Chapter 834 Let’s Have a Proper Conversation

“Then how about you try seeing if you can subdue me?”

With her sapphire eyes and jade-like face, along with her inherent proud and aloof temperament, these words possessed immense power.

Even Long Chen almost couldn’t resist. His heart pounded. But he suppressed those emotions. He bitterly smiled. “Let’s not. I already have quite a few beauties, and one of them doesn’t have a very good temper. If you two met, it would definitely end in a battle to the death. I wouldn’t dare to allow such a thing.”

Long Chen had thought of Tang Wan-er. Although she was kindhearted, her temper wasn’t small. Just having one such person in his family was enough. If there were two, then the heavens would explode.

Most importantly, this Leng Yueyan killed people without blinking an eye. Although she was smiling and talking now, who knew when she would suddenly turn hostile and want to kill him?

Now he knew just how terrifying Spirit Blood was. That mysterious figure she had summoned might have been destroyed by the spatial blades in the end, but its power had left a deep impression on him.

His guess was that even if he had trapped Leng Yueyan in the Raging Flame Prison back then, he still wouldn’t have been able to kill her. That terrifying figure would definitely have been able to break his Raging Flame Prison.

“Perhaps you have the qualifications to become my man. But not right now. You just have immense potential. It’s such a pity that we’ll be enemies again once we leave this place. I’ll still have to kill you,” said Leng Yueyan regretfully.

“If you want to kill me, then I’ll only be able to kill you first. Although you’re very powerful, I still have a fifty percent assurance in killing you. Although if it comes to that, I’ll very likely die to your counterattack as well,” said Long Chen calmly.

His voice was calm, but it was also full of confidence and was extremely domineering. His words were undoubtable.

Leng Yueyan was startled. Looking at Long Chen, she suddenly smiled. It could be said that when Leng Yueyan smiled, she was exceptionally beautiful. Being smiled at by her could infatuate a person.

“Then I really am interested. I hope to be able to encounter a man who can force me to the brink of death,” said Leng Yueyan expectantly.

“Do you have some illness?” Long Chen was speechless. This woman was so beautiful, but could it be that all her talent had been used on her beauty and her brain had been forgotten?

Leng Yueyan didn’t get angry. She said, “You don’t understand me. My life is too dull. There’s only slaughter and more slaughter. I really want to experience what it feels like to be killed by someone, but no one has been able to satisfy me. In order to satisfy this desire of mine, I constantly chased after Xue You. Regretfully, that idiot is too useless. He doesn’t even have the qualifications to injure me. He even vainly wanted to put himself on the same level of fame as me in order to suppress me. If he’s still unable to make me feel any threat once he advances to a rank four Celestial and enters Sea Expansion, I’ll directly cut off his head.”

Long Chen’s heart shook. He was unable to understand just what origin this woman had. She was actually so monstrous. She dared to kill Xue You? Was she not afraid of provoking a calamity?

Seeming to know what he was thinking, she said, “Our Corrupt path is different from your Righteous path. Experts don’t mature through being raised, but through killing. To put it bluntly, it’s the survival of the fittest. True experts won’t die, and those who die aren’t true experts. So death is the only way to test whether or not someone is a true expert.”

“So you think you’ll never die?” asked Long Chen.

“Yes, I firmly believe I won’t die, especially not to someone in the same realm as me. That’s not arrogance, but confidence born from the mountain of corpses I have killed,” said Leng Yueyan indifferently.

“Since you believe you won’t die, why would you cooperate with me in order to live? In any case, you wouldn’t die, so wouldn’t it be better for you to survive on your own?” asked Long Chen.

“That’s not what it means. Experts all possess immense karmic luck, and they won’t die easily. Even in desperate straits with death right in front of them, there will still be a slight opportunity to survive. As long as they can grasp it, they'll be able to avert disaster. So in my opinion, once a person falls into desperate straits, it’s just the heavens closing one door for you. But at the same time as the door closes, the heavens will open a window. They won’t leave you with no path of survival,” said Leng Yueyan.


“Why are you laughing?” Leng Yueyan glared at him in displeasure. The laughter was clearly a taunt.

“That’s just what you think, but not everyone can be as fortunate as you.” Long Chen was a bit angry. It was no wonder those peak experts he tried to kill always managed to get away in the end. So it was caused by those bastards’ karmic luck.

“Oh? For example?”

“For example, me. When I fall into desperate straits, the heavens won’t open a window. Instead, they’ll even send in a wild dog.” Whenever Long Chen thought of his luck, he wanted to clench his teeth in fury.

“Hahaha,” Leng Yueyan laughed. “It seems your luck must be greatly lacking. Wait, you bastard, you dare to curse me?!”

Leng Yueyan suddenly attacked. Her icy bone sword stabbed directly toward Long Chen. She struck so quickly that by the time he reacted, her sword had almost reached his abdomen.

Long Chen hastily shot back. His reactions were definitely very fast, but the tip of the sword had still left behind a cold cut along his thigh. Even his brothers felt that icy feeling.

The cut wasn’t deep. It had merely pierced the skin. However, Long Chen was so frightened that his soul almost fled. But luckily, his brothers were still fine. Otherwise, he would be doomed for the rest of his life. Who knew if the new ones would feel the same once his brothers were cut off?

“Are you sick?!” Long Chen roared furiously.

Seeing him so furious, looking like an angry lion, Leng Yueyan was startled. She snorted, “We were properly speaking, so why did you have to curse me?”

“Who cursed you-” Long Chen suddenly saw the stone door behind Leng Yueyan that was tightly shut. He suddenly realized that she had thought he was cursing her by saying that she was the dog the heavens had thrown in here.

He almost coughed up blood. What kind of false accusation was this? If she thought of herself like that, what did it have to do with him?

“Why don’t you attack? My bloodline power has been weakened and my injuries are much worse than yours. If you attack, you’ll have over an eighty percent chance of killing me. You’re clearly so furious, so why endure?” asked Leng Yueyan curiously.

“What does it have to do with you?” raged Long Chen. After saying that, he walked away. He wanted to get further away from this temperamental, seemingly mentally ill woman. Only then could he feel safer.

Although his injuries had recovered, he had used the Raging Flame Prison for too long. Both his spiritual yuan and Spiritual Strength were exhausted. It wasn’t something that could be recovered in a few days.

“You don’t want to take advantage? Your Righteous path really is hypocritical. If you don’t kill your enemies, you’ll be killed. I didn’t think you were so stupid,” sneered Leng Yueyan.

“You know nothing,” sneered Long Chen back. He had found that there was no need to be polite to this woman, nor was there any need to treat her like a woman. She could not be reasoned with.

“Hmph, have you run out of words? Otherwise, tell me just what there is to know,” said Leng Yueyan. She slowly began to walk closer to Long Chen.

“Get back! I’m afraid of dogs!” shouted Long Chen.

“Courting death!” Leng Yueyan attacked. Long Chen had long since been prepared. Their swords danced, but after just a few exchanges, they stopped.

The two of them were both exhausted. They sat on the ground, panting for breath. They didn’t have enough power to fight so intensely.

“Your Righteous path… really is hypocritical… Shameless and despicable, treacherous and murderous, saying honeyed words only to stab someone in the back…” Leng Yueyan still cursed him while panting.

“You are correct.” Long Chen nodded. Leng Yueyan was surprised, not expecting him to agree. He continued, not giving her a chance to say anything. “However, our Righteous path is not entirely filled with people like that.

“The cultivation world is like a vat of dye. Living within that vat, it’s impossible not to be contaminated. Within the Righteous path, the people you described take up the absolute majority. But there are still many people who are able to maintain their own beliefs and protect their hearts.

“But you? Isn’t your Corrupt path contaminated down to the core? All day, you’re brainwashed to desire slaughter. Other than yourself, who else can you trust in this world? Who can you rely on? When you are lonely, who will accompany you? When you are happy, who will you share that happiness with?

“Don’t bother telling me that experts don’t need those things, as if just having power is enough. That’s just garbage.

“Emotions are an innate part of humans. Your Corrupt path deliberately tries to destroy those emotions, but do they succeed? Do you still remember what you felt when you first killed your companions? Did you not feel the slightest guilt, the slightest pain, the slightest unwillingness?

“Of course you did. But you suppressed those human emotions to the bottom of your heart and sealed them. However, don’t you feel very lost? Why do you have to get stronger? Why do you have to kill others? Is it to prove how strong you are? If so, are you any different than tools for slaughter?”

“That’s enough!” shouted Leng Yueyan. She tightly gripped her bone sword, quivering.

Long Chen also held Flying Rainbow, ready to fight at any moment. He knew Leng Yueyan was truly furious now. The Corrupt path’s experts’ greatest taboo was others questioning their faith.

For a full incense stick’s worth of time, the two just looked at each other. Leng Yueyan gradually suppressed her killing intent. She suddenly said, “I want to have a proper conversation with you!”

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