Chapter 838 Seven Stamen Seaheart Fruit

Flying Rainbow flashed. A large python was killed with a single slash of Long Chen’s sword and then tossed into the primal chaos space’s black soil.

Although it was just a sixth rank Magical Beast, it still offered a large amount of life energy for the withered trees once it was devoured by the black soil.

Those trees had been vital to Long Chen in the abyss. They had healed his injuries countless times, which had exhausted all their life energy.

They were finally showing signs of life again, but this little bit was like a cup of water on a burning cart.

The block he was on could be counted as one of the largest ones in the Immemorial Path. This was a huge forest millions of miles wide. It was the most complete piece of land preserved on the Immemorial  Path.

There were soaring mountains and criss-crossing valleys. There were springs and brooks, but Long Chen had no idea where this water was coming from. However, this place was definitely the place with the most abundant life energy on the Immemorial Path.

He had come here to hunt Magical Beasts, using their corpses to recover the forest in his primal chaos space. Of course, he not only wanted them to recover. He also wanted them to grow to their peak.

Even now, these trees were still in a growing phase. They weren’t even a mile tall yet. It had to be known that the same trees in the Spirit World had been over two miles tall.

He didn’t have Heavenly Dao runes, so these trees were the greatest protection to his life. On his path, Long Chen killed several sixth rank Magical Beasts before finally encountering a seventh rank Magical Beast.

It was a huge crocodile that lived in a swamp. Its body was over three thousand meters long, but it wasn’t an ancient species, so it wasn’t particularly strong. It was killed with a single sneak attack from Long Chen.

Currently, the Enlightenment Palace Star had reached the eighth star transformation. And thanks to his insane consumption of medicinal pills, his cultivation base had just reached the eleventh Heavenstage yesterday.

After the ninth Heavenstage, each increase allowed his power to explosively multiply. He might have been suppressed by Leng Yueyan before, but now he had regained his confidence.

Killing an ordinary seventh rank Magical Beast was now as easy as raising a hand to him. He killed three more of them very quickly.

A seventh rank Magical Beast’s body was huge. The last one had been a tiger Magical Beast, and Long Chen had intentionally heavily injured it before summoning Little Snow to kill it in one shot.

Although Little Snow was only at the sixth rank, his combat power could threaten seventh rank Magical Beasts. After killing a seventh rank Magical Beast, Little Snow’s mood clearly improved a little. Long Chen decided to keep him out the entire time and try to once more find that feeling of fighting shoulder to shoulder.

Long Chen had Little Snow rove around as he pleased. As a Magical Beast, he was able to sense Magical Beasts that were stronger than him. Many Magical Beasts would leave behind their scent around their territory to warn invaders.

When they encountered sixth rank Magical Beasts, Little Snow could handle them on his own. Although it was a bit difficult for him, especially when he encountered those with powerful ancient bloodlines, he was still fearless and crazily attacked. Once he killed his opponent, he would let out a roar.

Looking at Little Snow, Long Chen was a bit worried. Little Snow was clearly like him, someone who enjoyed a battle.

Although he was very obedient, he had his own pride. He didn’t like being protected, and Long Chen could feel the changes in his mood. Little Snow was currently growing lonelier.

That was related to how his cultivation base was being far surpassed. Those days of fighting alongside him were growing more and more distant.

Although the Eastern Wasteland Bell had said that it could help Little Snow advance, that required time, and a great deal of it. Who knew what level Long Chen would have reached by that time? If he had advanced to a much higher realm, then Little Snow still wouldn’t be able to fight alongside him.

But Long Chen kept these problems to himself. At the very least, Little Snow was happy now. He would just let him continue being happy.

As the two of them advanced, they killed their ninth seventh rank Magical Beast on the third day. The trees in the primal chaos space were once more flourishing. In fact, they continued to grow, reaching a mile in height.

During these three days, Long Chen had intentionally lowered his combat power. When encountering seventh rank Magical Beasts, he would always cooperate with Little Snow to kill them. Sometimes he would intentionally act as if he was in danger so that Little Snow could help.

As expected, after these three days, Little Snow was much happier, which comforted Long Chen. As long as Little Snow was happy, then even if he had to slow down a bit, he was willing.

Long Chen always felt like he owed Little Snow too much. Little Snow had given his everything, including his life, for him. But Long Chen had given him far too little.

Through three days of travel, he had already broached the outer layer of the forest. Although he hadn’t reached the core, he was already starting to feel a sensation of danger.

The map that the Xiao tribe had given him showed that this region had extremely powerful Magical Beasts. The Magical Beasts that weren’t strong enough were forced to live on the outer section of the forest.

Once a Magical Beast reached the sixth rank, it would be like a human, and it would no longer need to hunt. It could absorb energy from heaven and earth to survive. But once they went through something that exhausted them and needed to rapidly recharge, they would go hunt other Magical Beasts.

With Flying Rainbow on his back, Long Chen and Little Snow carefully advanced. Suddenly, Little Snow stopped moving and let out a growl.

Long Chen’s guard immediately raised. Little Snow had smelled a powerful Magical Beast’s scent. Continuing forward, they eventually reached a large mountain stream. A waterfall poured down from above, rumbling. Under the sunlight, a beautiful rainbow shone in the mist.

Beside the waterfall was a huge figure. From a distance, it looked like a huge boulder or perhaps a small mountain.

“Damn, it’s actually a Mountain Rock Python. But its lines are actually golden. What breed is it?” Long Chen recognized it to be a Mountain Rock Python, but he didn’t recognize its decorative patterns. It was either mutated or some existence he didn’t know. Perhaps it was the Mountain Rock Python’s ancestor.

Feeling its powerful aura from a distance, it was probably no weaker than the Redeye Sacred Blood Phoenix or the Hidden Ground Gold Spider King. Now it was a bit troublesome.

It had to be known that the Hidden Ground Gold Spider King had forced Xue You to use the self-harming Yama King Blood Curse. If it hadn’t been for its immense power, he naturally wouldn’t have made such a sacrifice.

Seventh rank was just a level. Not all Magical Beasts at the same rank were equal. Using human cultivators as an analogy, ordinary Sea Expansion experts could not compare to Sea Expansion Celestials.

Furthermore, rank one Celestials were dregs in front of rank three Celestials. Magical Beasts were the same. An ordinary seventh rank Magical Beast was a far cry from a Magical Beast at the same rank but with an ancient bloodline.

And when it came to Magical Beasts with ancient bloodlines, another important factor was the purity of their bloodline. That also created an immense difference in their combat power.

As for this Mountain Rock Python, its aura was definitely on the same level as the Redeye Sacred Blood Phoenix. Looking closely, its aura was perhaps just a slightest bit weaker.

“Wait, isn’t that the Seven Stamen Seaheart Fruit?!” Long Chen’s heart suddenly began to pound fervently. Not far from the Mountain Rock Python was a foot-tall little tree.

On that tree were bean-sized fruits. They seemed to have flowers blooming on them, but in truth, those were just flower designs.

Each fruit sparkled like a gemstone. With those flowery designs on them, they look like natural works of art.

But in Long Chen’s eyes, those weren’t works of art, but treasures that had come at just the right time. He had long since entrusted Zheng Wenlong with the task of finding one, but there hadn’t been any harvest after all this time.

Even within the Pill Tower, he hadn’t seen the Seven Stamen Seaheart Fruit.

That was a seventh tier medicinal ingredient, and amongst them, it was exceedingly precious. It could be considered a treasure amongst treasures.

It was the core ingredient in refining the Sea Merging Pill. That was a medicinal pill that Sea Expansion experts longed for even in their dreams.

The medicinal pill would have the Seven Stamen Seaheart Fruit’s flower images on it. Those were actually natural Dao-marks that could absorb spiritual qi from the air.

Because its medicinal effect was too strong, cultivators below Sea Expansion couldn’t consume it. They were unable to endure the impact, and their Dantians would explode.

But Long Chen was different. He didn’t have a Dantian, so he could ignore the impact. All he needed was that terrifying spiritual qi to increase his cultivation base. As for his meridians, they were definitely strong enough to bear it.

Although consuming medicinal pills that were tiered above your cultivation base was taboo, Long Chen’s body was practically made to consume medicinal pills. There was no one else clearer on the effects of medicinal pills, and he was confident in being able to handle it.

Once he obtained this fruit, he could refine Sea Merging Pills to rapidly increase his cultivation base. Then he wouldn’t be thrown behind.

Furthermore, he was confident that once he reached the twelfth Heavenstage, he would be able to win even against Leng Yueyan.

However, he quickly began to feel awkward. The Seven Stamen Seaheart Fruit was too close to the Mountain Rock Python. They were less than three hundred meters apart. Thus, to sneak over and obtain it wasn’t possible.

Just hiding his aura was useless. Many Magical Beasts didn’t rely on aura to distinguish enemies. They relied on spatial fluctuations, smell, and even a sixth sense. Magical Beasts possessed an innately high vigilance that made them extremely sensitive to enemies.

If the Mountain Rock Python noticed Long Chen, then as long as it released the slightest bit of its power, it would destroy the entire mountain behind it. Then that fragile tree would be blown to bits.

“Little Snow, you go back. At the edge of its territory, release your aura to draw it away. If it comes after you, don’t attack, focus completely on running. Once I obtain the Seven Stamen Seaheart Fruit, I will immediately come to help you,” said Long Chen.

Little Snow gently rubbed his head against the ground, indicating that he understood. He stealthily retreated.

Not long after, his roar came from the distance. Little Snow had already begun provoking the Mountain Rock Python.

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