Chapter 837 Ten Thousand Beast Forest

The sky was sunny with not a cloud in sight. But standing at the peak of a mountain, looking at the mountain range around him, Long Chen was unable to calm his heart for a long time.

Leng Yueyan had left. But the words she had left behind made his heart heavy. “I’ll give you time to grow. But the next time we meet, it’ll be a battle to the death. I won’t show mercy, and you should do the same!”

Although he had communicated with her a great deal before parting, he had found that the weakened Leng Yueyan was like a completely different person from Leng Yueyan in her peak state.

He was unable to comprehend what she was thinking. Why did she have to kill him, and why was she so attached to the idea? She liked him, so she would kill him? That logic made no sense to him.

She had clearly been completely serious when speaking. He didn’t question her resolve to kill him at all. That was the most stifling thing. Were the Corrupt path’s emotions also so strange?

This lessened the happiness he felt from escaping that hell-like abyss quite a bit. Furthermore, he found that these experts truly were supported by immense karmic luck.

According to his experience, if he had been alone in such a situation, well then, the best thing to do was to directly get digging. And if he could smoothly dig all the way to the surface, he would have to bless his luck. It was unknown what kinds of things he might encounter on the way.

But with Leng Yueyan, everything happened so easily, safely, quickly, and painlessly. That allowed him to experience the beauty of karmic luck.

His mood was heavy. Before leaving, Leng Yueyan had also told him to be careful of Xue You.

Once Xue You reached Sea Expansion, he would advance to become a rank four Celestial. At that time, his devil eye would truly awaken, allowing his combat power to reach an unimaginable level.

The reason she hadn’t killed Xue You yet was precisely because she had been waiting for his devil eye to awaken. Then she would have a real battle with him. Furthermore, she was also close to breaking through. Once she advanced to Sea Expansion, she would also become a rank four Celestial.

That made Long Chen feel a great deal of pressure. The rank three Celestial Leng Yueyan was already so terrifying. Once she awakened as a rank four Celestial and advanced to Sea Expansion, would he even be able to block a single blow of hers?

Now he finally felt a sensation of mortal crisis. The Immemorial Path had now gathered the apex experts of the Eastern Wasteland’s Righteous and Corrupt paths.

Not only did he not possess the power to fight across realms against them, but even his advantage in the same realm was lessening. Having exchanged blows with Leng Yueyan, Huang Junmo, and Xue You, he knew they were incredibly powerful, especially Leng Yueyan. Even if he went all-out, he didn’t know if he would win.

Right now, they were all at the barrier of Sea Expansion and could advance whenever. At that time, he would become a rat that could only hide.

However, when the Immemorial Path opened, there would be an eruption of spiritual qi half a year in. At that time, the spiritual qi would be condensed to the peak, and it contained the most primal energy of the world. It was able to allow cultivators to perfectly advance to Sea Expansion. 

That was why Leng Yueyan and the others refused to advance to Sea Expansion yet despite having reached the barrier. They were all waiting for that opportunity.

Calculating the time, it had already been over two months since the Immemorial Path had opened. He still had three months to advance. He had to properly use this time to increase his cultivation base and advance to Sea Expansion at that time, as that was the only way he would have the power to fight against them.

He looked around and compared his location to his map. When he saw where he was, he realized he had deviated very far from the main path. The transportation node must have deviated when the Immemorial Path was destroyed.

Long Chen calmed his emotions. Picking a direction, he began to walk back to the main path. For some unknown reason, he still felt a bit uncomfortable.

It was like there was a stone on his heart. He was unable to understand Leng Yueyan. He could sense that she had a good opinion of him, but he could also sense her determination to kill him. She wasn’t joking.

He could only regard this kind of situation as the result of the Corrupt path’s environment and brainwashing. It had led to her heart being twisted and she could no longer be an ordinary person.

“You don’t need to bother with this. She didn’t kill you now because she really does like you,” said the Eastern Wasteland Bell.

“Fuck off. I’m not able to understand this kind of ridiculous logic,” said Long Chen irritably. The Eastern Wasteland Bell definitely knew something, but it refused to say no matter how he asked.

“She’s a very pitiful person. You’re her only hope. If you aren’t killed by her, she’ll still be able to live with that shred of hope. But if you die, her hopes will be extinguished. So, you have to live. As long as you live, she can live. If you die, she’ll become a walking corpse,” sighed the Eastern Wasteland Bell.

“If you want to say something, then say it all. Otherwise, don’t speak. Are you bullying me for being uneducated with your riddles?” replied Long Chen coldly. Its words were always so mysterious. He just became more and more confused as he listened. 

“There are many things that involve matters too big for you to learn. This kind of karma isn’t something so easy to bear. I can only tell you this much. It would be best if you remembered my words. You’ll realize what I’m saying bit by bit as you grow stronger. I owe you an immense favor, but I won’t help you unless you are caught in a situation where you’ll definitely die. Furthermore, I will only help you enough to pay back the debt I owe you. Once I do, the karma between us will be over, and I can no longer help you,” said the Eastern Wasteland Bell.

“Fine, up to you. I’m used to relying on myself. I won’t depend on your power,” said Long Chen.

“Oh, there’s movement up ahead.” Suddenly, Long Chen noticed intense fluctuations. That should be the result of experts fighting.

As he rushed over, he saw dozens of Corrupt experts encircling seven men and women that wore strange clothes.

“Aboriginals.” Long Chen was surprised. There was clearly a halo of light over these aboriginals. Those were the fluctuations of the Heavenly Daos and their curse.

Although they had a few Sea Expansion experts, the Corrupt experts were also formidable. They actually had a rank three Celestial on their side.

The seven aboriginals were on the verge of collapse. But they still bitterly endured. Long Chen quickly saw through some clues to see that the Corrupt experts were planning on capturing them alive.

At the same time, he saw a crude formation not far from them. He suddenly realized these Corrupt experts had definitely set up a trap.

They had set up a transportation formation close by, and it was unknown what method they had used to draw out a group of aboriginals.

If they were trying to capture them alive, their goal was clearly to exchange them for yuan spirit stones.

Just as the seven of them were filled with despair, a golden light erupted. Countless scales flew over.

The Corrupt experts hadn’t even realized what was happening before they were turned into pulp, their blood splashing through the air.

The only one who survived was the rank three Celestial. As soon as the golden scales had appeared, he had sensed a bad feeling and taken out a huge bone shield. It was unknown what that bone was from, but it managed to block the scales.

Suddenly, a hand lightly pushed aside the shield, and the rank three Celestial saw a friendly face smiling at him.

At the same time, he felt like a ray of light was flying at him. He instinctively dodged, but he suddenly found that his retreating speed had increased a great deal. The surrounding scene around him was rapidly pulling back.

However, he felt that something was off. He was flying back, but there was a familiar, headless corpse where he had been.

Beside that corpse were seven dumbfounded aboriginals looking at him with shock. Soon after, they got smaller, and then they disappeared in the end.

Those seven aboriginals were dumbfounded. They still hadn’t understood what was happening before all those Corrupt experts were killed. A figure wrapped in lightning rushed away, disappearing in the blink of an eye. But they still saw a head in his hand before he left.

The aboriginals just stared for several moments before reacted and hastily fled. But one person suddenly came back midway and picked up those people’s weapons and spatial rings. Only after gathering all those did he truly flee.

The rank three Celestial was still flabbergasted. He finally realized that his head was being carried by someone, and he roared, “Release me!”

He suddenly felt the world spinning around him as his head crashed into a mountain and began to roll.

“Soulsearch.” Long Chen pointed his finger, wanting to peer through his memories. But he had only just begun when he rapidly retreated.


His Spiritual Strength had only just entered when that person’s head instantly exploded, and even his soul dissipated. He was truly dead.

“A spiritual seal. What a vicious method.” Long Chen spat on the ground. It really was like what Leng Yueyan had said. The Corrupt path’s disciples were raised to become tools for slaughter. Each one of them was like a game piece. Once those game pieces fell into enemy hands, they would be eliminated.

Long Chen sighed with regret. If it had been Meng Qi, perhaps she could have broken the seal. But he was unable to.

“Hehe, not bad. You really know how to work!” praised the Eastern Wasteland Bell. Obviously, it had absorbed quite a bit of soul energy after he had killed that fellow.

Long Chen bitterly smiled. “After being so stifled, I can finally blow off some steam. At least not everyone is as monstrous as Leng Yueyan.”

He had killed those people as easily as pulling weeds, releasing a bit of his pent-up gloom.  Furthermore, he found that with his power, as long as he didn’t run into Leng Yueyan, he could pull weeds extremely easily.

But then he looked down on himself for thinking that. Now wasn’t the time to be thinking such useless thoughts. He had to quickly increase his cultivation base.

“The Ten Thousand Beast Forest is ahead? Haha, good. I can replenish some energy.” Long Chen looked at the map and laughed. He continued onwards to a huge block.

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