Chapter 835 Leng Yueyan’s Past

Long Chen sat cross-legged within the cave. But Flying Rainbow was lying right beside him. It was the only thing that made him feel a bit safer.

Leng Yueyan didn’t reveal the slightest displeasure at Long Chen’s guard. Just like that, she sat in front of him. She was looking at him, but her eyes were unfocused. She was clearly lost in her memories.    

“The happiest time of my life was my childhood. Although I was an orphan, although I was hungry and cold, although I was bullied, I still feel like that time was so blessed.

“In our Corrupt path, the orphans like me were gathered together. We didn’t have anything to eat and had to rely on ourselves to forage in the mountains. Perhaps we might get some fruit or some small beasts. At that time, the ten of us worked together, helping each other. Although we were hungry, we lived.

“We were the lucky ones. I personally saw other children starve to death or be eaten by wild beasts.”

Leng Yueyan’s story was an extremely tragic one. But when she talked about it, it seemed like those memories were so beautiful and warm.

Long Chen didn’t say anything. He just listened. Looking at her, it was his first time being able to smile sincerely in front of her.

She continued, “Our beautiful life was put to an end eventually. We were brought away by adults and forced to cultivate. We were no longer hungry, but our nightmare began once our hunger and cold were gone. We were forced to consume all kinds of medicinal pills and to go through all kinds of experiments to test our bodies. We felt like we were just animals being fiddled with by butchers. No one dared to resist, nor did anyone have the power to resist.

“Then, some of us were left behind, while some were brought away. In our group, three people were brought away. When we went to search for them, we found out that they were no longer part of this world. People who can’t cultivate in the Corrupt path are just trash that wastes food. They don’t need such existences.”

Hearing this, Long Chen sighed. The Corrupt path’s principles were simply like that. You only needed to become an expert, then any resources in this world would be yours.

Whether you created those resources yourself or other people created them, they would all be yours. Another person’s everything could be taken.

That was an exceedingly fearful ideology. Under the long-time brainwashing of this ideology, they gradually became tools used for murder. All they thought about was to trample over other people’s corpses in order to advance. The weak didn’t even have the right to live. They only lived for the strong, to be the stepping stones of the strong.

Having interacted with the Corrupt path for so long, Long Chen now had a certain understanding of the Corrupt path’s beliefs. But it was his first time hearing a true Corrupt disciple talking about their experience. He listened attentively.

Leng Yueyan pushed back some stray strands of hair. Her movements were gentle and slow, and her face was so tranquil that she seemed like a completely different person. Her appearance right now would make anyone feel pity for her.

“In the end, we were whittled down to five people. Not long after that, we were gathered with hundreds of other children to undergo the divine ceremony. The Corrupt God’s energy descended to bless us.

“I still remember how hallow that ceremony was. Everyone was kneeling on the ground devoutly. Beads of light came falling from the sky, sprinkling over our bodies. Many people began to tremble with excitement, saying something about how they had seen the god’s guidance and realized what direction they had to walk. In any case, I didn’t feel anything at that time.

“Then we began going through all kinds of training. Back then, I didn’t realize that it was cultivation. Eventually, we were forced to kill people from our group. Every two people were matched against each other. They had to kill their opponent in an incense stick’s worth of time. Otherwise, they would both be killed.

“In the beginning, we thought it was a joke. But when we saw the first child send their opponent’s head flying, when we saw that blood spurting through the air, we all realized jokes no longer existed in our lives.

“I still remember that day. I remember the crying, the terror, the heart-rending shrieks. I remember how afraid the person I killed was. He thirsted for life, but he was defeated. It’s strange. When I killed him, I was very calm. My sword stabbed through his heart, but my own heart was very calm.

“After that competition, over half of us were gone. Many people had failed to accomplish their mission, and so both children were killed. Back then, I was a bit pained and angry. Three months later, the competition was held again. It was even more vicious than the last time. In order to live, everyone could only go all-out against their opponent.

“I still remember that the old fellow in charge of the trial was smiling very happily. I still remember his face. Later, when I became stronger, I made him smile and then cut off his head. I’ve always treasured it. Look!”

Leng Yueyan excitedly took out a human head. Her innocent appearance made it seem like she was a child showing off a cherished toy.

Long Chen looked at that head. Although quite a few years had passed, although its blood had long since dried up, it was still preserved very well.

“The smile is a bit corpse-like. It’s not natural enough.” Long Chen gave a simple evaluation.

Leng Yueyan looked at the head and sighed, “You’re right. But I can’t make things hard on him. I made him put on so many smiles. Only this smile was close to his natural smile, so that’s when I slashed my sword. It’s one of my memories, and it’s very precious to me. That’s why I’ve always kept it. I don’t have that many memories of my life.”

She played around with the head as if it was an exquisite piece of craftsmanship, a pleased smile on her face. That made Long Chen’s scalp turn numb. This girl was too monstrous.

After playing around a bit, she put the head away and continued, “Later, we had more competitions. There were less and less of us. In the end, we were down to two people. One was me, while the other was actually my big sister. We grew up together, but in the end, we raised our blades against each other.

“She was extremely talented and extremely strong. But rules are rules. Only one person could live.

“But neither of us were able to bring ourselves to kill the other. I decided to give the chance to live to her, and I moved myself to die to her sword. But she really understood me too well. Before I could have my way, I found my own sword was stabbing her heart.”

A crystalline tear fell from Leng Yueyan’s sapphire eyes.

But her voice was still exceptionally calm. “She died. I lived. Before dying, she told me she was very happy to do this, but she was also very selfish. She hoped I could live happily.

“As a result, I lost the most important thing in my life. I had nothing left. I felt hatred, but I didn’t know who to hate. The master of my sect ended up taking a liking to me, and I ended up becoming the apprentice of the Bloodfiend Gate’s master.

“In the end, I cut off his head. Not just him, but anyone who had watched us slaughter ourselves had their heads chopped off.

“But I didn’t feel the slightest delight after cutting off their heads. Instead, I felt lost. The hatred within me didn’t lessen at all. Later, I buried my hatred and focused on cultivating. I went all-out to get stronger. During those years, I killed three of my masters.”

Long Chen was startled. “Why?”

“Because when they accepted me as an apprentice, I said that once I surpassed them, I would kill them. It’s not so easy to be my master. There’s a price.”

Now Long Chen felt goosebumps. What kind of reasoning was this? He asked, “Even with that kind of condition, they still wanted to take you as an apprentice?”

“Of course. Taking me as an apprentice was their lives’ greatest glory. Even dying is worth it. Furthermore, only experts have the qualifications to make me their apprentice,” said Leng Yueyan calmly. She suddenly looked at Long Chen. “Do you want to try it?”

“No, no, no! I really can’t accept your good intentions!” Long Chen hastily waved his hand and shook his head like a rattle. Did she think he had the same illness as her?

But then when he thought about it, what if he did take Leng Yueyan as his apprentice? A scene appeared in Long Chen’s mind: Leng Yueyan cutely kneeling in front of him, devoutly calling him master, massaging his feet.

But the scene quickly changed. A bone sword suddenly slashed across his neck. His head flew into the air. Long Chen shivered and hastily tossed aside those thoughts away. That was purely playing with his life. No matter how many lives he had, it wouldn’t be enough.

“In truth, Long Chen, you should consider pursuing me so you can become my man.” Leng Yueyan suddenly smiled. That kind of smile was something no man could resist.

“Don’t bother trying to seduce me. I have plenty of wives, and none of them are lacking compared to you. In fact, they’re even more beautiful, gentler, and furthermore-” Reaching here, Long Chen’s expression suddenly changed and he tightly shut his mouth.

“Furthermore what?” asked Leng Yueyan.

“Cough, furthermore, it’s not suitable for us to have a relationship,” said Long Chen awkwardly.

“You’re lying.” Leng Yueyan’s sapphire eyes flashed.

Long Chen’s heart shook. Those Voidpiercing Eyes were also able to tell when he was lying?

“Tell me the truth. Don’t be such a girl,” said Leng Yueyan coldly.

Long Chen knew he couldn’t dodge this. He clenched his teeth and said, “Furthermore, who could treat someone like you as a woman?”

After saying that, he clenched Flying Rainbow, preparing to fight against her at any moment.

But Leng Yueyan just calmly stared at him. Her mouth curled into a smile.

“I’ve decided.”

Somewhat nervous, Long Chen asked, “Decided what?”

“To kill you.”

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