Chapter 836 The Reason I’ll Kill You

Long Chen raged, “When I tell you a lie, you refuse to accept it. When I tell you the truth, you want to kill me?! Do you have an illness?! Did you not take your medicine this morning?!”

Leng Yueyan’s smile grew as she watched Long Chen rage. She gently said, “Don’t be angry…”

“That’s easy for you to say!”

Long Chen no longer bothered with any courtesy. She wanted to kill him but didn’t want him to get angry? Was that possible? He really wondered how the Corrupt experts’ brains worked.

“Just wait for me to finish speaking. I also have my own secret sorrows,” said Leng Yueyan.

“Secret sorrows?” Long Chen almost coughed up blood. He was the one she wanted to kill, but she was the one had the ‘secret sorrows’?

“I attacked you previously because you are the number one expert from the Eastern Wasteland’s Righteous path. You also have limitless potential, enough to get you ranked first on the must-kill list. I just wanted to test if you lived up to your fame.

“However, to tell the truth, although you are very strong, compared to some of the others on the must-kill list, you are still a bit weaker. But now I understand that it’s because the Corrupt path isn’t afraid of the current you, but the future you. Your potential truly is frightening.

“As for now, the reason I’ll kill you isn’t because of the Corrupt path, nor is it to seek fame. I don’t need those things. I have my own reason to kill you,” said Leng Yueyan righteously.

“I look displeasing?” Long Chen was speechless.

“No, I find you very pleasing. Ever since I lost my big sister, I’ve never talked so much to anyone. You’re very special. Although you’re my enemy, I feel a kind of trust I can’t describe from you. In the abyss, you entered the cave first. When the door started to close, I really thought you had tricked me,” said Leng Yueyan.

“So you decided to kill me at that time?” Long Chen smiled slightly.

“You knew?” Seeing that Long Chen merely smiled, Leng Yueyan continued, “Yes, I really did want to kill you at that time. But if I used a forbidden art at that time, I also wouldn’t have survived. Fortunately, you didn’t disappoint me. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be able to talk now.”

Long Chen bitterly shook his head. “It’s still too early to say if it was fortunate for me!”

Leng Yueyan’s eyes flashed. That beauty was intoxicating. She said, “During these years, I’ve always relied on one goal to live. My goal is to kill people. I repeatedly made myself enemies. Once my enemies were all killed, I was powerless and could only accept a master and then kill my master.

“But each of my targets was too close to me. Before long, they all disappeared. Then I had to go looking for new targets. Before entering this place, I killed my Foundation Forging master. I’ve gotten a bit tired of this unchanging life.

“So I want to find a new target. And I’ve found that you’re the most suitable choice. As long as you are strong enough and have limitless potential, I can try killing you for a long time. Then I won’t have to keep finding new targets.”

“What the fuck, are you crazy?! What kind of dogshit logic is that?!” Long Chen was unable to comprehend this kind of bizarre thinking. Only someone crazy could think like this. “If you want a target to kill, why not choose that Corrupt God of yours? Isn’t that target much further?”

Leng Yueyan disdainfully said, “The Corrupt God? He doesn’t have the qualifications to be my opponent. I rather like you.”

If it weren’t for her previous words, that last line of hers could make a man ecstatic. But now the meaning behind it was too profound. Long Chen really was unable to accept it.

The thing that startled Long Chen the most was the fact that Leng Yueyan looked down on the Corrupt God that all the Corrupt disciples worshipped. What was going on?

“As expected…” The Eastern Wasteland Bell’s rang out in Long Chen’s mind.

“Senior, you know her origins?” asked Long Chen hastily.

“Don’t ask too much. Her origins are too frightening. If you can win her over, I guarantee you’ll get limitless benefits,” said the Eastern Wasteland Bell.

“Have you gotten things mixed up? She wants to kill me; how am I supposed to win her over? Am I supposed to just let her kill me?” Long Chen roared at the Eastern Wasteland Bell within his mind-sea. Was it joking?

“That’s your own problem. In any case, I’ve said all I have to say. How to act is up to you,” said the Eastern Wasteland Bell indifferently. Then it didn’t make another sound.

Leng Yueyan smiled at the bewildered Long Chen. “Don’t be afraid. I won’t immediately kill you. I’ll give you time to grow.”

Long Chen looked at Leng Yueyan and suddenly smiled as bright as the sun. He gently held her hand and emotionally said, “Yueyan, do you know? In truth, I very much like you. I don’t want to kill you.”

Leng Yueyan smiled. “I also like you. Otherwise, I wouldn’t want to kill you.”

Long Chen’s smile immediately became rigid. But he was an expert, and it was only rigid for a moment before becoming natural again. “Then what do I have to do so that you don’t like me?”

“Once I kill you, I won’t like you anymore.”

“Fuck, you’re just messing around with me!” raged Long Chen, throwing aside Leng Yueyan’s hand.

“Long Chen, you’ll never be able to understand my inner thoughts. You are the only man I’ve acknowledged in this world. That’s why I will kill you,” said Leng Yueyan solemnly.

“I can’t be bothered to argue anymore with you. I’m going to heal. If you want to kill me, then just launch a sneak attack.”

Long Chen was finally sure that this fairy-like beauty was either an idiot or a lunatic. It was pointless to talk reason with her.

But this crazy woman was incredibly powerful. That made Long Chen so furious that he felt like he was also about to become crazy. This was his first time feeling so powerless toward a woman.

He couldn’t beat her, nor could he kill her. Thus, he just directly resigned himself to his fate. He began to recover his spiritual yuan and Spiritual Strength.

He had only just sat down when Leng Yueyan moved beside him. She leaned lazily against him, her fragrance bursting into his nose.

“What… what are you doing?” asked Long Chen.

“Just leaning for a bit. Go ahead and recover. Don’t worry, I won’t attack you,” said Leng Yueyan indifferently, her eyes closed.

“You don’t need to recover?” probed Long Chen. With such a beautiful woman leaning against him, how was he supposed to enter a meditative state?

“No need. As long as my bloodline power recovers, everything else will follow. I just need to sleep a bit,” said Leng Yueyan.

Monstrous, absolutely monstrous. So Spirit Blood was actually so miraculous. Long Chen cursed inside. He had also been that monstrous before. He was once more becoming indignant.

But being leaned on like this, especially with quite a few parts of Leng Yueyan’s skin being revealed, Long Chen couldn’t bear it. After all, he was a man. 


Long Chen had only just opened his mouth when Leng Yueyan’s bone sword appeared in front of his neck. That chilling aura made his hair stand on end.

“-feel that doing this is wronging you. I’m afraid you won’t be comfortable.” He hastily changed his tone.

“I’ll kill you if you continue spouting nonsense.” Leng Yueyan gave him an icy reply before becoming silent.

Long Chen felt a burst of powerlessness. Men required power, or they wouldn’t even have the right to speak. Perhaps he would just have to find some happiness in having a peerless beauty lean against him.

It was just that this peerless beauty was a bit too vicious. But at the same time, he felt a powerful desire to subdue this arrogant and aloof beauty.

He shook his head. He had once more begun thinking crazy thoughts. He hastily expelled those thoughts and entered his meditative states, forgetting about himself and the rest of the world. He rapidly began to recover his exhausted spiritual yuan and Spiritual Strength.

Leng Yueyan leaned against his body, a peaceful expression on her face. That murderous and domineering version of her had disappeared. It was like she had become an innocent woman.

Leaning against him made her think of when she had cuddled with her big sister in her youth. Although it was a different person, she still felt that this feeling of trust was very warm and very safe.

At some unknown point, tears streamed out of her closed eyes. They dripped onto Long Chen’s clothes, but he didn’t notice them in his meditative state.

Leng Yueyan wrapped an arm around Long Chen’s waist. Just like that, she fell asleep, a faint smile on her lips. It was like she had returned to that warm embrace of her childhood. But there was still a single tear that rested in the corner of her mouth, sparkling like crystal.

A full week passed. Only after seven days did Long Chen slowly open his eyes. At this time, he had recovered to around eighty percent.

He saw Leng Yueyan standing in the distance. She was staring blankly at some murals on the wall. Seeing her, he was shocked to find that she had completely recovered. Her aura was back to its peak.

“You’re finally awake. You really recover slowly.” Leng Yueyan slowly turned around.

Now that she had recovered to her peak, it seemed she had returned to her previous icy and arrogant self. The feeling of having a goddess of death standing beside him made him feel a chill.

“Comparing myself to you really shakes my confidence.” Long Chen bitterly smiled. He had done his best but had only recovered to eighty percent. On the other hand, his opponent had recovered to her peak after some sleep. This was practically bullying.

Leng Yueyan smiled indifferently. “Alright, since you’ve recovered to about eighty percent, let’s go.”

“How are we supposed to go?” Long Chen was startled.

“This place is a trial cave. I went on ahead and saw a transportation formation. It should be the way to leave once disciples completed the trial. I tested it and found that it seems functional. Let’s go,” said Leng Yueyan.

Long Chen walked deeper into the cave with her. Leng Yueyan suddenly reached out and grabbed Long Chen’s hand.

“Don’t say anything. Let’s just quietly walk the rest of the way. Once we leave, we’ll be enemies again. Let’s cherish these final moments,” said Leng Yueyan.

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