Chapter 839 Blood Python Race

Little Snow’s roar rang out from the distance. The Mountain Rock Python twitched, but then it didn’t move again. It seemed that it didn’t want to deal with Little Snow.

Little Snow once more roared, this time much closer. He had clearly already entered its territory.

Now the Mountain Rock Python became a bit irritated. Its mountain-like body finally uncoiled.

Only once it uncoiled did Long Chen notice that it had two bumps on its head. They were extremely large, looking similar to two horns.

“The Mountain Rock Python doesn’t have any horns! Maybe this thing isn’t a Hidden Rock Python at all!” Long Chen was startled. 

It raised its head high into the air, looking at the distant Little Snow. It actually let out a roar.

That roar was extremely strange. It sounded almost like a bull’s cry and was very low-pitched. But its voice contained its might. It clearly disdained to kill Little Snow and wanted him to scram on his own.

Suddenly, Little Snow shot a wind blade at the python.

The python had never imagined that Little Snow, a sixth rank Magical Beast, would dare to attack it. It was actually struck in the head.

But this powerful wind blade didn’t cause the python’s head to even tremble. The wind blade was instantly shattered.

It was finally infuriated. Its body shot forward, and its scales lit up. Its huge body moved like the wind.

However, now that it moved, the mountain beside it was also damaged. A large part of it crumbled to the ground.

“Not good!” Wings suddenly appeared on Long Chen’s back, and he shot over at the Seven Stamen Seaheart Fruit. A huge boulder was currently falling toward it.

The Seven Stamen Seaheart Fruit was extremely special. If it was shaken by the slightest outer force, it would immediately pop like a balloon. That was what made it extremely rare.


The boulder shattered onto the ground. But the Seven Stamen Seaheart Fruit was safely within Long Chen’s primal chaos space.

As soon as he put it away, Long Chen’s wings flapped. He soared into the air and saw that Little Snow was leading the python on a wild chase.

The python was clearly infuriated. As it rapidly chased, its huge body blasted all the huge surrounding trees to smithereens.

Little Snow had pushed his speed to its peak, but in front of a seventh rank Magical Beast, his speed superiority was lessened a great deal.

After just a few thousand miles, the python behind him had gotten much closer. It opened its mouth and suddenly shot out a rain of green liquid at Little Snow.

Little Snow immediately dodged, avoiding it by just a hair’s breadth.

Any place touched by the green rain was corroded, whether it was a tree or a rock. It appeared as if Little Snow was releasing an angry oil as everything behind him was corroded and released a disgusting stench.

“Little Snow, get back! Split the Heavens!”

Long Chen finally arrived just in time to see Little Snow narrowly avoid getting struck by the green rain. He immediately slashed down Flying Rainbow.

BOOM! Sword-light crashed onto the python’s head. The ground crumbled as a few of its scales broke and its blood splashed. But surprisingly, his attack only caused a foot-deep injury. A foot-deep injury was basically nothing to this huge python.

Suddenly, the python’s tail whipped through the air. A fierce gale erupted as if space was being blown apart.

Long Chen hastily summoned the Four Star Battle Armor. His divine ring appeared and he once more slashed out with Split the Heavens.

With the support of the divine ring and Four Star Battle Armor, this attack managed to sever the python’s huge tail. Blood splashed through the air.

Long Chen had only just slashed out to defend against its tail when the python’s mouth shot over to devour him.

Long Chen was startled. He hadn’t expected it to be so agile. The injury to its tail didn’t affect its speed at all, and by the time he reacted, he was already caught within its mouth.

“Not good!” A fishy liquid filled its mouth. It was obviously a terrifying poison. Long Chen’s flame energy suddenly circulated around him in defense, and then a huge flame sphere exploded in his hand.

BOOM! The Mountain Rock Python had just captured Long Chen in its mouth before its head exploded. Long Chen reappeared, surrounded by flames. The air was filled with a nauseating stench.

He had just landed on the ground and put away the python’s corpse when he saw a group of people in the distance. When he saw them clearly, his gaze immediately turned icy.

“Release Little Snow!”

There were a total of nine people, and each of them had half of their faces covered in black scales. Their eyes looked like the eyes of a poisonous viper, cold and without the slightest emotion.

Eight of them were rank two Celestials, while one was a rank three Celestial. His aura was almost on the same level as Xue You and the others.

One of them was holding a strange metal net that had captured Little Snow. The net had sharp barbs on it that were stabbing into Little Snow’s skin. He was quivering.

That net seemed to be a specially made Enchanted item used to capture housepets. Seeing Little Snow captured, the killing intent in Long Chen’s eyes continued to surge.

“This is your housepet? Tch, you really are an idiot. You actually dared to bring such a weak housepet into the Immemorial Path.” The man holding the net snorted and dragged Little Snow back. He clearly had no intention of releasing him.

The others also didn’t place Long Chen in their eyes. Their eyes were cold and disdainful as if they were emperors looking down on an ant.

That was especially true of the rank three Celestial leading them. His gaze was like a blade, making it so others didn’t dare to look at him directly. With half of his face covered in black scales, he appeared even more sinister.

“What sect are you from? Did you kill this Mountain Rock Python?” he asked, his tone like he was interrogating a criminal.

“Either release Little Snow, or die. Choose quickly,” said Long Chen icily. He had already lost patience. Furthermore, his killing intent was growing more and more powerful. He felt like he was about to lose his calm.

“Brat, you really are courting death. You want us to release your housepet? Keep dreaming-” The man holding the net smiled sinisterly. He was just about to kill Little Snow.

“Soul Impact!” He had only just formed such a thought when a vast Spiritual Strength stabbed into all their souls like needles.

“A spiritual attack!” The rank three Celestial was actually extremely startled, and he hastily shouted a warning. At this moment, the bead on his neck let out a powerful fluctuation. It was a defensive soul item to block spiritual attacks.

He might have a defensive soul item, but the others didn’t. They were immediately affected and lost their consciousness for a moment.

Long Chen’s spiritual attack wasn’t powerful, and it was also scattered amongst them, causing it to be weakened further. If Meng Qi had been attacking, these people would have instantly died.

But Long Chen didn’t have the time or energy to train in soul arts. The majority of his soul arts were only defensive. His offensive soul arts were very crude, and against experts on this level, such a spiritual attack was only able to cause them to lose consciousness for the blink of an eye.

However, the blink of an eye was enough. Long Chen shot out like a ghost, instantly reaching the one holding the net. The rank three Celestial moved to stop him, but he was one step too late.

Flying Rainbow flashed. That person’s hand was severed and Long Chen placed Little Snow into his spiritual space. At the same time, he grabbed that person’s neck, and the next instant, he had already fallen back.

From the moment he had unleashed his soul art, dodged the rank three Celestial, cut off that person’s hand, saved Little Snow, and escaped, the amount of time that had passed would be less than enough for an ordinary person to blink.

When the other Blood Python experts recovered, they realized that one of them had already fallen into Long Chen’s hands.

“Bastard, you dare to attack our grand Blood Python race? Are you asking us to exterminate your entire sect and family?!” roared one of them.

“Hurry up and release him. Then claw out your own organs, or you’ll die without a grave and every single member of your family will die,” said another guy. It seemed they were worried Long Chen wasn’t angry enough, and so they were adding oil to the fire.

They surrounded Long Chen, but Long Chen was still tightly holding that person’s neck. If Long Chen clenched his hand, he wouldn’t just shatter that person’s neck, but he would also shatter his head. So they didn’t dare to attack yet.

“Brat… I don’t believe… that you dare to kill me…” said the Blood Python expert caught in Long Chen's hand. He was confident in using his race to intimidate him.


Long Chen laughed. His laughter grew louder and louder until it was as loud as thunder. That laughter was full of disdain.

“Don’t dare? In this world, is there anything that I, Long Chen, don’t dare to do?”

Long Chen suddenly increased his strength. In front of the Blood Python experts’ disbelieving gazes, that person was crushed into a bloody mist.

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