Enchanted item.

With a light sound, Long Chen’s sword cut the shield in two. Blood erupted from the rank three Celestial as he was also almost cut in two. If it hadn’t been for the shield, he would have died.

He turned pale. Flying Rainbow was just too sharp. Having just taken a stroll past the gates of hell, he was finally afraid. He put away his whip, and runic wings appeared on his back. He fled.

“You want to leave? Leave your life behind first! Today I want to see if your luck really can stop me from killing you!” Long Chen put away the scales. Lightning wings appeared on his back, and he shot after him.

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